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Recap:MBS Sunday Brunch for May 20

Our topic this week was the elements that make excellent spanking fiction. Here are your thoughts.

Joeyred: I enjoy stories that include elements about which I fantasize about as possible scenes. Usually, that would involve a caning for some "misdeed" by a female governess or school head mistress. I want the story to contain most of the traditional elements of a ritual caning such as a punishment book. I want to feel through the words of the author the anxiety of the individual being punished from the setting of the punishment, the waiting period before the punishment, and the details of the caning with a swat by swat description. I expect the experience to be believable and I want to feel empathy for the "victim."

Bob B: I look for a complete, well written story with a good build up, expressively vivid action and descriptive aftermath. A lot of the short stories in old editions of Janus always did it for me. One that stands out for whatever reason was Executive Encounter. If I had to choose one element it would be the final caning with a running commentary of the thought’s going through the recipient's head.

Sunny Girl: I like spanking to be part of the story, but not the story. I like relatable characters and story lines. I don't need a swat by swat description. Even dialogue about a forthcoming spanking is enough. I like what interests me and doesn't go too far out of my comfort zone.

Reece Seever: For me, the lead up is more important than the event. The woman taking charge and dictating what is going to happen. The man's anxious anticipation and genuine fear of that happening. Important elements for me are the exercise of authority by the woman and the man's anxious submission to the inevitable.

Hobbes: I like historical fiction because it can portray a period when corporal punishment was common, the norm even. The characters and dialog are critical to building a believable historical setting and the story is far more important than the spanking itself. There is so much of the mind involved in spanking: the anticipation, the unknown, the tension, the trust, the relationship, contemporary mores, fear, relief, fantasy. So the interior dialog makes for a very good story.

Six of the Best: I like the characters in the story to be believable. Favorites would be office environments, domestic, and uniform. The naughty ladies should wear garter-belt, stockings, girdles, all types of bloomers, and knickers. Implements used on the those naughty ladies include a cane, birchrod, and whip.

Scunge: If they make my bottom tingle, I love them. But as others have said, the stories need to be believable. Historical, age play, school scenes, contemporary, or you name it – I like it as long as it makes my bum tingle. ;)

PK: I enjoy a little spanking with my love story. I want the couples love for each other to be the center of the story. Within that background, I want the man to be protective and to be willing to spank to see that his love stays safe.

Julia: I like to read stories about where I would like DH and I to be. For example, that could include real discipline (including corner time, if necessary). This is very big for me. I love reading stories where she is spanked for real life mistakes, for example a speeding ticket. My favorite author is Carolyn Faulkner, especially The Thornton Brothers Trilogy.

Lea: I mostly enjoy reading things that parallel my own interests, as I sometimes put myself in the place of a character in the story. I like reading the descriptions and backgrounds of the characters and how they are feeling. Writing fiction is tough and I'm not very good at it. But I'm glad that a lot of other people are!

Nick: I like reading about the character's feelings and what they are thinking.

SNP: I like to care about the characters. Spanking scenes are great, but if it is just spanking and sex and no story or likeable characters, then it just rings a little hollow. Real life scenarios have their appeal and so do fantasies.

Sometimes, you want an escape from the world and so something of a fantasy nature fits the bill.
Other times, you relate to the plot in a real way and so that works as well. Being very graphic with lots of bad language is a turn off. There is a balance to strike from being trashy and classy I think.

S: I prefer to read stories that are a little bit edgier than I would actually enjoy in real life. Or a fantasy which I know doesn't really exist in real life (such as a correctional school for misbehaving ladies) because it makes the spanking that occurs very plausible in writing. I prefer the characters to have depth, as the others were saying. It's not just like, "Mary is naughty, so Jake decided to send her away to be spanked." We can actually read what Mary is thinking, her fear or anticipation, and gradual lead-up to the actual punishment.

I do think I like reading about punishment scenarios more than erotic. For me, it can only be erotic if it's with my own partner, not reading about two other people. I don't like swat by swat dialogue simply because there are only so many ways to write "Ouch!" and I have read many a good story where they aren't explicitly written out, but I could still tell that the character was being spanked well. LOL

S.N.M.: For me, it's all of the above. As a reader and writer of spanking stories, I value characters, creativity, humor, and eroticism, all seamlessly intermixed.

Characters: A likeable, dynamic protagonist with entertaining supporting characters is critical to any story, spanking or otherwise. I like it best when the protagonist is coming to grips with their love of spanking, or learning more about it at least.

Creativity: So much spanking fiction is just slight variations on the familiar school/blackmail/domestic discipline themes. I always value the story that comes up with a really creative reason for a spanking to take place. An outlandish setting or surreal context can also make the story more memorable, provided it doesn't alienate the reader.

Humor: Okay, spanking fetishes are silly. Stop looking at me like that. It's true. Wanting to be hit on the butt is hilarious and ridiculous, and there's no reason to pretend otherwise. In spanking stories, therefore, I like to go all out and play the comedy to its hilt. Spanking and satire make an amazing combination.

Eroticism: For me, spanking is sexual, and I like my spanking fiction to have at least an undercurrent of sensuality. The characters don't necessarily have to do it, but there needs to be sexual tension, and possibly the suggestion of future or past sexual events. I also like sexy descriptions of the human body (certain parts of it in particular).

Saoirse: This is a wonderful question for me as both a writer and a reader! I agree with much that has been said. I see the humor in everything - including spanking, so I really appreciate humor in stories. I also need well developed characters and a plot. I am much more interested in feelings and development of characters than swat by swat. The tension, which makes me want to keep reading, doesn't come from simply actions. This week, I'm reading The Point of it All by Jade Carey. My husband wants me to read everything she has written... and that should make it perfectly clear how I feel about the book!

Dragon's Rose: I like a story I can connect with. I prefer something based on real life that I can see playing out in my own home. When the spanking is overly severe or is too fantasy-based, I'm done.

Make Mine Red: I am an avid reader and I like to read a lot of different things. Many different scenarios interest me, but not if it's really far-fetched or too severe. And even though I'm not really into either punishment or BDSM much, I enjoy stories that touch on those subjects as well. I just finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and I loved it!

A-Non: I agree with all of the comments above. Everything in the story has to be believable, even if it is not realistic. For example, the scene could be a public spanking (which would not happen in today's world), but every detail still has to seem as if it could happen, at least in some communities.

Speaking of detail, I like details, but each detail should be relevant to the characters and their thoughts, etc.

I like a nice setup where I learn who these people are and why she's getting spanked and how each person feels about spanking. A few swats with her reaction are good, but then I prefer a summary of the rest.

One final thing, the grammar must be impeccable. A single "Your going to get it" will ruin the mood for me.

Hermione: I prefer punishment stories involving a mature schoolgirl or schoolboy who commits some misdemeanor or breaks a rule and is punished by the principal or teacher of the opposite sex. Other scenarios like naughty maid/footman and strict butler/housekeeper are also fun to read, as are stories where the ages of the two are closer, but there must be an authoritative figure. I don't care about a complicated plot but it should be realistic and believable as a framework within which to set the spanking. The punishment must be delivered because of a true violation of some rule or standard. It's always nice when there is some humour, and a plot twist or surprise ending is a bonus. Reading about the emotions that the victim experiences - the anxiety and anticipation beforehand, the anguish during, and the relief after - is more important to me than a blow by blow account of each smack.

Prefectdt: I like spanking fiction that shows imagination and weaves spanking action periodically throughout an interesting story. Highly fantastic or very close to reality and everything in between is great. It is the quality of the story and writing that really counts. I'm a bit tired of reading about rich spankos, nothing against this, it is just a bit overdone and getting a bit tired. More books about middle and working class spankos please.

Kitty: I like spanking stories that would never occur in my real day-to-day life. Also, I don't want spanking to be the main part of the story... more of an appetizer to the main entree of a love story.

Playful Little Brat: I love spanking stories that I can relate to. These are stories that seem real and something I could see really happening. I also like a buildup to the spanking, and seeing some character development is great because it helps you relate and also feel for the characters in the story.

SpankCake: +1 regarding the note on grammar!

Ana: I like different things when I'm writing and reading spanking stories.

As a writer: I love stories that are unexpected, don't follow a formula, and leave my reader walking away feeling comforted or learning something about their real life that they'd never thought of before. I want them to be very real characters that you come to care about. I also want my main characters, the girls who get spanked, not to be self-centered and using the spanking just as a way to get what they want. So I strive to write spanking story relationships that show a balance...not just one person taking all the time (discipline, spanking, advice, mentoring) from the other.

As a reader: I love me a good F/F story. :) I will read and enjoy others, but how can I not most love what I do?

I dislike the Mad Lib type of story. I mean: A _ (adjective) girl goes to _ (place) and does _ (misbehavior). She does _(avoiding behavior) to try to get out of it, but _(authority figure) tells her sternly that she must _ (adverb) do _ (misbehavior) again. So the _(authority figure) spanks her _ (adverb) with a _(spanking implement) _ (number) times and removes _ (article of clothing) and warns her to never do it again. She sends her to the corner for _ (number) minutes, gives her a hug, and they live happily ever after.

As someone who writes, I love reading a story that has intelligence, wit, humor, and a very real character who makes me cheer for her. I don't like to read about someone who brats and gets her come-uppance. I like to read about someone who is "real" to me and someone I can support. Someone I would want as a friend.

SpankCake: Some of my favorite stories include an element of non-consent where during the scene the spankee gives into the joys of being spanked and then perhaps tries to hide it from her spanker, is discovered and then they engage in some crazy hot sex. Other spanking stories are swell, too. ;)

Ronnie: I like my stories to have a mix of things - spanking of course, humour, eroticism and the characters have to be believable.

fB: I prefer stories with more depth. If I can relate to a character, that's all the better. I also enjoy when someone puts effort into a setting and atmosphere. So often, stories are quick and only involve the basics, at least as far as I've seen.

If you can make it so that I can feel as though I'm in the room, it'll be a story I love. Let me hear, smell, see, and touch through words. Let at least one of the characters share their point of view so I can have a human to relate with.

I'm willing to read both believable and unbelievable stories, as long as they can pull me into their world. Otherwise, I find myself bored with simple actions.

Cara Bristol: Spanking fiction is a subject near and dear to my author heart...

What makes a good spanking story for me (and what I try to incorporate in my writing) are the feelings and motivations of the characters. The buildup of tension and the anticipation or dread that occurs before a spanking are key to making a compelling story.

In fiction, I like to experience the dynamics of the power differential of disciplinary spankings, but also enjoy the sexual aspect of erotic ones, so I want to read/write about both -- but not in the same spanking. A disciplinary spanking shouldn't be fun.

Sublime Wifey: I like spanking stories in which the characters are well developed and I know the motivation and thoughts of the Dom and sub (and I like all my spanking stories to be D/s). They can be detailed in the erotica if they are also detailed in the character development. But spanking and erotic just for the sake of titillation is not for me. I think I like to explore the reasons for my own predilections and so I read these stories to see what other writers, spankos, Doms and subs are thinking. I also like stories that push my personal boundaries just a bit, allowing me to imagine myself going just beyond my limits.

Daisy: For me, I like a real life story, a believable, credible story, with real, true-to-life characters and a situation I could see myself and Davey in. In other words, as I read, I like to be able to imagine that we are the characters in the story.

I read other stories, and smile/admire the writing style, but I like to lose myself in a book, be swallowed up in it, and live it!

Bonnie: I agree with a lot of the previous responses. I love a romance, but kinky play can be equally satisfying if presented tastefully. A ritual punishment is thrilling, but so is a gentle, tentative first time. Above all, I am drawn to well defined scenarios and memorable characters.

As an occasional writer of spanking fiction, I find that strong characters sometimes write the story themselves and not always as I originally intended. My one act play, The Spanking Booth, was like that. I believe there is no better way to ensure that characters seem authentic than to regard them as real people.

Thanks for joining us! See you next weekend.


Celeste Jones said...

Hope I'm not too late to weigh in on this.

First, thanks for all the great answers. As a writer of spanking stories, I appreciate knowing what appeals to readers.

For me as a writer, I think that it's important that at some point (whether before, during or shortly after the spanking) the woman acknowledges that she was deserving of a spanking.

I also like writing about "infractions" that are related the woman's character, like jealousy or pettiness, because I think that creates a more interesting character.

As a reader, I like stories where it's clear that the man cares about the woman and he almost has a "this is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you" attitude.

Thanks for all the ideas! Next time I have writer's block I'll come back and get some inspiration.

S said...

Thanks for including me in your brunch. You are amazing :)

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