Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Thanks to everyone who registered their comments and votes on the recent State of the Blog post. As promised, I was listening and you can see some of the recommended changes around the blog.

The Newest of the New blogroll has moved up at the expense of the largely unloved Twiddlies. That's democracy, I guess.

The CAPTCHA on comments, even as we curse it, was deemed a necessary evil. I may yet experiment with turning it off on certain posts, but for now it stays. In any case, anonymous comments will continue to be welcome so long as they are civil.

I appreciate everyone's kind words and constructive suggestions. I am considering a number of new ideas and I will incorporate those that I think will make the blog a better place to visit.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I love the new look. The Newest of the New will get plenty of much-needed attention.

Removing Captcha from certain posts, such as brunch, is a great idea!


Kaelah said...

I like the new organisational structure of your blog, Bonnie! It seems that my favourite sidebar option has won the vote.

By the way, I switched off the word verification for our blog nearly two weeks ago. That means that we are getting spam now (maybe three to five messages a day). But it all ends up in the spam folder, so I just have to remove it from there and delete the mails that I get when a new comment has been posted. Maybe that information helps you to decide whether to remove Captcha or not.

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