Monday, January 23, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 22

Our topic this week was maintenance spankings. Here's what you had to say.

Abby: I get a maintenance spanking once a week. It is a priority. Master sees it as a reminder that I am not in charge and as a deterrent to a punishment spanking. I see it as peace of mind.

Sara: We absolutely do use 'maintenance' or 'resssurance' spankings, generally about twice a week. They have become the cornerstone of our DD marriage!

L.: I think what we do is more of pseudo-maintenance as I ultimately have control over it. Probably most people doing DD would just consider it recreational spanking, but it makes an adjustment in my head anyway so it might as well be maintenance. It works for us!

Poured Out: I think I get spanked often enough (not punishment) that I don't require maintenance spankings.

Hermione: Our spankings are purely recreational, but we do engage in them on a regular basis, and they are very necessary for my well-being. They help me unwind, relax, and reconnect with my husband. They aren't maintenance spankings in the DD sense, but they are very beneficial to our relationship.

Rogue: For the past two months, we've scheduled a maintenance night once a week. Beyond the benefits of simply setting the tone for the week ahead, I've noticed that I no longer have intense headaches. Go figure. :)

Susie: How did you know that this is ALL we've talked about at my house this week? Yes, we do these two times a week and since we started them, punishment spankings are few and far between. I think things would get topsy-turvy if we were to give them up.

Just a lucky guess?

Kitty: Yes, Daddy gives me maintenance spankings, but it usually ends up being a "paintenance" spanking, maintenance + punishment = paintenance... Killing two birds with one stone and all! ;)

Duality: I'll give Grace a maintenance spanking about three to four times per week. They help refocus her and put her in the correct headspace. The biggest benefit, though, is the fact that her anxiety will lessen after one of these spankings. So for us, they are basically therapeutic.

Alex Reynolds: I don't get dedicated maintenance spankings. I get spanked arbitrarily nearly every night, though, and there are times when I use that to focus myself in the way that you've described. I've gotten "reminder" spankings in the past. These spankings were meant to keep my mind focused on accomplishing a particular task or minding a rule which I hadn't been giving enough focus in the past couple of days.

Blondie: How great is your timing with this discussion? We are missing each other and needing to reconnect and he feels a spanking is the answer and I agree. If I haven't been getting into trouble the last few weeks, so spankings have not been necessary. YAY! And our sex spankings haven't been going on much either since we haven't been able to do much of that either. I miss my husband and I miss my spankings and we might just have to do maintenance or something because I don't want to brat to get in trouble.

Spanky: I think our situation is the same as Hermione's. We have regular "fun" spankings five or six days a week, if not every day. This keeps us pretty much on an even keel. I believe they contribute greatly to the increased closeness we've had over the last four years or so.

Lea: J and I have scheduled maintenance spankings once a week. I'm glad we do because I'd hardly ever get spanked otherwise. Why is that? Because I'm so well behaved, duh! LOL The spankings aren't particular hard, but having them does help me to de-stress and feel more centered when it's been a while.

A-Non: We tried maintenance (or "practice," as I liked to call it). We didn't really stick with it. But we've never had a true punishment. We just played around with some minor corrections. Therefore, all of mine have been either practice or purely erotic. Obviously, we are still figuring all of this out.

Having said that, I would like a once-a-week practice to 'reset' our relationship and keep the threat of spanking in my mind.

Kiwi Girlie Girl: Your timing for this week's topic is scary. I had my first proper maintenance last night. It was intense and harsh and he wouldn't stop until he was ready to stop, as opposed to stopping when I ask. It's another step forward for my Sir. The maintenance was just before bed, which followed a punishment earlier in the day. I think it's going to work wonders. I really do. I'm going to post a blog about it later. ;)

Daisy: When we were together, Davey gave me a maintenance spanking every morning to set me up for the day ahead and remind me to behave. Typically, it was not harsh, but just enough for me to not want a harder repeat later!

When I lived alone, he used to make me self spank while on cam with him. I hated that. Fortunately, one of my kids moved back home with me, so that stopped!

A'marie: I've not been in a relationship where this would come in to play, but I find myself intrigued by the notion. I'm perhaps a bit uppity, and it seems that may be an interesting dynamic for reminding me who wields the paddle. ;)

Loki_Darksong: I have considered having maintenance spanking sessions for both my wife and me on several occasions. Of late, we have become two very stressed out individuals. Maintenance spankings may be required to keep us somewhat sane!

I do see the merits of maintenance spankings. I have suggested them for some of our friends as well.

Anon: No maintenance spankings here. All are given under the discipline label and all are painful with considerable soreness afterward. I love it that way. She says it makes me think of her every time I sit down! That's not far from the truth!

Mark: We do not have a label. However, judging by your definition, my wife and I do use maintenance spankings. Sometimes I ask for it, or she does, or either of us decides that it would be good to spank. We just do it, put the clothes back on, and then we go about our things. All is well in the world, and we are at peace again. We have no set time or interval. We're just opportunistic.

Then there is the other kind of spanking, deliberately executed as prelude to other fun. Both hurt all the same though. Spanking is meant to hurt, no? We do not use spanking as discipline.

Bonnie: We don't use the word maintenance, but many of our regular spankings serve the same purpose. Afterward, I feel remarkably calm and focused. We become reconnected and in touch with one another. There can be no doubt about our respective roles. Regular spankings are the key to our peaceful home life.

Thank you all for joining in our brunch conversation!

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