Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 18

Our topic this week was photoblogs. Here's what you think.

Pink: Having a photoblog, I'm a little bit biased. I prefer those that contain minimal text (perhaps just sourcing) so that I can let my mind wander instead of being limited to someone else's take on the picture.

In contrast, I prefer more specific descriptions when visiting text-oriented blogs. I want the writer to take me somewhere.

Blondie: I love them all! And I am glad that your MBS blog has links to them all.

Sara: Personally, I have little interest in photoblogs.

Sublime Wifey: I enjoy the photoblogs. Sometimes, I must admit that I find the professional photos, while beautifully done, a bit intimidating. Just like any photo with gorgeous models who have have perfect hair, make-up, and bottoms, I feel inadequate. The ones with photos of real people might not look as striking (haha - I think I'm punny), but I don't feel so out of place in the spanko world when I see them.

Hermione: I've always said there are two types of people in the world: those who enjoy words and those who prefer pictures. I am one of the former, and rarely enjoy my visits to photoblogs. Some spanking pictures are clever, funny, and even arousing, but when I see total nudity, exposed genitalia, sexual acts, or extreme marking, I'm outta there!

Thanks to the colour-coding in your Kindred Spirits blogroll, readers know the type of blog they are visiting before they click, so photoblogs can easily be avoided or specifically chosen, depending on personal preference.

Dr. Ken: I do enjoy the photoblogs as long as they stick to the subject of spanking and have fairly original content. I agree with Hermione when it comes to photos or drawings that are more pornographic in nature. If there is exposed genitalia, sex acts, or heavy marking, I don't go back!

The photoblogs I DON'T like are those that just raid Tumblr, Photobucket, etc. every day and re-post pictures other people just put up. That's not a blog – it's a Xerox machine!

MarQe: Surprise I like photoblogs! I have a Tumblr that is a spanking blog, but also contains some sexual content and stuff I happen to like.

I do not like images that are too severe or overtly crude in nature.

Jean Marie: My lover and I both enjoy photoblogs if they are "sexy." I realize that is subjective. We don't like ones that show heavy punishment, dreadful bruising or bloody marks. Lupus comes to mind as one of this type that we avoid. We're turned-on by blogs that seem to admire the beauty of the female derriere or show the drama of the power-play between the top and bottom. I often become very aroused looking at sites like MarQe's Study, and will either summon Keiter to the monitor to have a look for himself, or just go seduce him. Some pictures are so evocative, I have to write a short story about it, which turns me on even more...

Sunny Girl: I'm with Hermione. I'm more excited by words. I don't mind seeing a spanked bottom, but I don't like extreme marking, exposed genitalia, or explicit sex.

Daisy: I have, on occasion, visited a photoblog, some accidentally and some deliberately, and have never really enjoyed much of what I saw. I guess I am more of a words person! I agree with Hermione and others who have already posted.

Seeing naked people, or vicious looking marks, and especially exposed genitalia, actually makes me feel quite uncomfortable. And I don't like stumbling across pictures of people having sex either.
I prefer to read, and from the details given, build up my own little picture in my head!

That said, I think it is great that you include them in your blogroll. Everyone is different, and we can choose which we wish to investigate. I actually find it helpful. Each of us can more easily avoid the type of blogs we are not so interested in, and head for those we DO want to see!

TheVBB: I enjoy a good spanking photoblog as long as they stay on subject. I don't like it when I am looking through spanking pictures and all of a sudden I run across a group of explicit sexual pictures. That is not why I look at spanking photoblogs. I also do not like hard core spanking pictures such as those from Russia or Eastern Europe that are very graphic and abusive.

Mikki: I agree, word for word, with Hermione. I couldn't have said it better!

Fizzy: I think my problem with some photoblogs is that if there's something you don't want to see, it's too late. By the time you look away that image has already been seared into your brain. With text you have a bit of warning. I like to see well-chosen photos within text blogs, but my favorites have few or no photos at all.

Lea: I do like some photoblogs. I like the written word best and tend frequent those types of blogs, but photoblogs have their place.

David: I think it's all been said. I like a nice pink bottom, but those Eastern European photos are gross. As I say to mine, my safeword is for spanking my bottom, not burying a 6-inch nail!

Six of the Best: It is said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' and yet, I agree that the words in spanking blogs play a very important part in our spanking community. I thoroughly enjoy my communications with you and other spanking enthusiasts. As to a solution to this problem, only time will tell. Besides, I have never believed in censorship, and you probably likewise.

That's right. I believe people are smart enough to know what is appropriate for them.

Keiter: Imagine my surprise in seeing that my girlfriend had posted my point of view yesterday without checking in with me. Jeanie is currently not sitting on her adorable bottom.

To add MY perspective, I think I enjoy photoblogs more than my girlfriend (who is more visual than most women, from my experience). Women are more cerebral and men more graphic in general. I can speak for both of us to say that we like your extensive blog roll and its color coded clarity.

Our Bottoms Burn: What Hermoine said seems to be a common view and one we share "when I see total nudity, exposed genitalia, sexual acts, or extreme marking, I'm outta there!"

If it's only pictures, it had better be outstanding photography that we have never seen before. We are not good with words in our blog, so we often use pictures to express what we fail to do in words. Sometimes, I will just post a few pictures which I call a phone-in no effort post.

Bonnie: I find it difficult to paint all photoblogs with a broad brush. To be sure, there are some I find relentlessly offensive, for all of the reasons noted above. However, there are other photobloggers who seek to intrigue more than shock. Even a dedicated word nerd like me can appreciate a thoughtful and artistic presentation of spanking and romantic subjects.

For an example, I encountered a photograph a while back that showed just enough to rev my motor. In the foreground was a woman's face. Her expression was one of pure bliss. Over her shoulder, her smooth back and hips were visible. Behind her, but appearing slightly out of focus, was her lover with his strong hands gripping her hips. This photo captured the essence of lovemaking without sliding into porn. It was sex-positive and female friendly. I can tell this story with words, but it would be difficult to capture the emotion in her eyes.

Likewise, in spanking photographs, less is often more. I really want to see people's faces. I want to know about the feelings behind the action. Only then can my own imagination take over.

Understanding the diversity of tastes of MBS readers, I seek to link blogs that appeal to their interests. I include many spanking photoblogs in the mix because I think they express a perspective that is unique and, at least to some readers, valuable. There are spanking oriented photoblogs that I choose not to link for various reasons. But in general, if it relates to consensual adult spanking, you can get there from here.

Emily Winters: I prefer blogs that illustrate text with photos. It's what I do. I have a great deal of fun seeking out those copyright-free images that best present what I say in my text. I do visit both types of blogs and enjoy them all. What's not to love when a good spank is in order?

Joeyred51: I agree with Hermione and Lea. I prefer text more than just pictures. But beautiful pictures plus well written prose, such as found in Emily's blog, is the best of both worlds.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your insights!


MarQe's Study said...

As a photo blogger I would just say that finding original, rare & exclusive material is a lot harder than it sounds! I always credit the original source if I can. More & more I try to avoid posting images from the well known 'payrasites' (sic) .....


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

You might be interested to know that the day before you posted this brunch topic, I actually found a photoblog that I liked so much I decided to add it to my blogroll. Unfortunately, the URL contained special characters and Blogger wouldn't allow it.


Daisychain said...
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Daisychain said...

I deleted the above comment because there was no need for it any more! Might miss the next few brunches, Bonnie, but will be back asap... have a fab Christmas and New Year! xxxxxxx

Spanky said...

Bonnie, thanks for following my new blog. You are too kind. Thanks again also for the inspiration you gave us back in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Photo blogs rule! Check out:
if you haven't already.

Merry Christmas Bonnie, thanks for all of your help and support!

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