Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tomorrow is LOL6!

Hey everybody! Several bloggers have asked me to explain what is expected of Love Our Lurkers Day participants. Here's the scoop.

On Thursday, November 10, many spanking, DD, and Ds bloggers will publish posts where they invite their readers to comment. Any reader, even first timers, are welcome to participate, but the people we really hope to hear from are our beloved lurkers. A lurker is a regular reader who doesn't comment or otherwise let their presence be known. As most bloggers know, lurkers represent the majority of our readership.

LOL Day provides an opportunity for these silent readers to speak. Perhaps they are shy. Maybe they think they have nothing to add. Or, possibly, they've been waiting to be invited. Tomorrow, we will issue that invitation. Bloggers are encouraged to interact with their readers. I enjoy meeting and learning about the silent majority.

Some blogs will be running promotions, such as promising one swat per comment, to encourage participation. Others will engage readers in other creative ways. All in all, it's a fun day for everyone and a supportive environment for those who choose to de-lurk.

If bloggers let me know tomorrow via e-mail when their post is up, I will add their link to a running list I will be keeping here at MBS.

As we've learned in each of the previous five years, today's lurkers are tomorrow's friends. All they need is a little encouragement.


Michael said...

LOL Day is awesome, Bonnie, and you are so right that today's lurkers could be tomorrow's friends. I just know tomorrow will be a huge success.

MarQe's Study said...

Looking forward to it ....... I have a prize competition for incentive .... All will be revealed tomorrow. sure be a Spanking Success !!

MarQe x

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Get some rest while you can, 'cause you're going to be busy!

See you around the blogs tomorrow!


ronnie said...

Will be a fun day, looking forward to it Bonnie. See you tomorrow.


Sierra said...

First time poster here! I just learned of LOL from my friend at JTTDS :). I will be posting tomorrow can't wait!

padme amidala said...

We are up for our LOL post. :) Glad to be participating in it again this year. Hope to get lots of lurkers out. We are giving some incentive too to help people come out of the shadows and comment.
padme from JTTDS

Anonymous said...

hi bonnie , stepped out of the shadows to say hi , and thanks for the mention in your blogroll . most of my traffic is through your site "slipperlover". i've tried posting comments and thanks before but i cant as slipperlover ironic as i've been asking lurkers to comment for years on my blog , thanks again dave

Rose Thorne said...

Love this idea!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie. I am wondering how I can make some dd friends here in a situation where I don't have to constantly discuss dd all the time. Dd is the tie that binds us , but it shouldn't be the only thing that makes us friends so I'm lookin to maybe friend some people of facebook ( no way I'm discussing dd on there lol ) so as to get to know my dd friends I make in other ways. I love these blogs but I get so tired of the fact that its nothing but spanking talk every time I go to them

Elder said...

Hello Bonnie, that is a real nice initiative. We are all lurkers above bloggers.
And we all know the feeling as blogger: You see there are readers, but no one comments, apart from your own blogger friends.

And thanks for commenting on my blog.
Have a nice day.

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