Monday, November 07, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 6

Our topic this week was celebrities we would like to see come out as spankos. Here's what you think...

Christina: Adrian Paul from the Highlander! The why to that is easy. He's super hot and has the combination of strength and care in his hands!

Lea: James Scott. He plays E.J. Dimiera on Days of our Lives. Yes, people still watch soaps. LOL He should come out as a top already so that he can be MY top. He he.

Todd and Suzy: I'd pick Sheena Easton. I was a big fan in the 80s (and still am). She has made both a good girl thing work, like with Morning Train and 9 to 5. And then she made the naughty girl thing work even better, like with Strut and Sugar Walls. That dichotomy can be fun... :)

Suzy says she'd go with Hugh Laurie, and half thinks he already is a spanko.

Sara: How about that pirate, Johnny Depp? ;)

Joeyred51: Mary Louise Parker of Weeds. We have seen her spanked a couple of times in some really hot scenes in two different episodes, but I want her to say she is a switch.

Jean Marie: Kim Kardashian - because she deserves it, and that derriere could take a good one!

Six of the Best: I wish it were Sarah Palin. I would give her 'six of the best' on her bare bottom, any day. 'Six of the very best.'

Mikki: George Clooney... but only if he is spanking me! I've always told S that he is the only man he ever has to worry about me leaving him for! *giggling*

Daisy: SIMON COWELL! That would show he has the X factor!

Or, Richard Branson!

Anon #1: Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Tom Selleck, Patrick Warburton - just to name a few.

MarQe: It has to be Jennifer Aniston. Despite knowing that I will never spank her, just the thought of her getting a regular maintenance dose would make me that little bit happier!

PS: Did I mention Sarah Jessica Parker?

Michael M: For me, it has to be Pippa Middleton.

Tenth Muse Top: Lucy Lawless in her Xena days - good grief, that woman only has to raise an eyebrow and I am all a quiver and ready to switch!

Country Spanker: Sarah Michelle Geller – There's just something about her. Or Ashley Tisdale would be good.

Hermione: John Cleese has my vote. He did a self-spanking scene in an episode of Fawlty Towers and I've wondered about him ever since.

Dr. Ken: During this past year on my blog, Spanking Minnesota, I updated my Top Ten Females I'd Like To Spank list. The names were in no particular order. I started out with a couple of favorites - Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry - and then I made a deliberate effort to pick new names to put on the list, people I'd never selected before, such as Lea Michele, Emma Watson, Katy Perry. I'd add a new name every few weeks or so until I reached 10.

As an answer here, I'm going to go with the lady who was my final selection - Sofia Vergara of the TV show, Modern Family.

Anon #2: It has to be Jennifer Aniston. There is something about her shapely bottom that just begs to be bared and spanked.

Anon #3: I would like to see Kim Kardashian come out as a spanko, followed quickly by the reality special: "Kim Kardashian meets Dana Specht"

Alan: Sofia Vergara would be my #1 choice. She has a very nice rear.

Poppy Montgomery would be my second choice.

Also, I don't know her name, but she was the hot redhead who played on "The Mentalist." That was some of the hottest hair pointing down to a well rounded bottom that I've seen in a looooonng time.

Ronnie: Johnny Depp – We could have some fun with different role plays and Sean Connery because I love his voice.

Bobbie Jo: I think Sean Connery is a spanko, to a certain extent, according to an interview with Barbara Walters. At least he said as much. So definitely him.

Now I have to think because I am not that familiar with the latest celebs. Hmmm. I like the idea of "Kim Kardashian Meets Dana Specht." I would also like to see the guy who played Gus Grissom on CSI (Peterson) come out as a switch.

Secret Spanko: If we're talking about coming out of the closet, I'd go with Elizabeth Hurley or the lady from Weeds.

Kiwi Girlie Girl: For me, it would be Sean Connery, so long as he was spanking me with that sexy Scottish accent and the other guy is Gibbs from NCIS. He looks quiet and stern and I would imagine very consistent.

Bonnie: I approached this question a little differently. It would be fun to learn that a well known performer like Jennifer Aniston (or Jennifer Lopez for that matter) announced themselves as one of us. However, in terms of the welfare of our community, I would rather see it be someone with undeniable integrity and influence. I'm trying to imagine someone where most of the vanilla world says, “Well, if he/she does it, I guess it can't be so bad.”

Perhaps it could be an award-winning writer, esteemed scientist, or successful business person. Or maybe if a number of celebrities came out, it would have a similar effect. Whatever the scenario, I would love to see our favorite pastime become more accepted and understood by the general population.

Thank you all for joining our weekly brunch celebration. I hope to see you here again next time!

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