Monday, September 26, 2011

Keyword Chaos: About Time Edition

Believe it or not, this is the first Keyword Chaos post of 2011. Let's have a little fun with search terms used to find MBS.
  • ac repair radio ad, "it's so hot squirrels" - All of a sudden, my kink feels oddly normal

  • adult domestic discipline burnt toast scenario - Is that your best dumb cliché?

  • alternative to spanking your wife - I suppose you could talk with her

  • anyone spank their girl friend friend? - A spanko threesome, how charming!

  • bare bottom cornertime torture enhancement - I have a difficult time reconciling the terms torture and enhancement

  • best position for caning - Watching from across the room

  • black lingerie I've always the adolized - What is that word? Does he idolize underwear? Is the lingerie black because it's been anodized? Adonize means to make someone (especially a man) more beautiful, but that doesn't fit either. So many questions...

  • blog so spankable - Me so spanko

  • Bonnie spank - Sorry to deflate your fantasy, but I'm strictly a bottom

  • butt sex Bonnie - You see what I have to put up with?

  • can a robot be programed to give a person a bare bottom otk/lap spanking - No, Isaac Asimov said so.

  • crave lingerie - Tossed with angel hair in a light balsamic vinaigrette?

  • Drew spends first day of hell as Miss Zoe’s new servant - People in hell just aren't cool

  • Fetfest Zorro - You have to admire a man who knows how to use a whip

  • Fetlife mytreat Antarctica - There's a party every night, but you have to wait six months

  • for what reason would you spank your wife? - Because she likes it

  • four hour spanking dvds - Who would want to watch a four hour spanking video? Opera is shorter.

  • free bear bottom spankins over the lap - Free or not, still a very bad idea

  • free paddled bottoms - Do you ship?

  • gaping bikini bottom - I told you I was size 12.

  • how to minimize my spanking marks - Don't get spanked

  • I had to spank my girlfriend - Did someone put a gun to your head?

  • I love my round rump plump bubble ass - Yes, I know, and those queries always send you back here to good, old Bonnie

  • I spank my wife for discipline stories - Last time I spanked her, she told me a really good one

  • interesting spanking positions - The “sauntering ewe” is certainly interesting, but not very practical

  • is adult spanking wrong - Not when both parties consent

  • it is “love our lurkers day” - Not yet, but stay tuned!

  • my wife want to punish my cock, any ideas? - Yes, ignore it

  • pictures of Emma Watson's spanked bottom - She's not that kind of model

  • proof that girlfriends need spankings - If they ask, that's all the proof you need

  • rufflespankedwomen - They have ridges, you know

  • should I spank my brand new wife in public - I heard that voids the warranty

  • spank my granny panties - Sometimes Granny likes it on the bare too

  • spanking wager ouch - Yes, ouch is the price for losing a spanking wager

  • spanking your wife for her befefit - Does this somehow involve cattle?

  • unladylike manor - Where all the girls sit with their knees apart

  • what does boyfriend really think about my spanking - Why are you asking a search engine?

  • women self spanking themselves videos - As opposed to self-spanking others?

  • world's worst spanking paddle - Styrofoam is bad for the environment, but harmless to your bottom


Rogue said...

Too funny!! I've been working on a post similar to this. Hard to believe this is how they find ya! :)

Christina said...

Those are funny search words - but so are your responses to them!! Thanks for sharing...

kiwigirliegirl said...

LOl very funny - i love your replies Bonnie - just as good. Great post :) love and hugs kiwi xx

maui girl said...

Thanks for the laughs! Very funny. It's like typing a few words into Google and watching the search box complete it with the most common searches. I never cease to be amazed. :)

Alice said...

This list is so funny - it really brightened up my bus journey to work this morning. I once had someone find me using the keyword "bandstand" - go figure. I hope they were eventually able to satisfy their information requirements - whatever they were. Thanks for the post. Alice.

Hermione said...

"adult domestic discipline burnt toast scenario" - is that similar to the buttered toast scenario, only hotter?

I had to Google “sauntering ewe” and guess what blog I found it on!

Thanks for a fun way to start the day.


Susie said...

Okay, that was really funny, mostly your responses. thanks.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, how about this one. What is Obamacare? Spanking Michele, with T.L.C.

Erica said...

"They have ridges, you know." OK, that one nearly made me fall off my chair. :-) Thanks, Bonnie!

Bobbie Jo said...

How funny! I loved your responses. Thank you for posting this. I got a good laugh out of it.

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