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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 25

For MBS's sixth anniversary, our topic was why spanking bloggers began their blogs.

Christina: I've been blogging for about five weeks. I have been telling tales of past incidents as well as talking about more recent feelings and events in my DD marriage. I started because a friend thought I might have some tales to share. I was dubious at the beginning, but thought I would give it a try. Now I find it fun and liberating!

I'm glad you're a part of our community, Christina!

Abel: Congratulations on reaching your sixth birthday.

Good question as to why others started... My personal perspective on Spanking Writers? It was partly because I had so many ideas that weren't suitable to turn into fully-fledged stories, but which I wanted to share more widely. It was partly because I was frustrated with SSS as the only place I could post. The newsgroup had its strengths, but its weaknesses were all too painful.

And, for me, most importantly, blogging provided another means of connecting with new people in the scene. It's worked admirably in that regard!

Thank you. It's always a pleasure to see you, Abel!

Emily: My blog originated from marital problems and my spanking fantasies. I stumbled upon this community by reading spanking stories written by bloggers and then finding separate links to the blogs from the story sites. I also have a strong appreciation for your blog, Bonnie, as it's helped me along in connecting with others in blogland. Happy sixth!

I'm happy to be able to help!

Uncle Nick: I started my blog in April of last year, so it's now about 18 months old.

What inspired me to set it up? I was so very ill at the time that I could barely walk more than a few paces. I had been in a coma for three months the year before, so I suppose I was lucky to be alive. A friend of mine suggested that a blog that linked through to his pay per view sites might earn me some money in referrals. Alas, that notion turned out to be a mistake. Casting around for other options, I hit upon the idea of a clips store and now use the blog as a feeder for that.

Aside from that, my memoirs, with the amazing original title, "A Spanking Good Life," are due to be published at the end of this year. I used the blog to publish first drafts of various chapters.

That's a remarkable story. Best wishes with your future blogging.

Daisy: My blog originated absolutely by accident. I was reading blogs, and one of my favourites went private. I was trying to gain permission to still read it, and found myself signing up, I thought, to get into her blog. In fact, I created a blog of my own! I was VERY unfamiliar with computers at the time. I wrote very tentatively in my own blog, and here I am, still doing just that! I found myself welcomed by you, Bonnie, and others. I was thrilled to be included in this wonderful, friendly world of spankos. Thank you!

Congratulations on your blog's six year anniversary! May there be many more!

You're very welcome, Daisy!

Rogue: I read blogs for months and months before I talked to my husband about a starting a DD lifestyle. I will never forget the fear/excitement of publishing that first post and receiving comments. Everyone scooted their chairs around and welcomed me into the circle in the warmest way. I think you all simply ROCK! :)

I am proud to count you among my friends, Rogue.

Sarah Thorne: Yes, I have one and had others. Quite simply, I like to write! First, I started a website with my stories under my sarah thorne pseudonym in 2003. Then, when hubby and I got together, we started the ZED and ginger blog as a couple to give both accounts of our growing relationship. We closed that one a few years later for personal reasons, and began another, low key blog of our relationship. However, since I was using my original screen name once more (sarah thorne) instead of ginger, I started a blog to simply write my personal take about spanking related stuff, both serious and fun!

Your earlier blog was a strong influence for me, and I'm sure for many others.

Hermione: Congratulations on your sixth blogaversary! I love the snapshot of how your blog looked in the beginning. That was before my time. It's interesting to see who was on your blogroll and even more interesting that some of those blogs are still around. I can't imagine you having a blogroll so short. :-)

I have a blog that's three and a half years old. I started out by reading and lurking on several spanking blogs, including MBS. When you kindly asked me to share my story and featured it as a guest post here, I got a taste of writing about spanking and liked it. After a few months of enthusiastic commenting, I realized I wanted more. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I wanted to be just like you, so I started my own blog. It quickly found its own direction and its own unique perspective on spanking for enjoyment. On my blog, I'm in control, and can express myself freely, in whatever way I choose. It's my own personal happy place.

Here's to many more years of happy blogging for both of us!

Thanks, Hermione, for all you do!

Meow: After reading blogs for a few months, I started a blog that was private, just for Lash to read. When another blogger looked on my profile and couldn't access my blog, I finally realized that I was ready to go public. That first reader was Daisy's husband, Davey, so thanks to them both for getting me started.

I'm glad you decided to share!

Our Bottoms Burn: Having been around the spanking Internet since the days of ASS, then the SSS newsgroups, I considered a blog, but initially felt I had little to say. That may still be true. Being one of your first readers, I mulled over trying a blog for two years before taking the plunge. And you, Bonnie, gave us our theme - that spanking was fun. So many write about discipline, while MBS and OBB write about the fun and erotic aspects. Even if I had half of your talents, OBB would still be a niche blog as we are both switches and switch with each other. We are as rare as inhibited planets, but we enjoy one another.

Here's to six more years!

You and Bacall have been along for the entire ride and I really appreciate your support.

Six of the Best: Congratulations on spanking blogging for six wondrous years. I might say 'six of the best' spanking blogging years. I hail you as our Queen of spanking bloggers. You will always get the 'red carpet' treatment from me. And may your bare bottom always blush likewise.

Thank you, Six

Velvet: Congratulations on your six year anniversary.

Although not technically a spanking blog, I began writing Velvet Nightmares to given voice to my experiences with my partner M. What we do is not something I can talk about freely with my friends. But I can write freely about it in the blogosphere, which is not only such a release, it has also introduced me to some wonderful friends.

I too was pleasantly surprised early on with the wonderful human side of blogging.

Karl Friedrich Gauss: Let me add my congratulations on your six years of blogging, Bonnie.

I actually don't blog, but I do comment on other people's blogs and I do frequently update a few threads on Chross' Spanking Scouts forum, in which I follow on from Chross' own theme of linking to worthwhile material out there in the spankosphere.

I lurked for years before I started commenting, and started only because I stumbled (via Spanking Blog) onto Alison Tyler's blog in which she was spinning out her erotic memoir. My reaction was that this stuff was SO good that I felt I had to do what I could to keep it coming. So I set up an alias and started commenting.

Periodically, I take a break from reading and commenting, to prove to myself that I'm not addicted, and for the sake of my mental health.

I toy with the idea of starting a blog, but feel I don't have a lot of personal experience to draw from, unlike many other successful bloggers.

Thanks, Karl!

Make Mine Red: Congrats, Bonnie! I have not and do not have a blog or any desire to do so, but I do enjoy reading and joining in on others' such as yours. Thanks for being here! Here's to many more successful blogging years. :)

Thanks, MMR, for your support!

Indy: Congratulations on six years, Bonnie. That's almost an unbelievable feat! Thanks also for the flashback to your original post. I noticed that the links to some of my favorite older bloggers led to archives on which some of their posts could still be found – what an unexpected surprise!

I've been blogging a little less than two years now. I explained why I started the blog in my first post. I have found it useful to think through topics so that I can write essays about them, and I've found it fun to share play reports with people. As I noted later on, though, blogging hasn't been a game changer for me like Twitter has been. Perhaps that's all part of a natural progression from interacting broadly on line to settling into a smaller on-line home, as it were.

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the community, Bonnie!

Your success story, Indy, has paralleled the growth and maturation of our community. May the future hold more discovery and more enjoyment.

KayLynn: Congratulations, Bonnie! Your gathering all of us together means so much! I threw up a blog in a big hurry in order to participate in Flash Fantasy Fridays. Then I moved onto whining and then ferreting out self from DD. Now I write from my heart about the tougher things regarding spanking and all those letters that often accompany it.

Thank you, KayLynn!

Maui Girl: Mine isn't technically a spanking blog, although spanking is right up there with my all-time favorite activities. I started my blog about a month ago out of frustration with how things were progressing with my husband. Now that I blog, I find my path becoming clearer. I can put my thoughts into words and therefore into action. It helps!

Thanks for the opportunity to share and thanks for writing such a great blog.

Blogging has helped many of us in different ways. I hope you continue to see additional benefits as you move forward.

Lea: I started blogging back in February of this year. I'd started to read some other spanking blogs and decided that I wanted to try it. I thought that between real life experiences and humor that I could keep it interesting. Props to those out there like Hermione who can post daily and keep things fresh. I can't write to that extent, but I've enjoyed it and am happily surprised by the number of people who continue to read. A guy on FetLife said that he considered blogging to be narcissistic, assuming that you were that interesting that people care to read your thoughts. Well somebody's reading, so :-P to that guy. LOL

Yes, Lea, you are that interesting!

Kitty: Congratulations on six years! Wow!

I do have a blog by the name of Sweet Surrender. I started it just for fun at first. Now I enjoy the friendships I've made through blogging.

Thanks, Kitty!

Michael M: Many congrats on your six of the best. I hope you get well rewarded for your efforts.

Your blog is somewhere I pass by daily. I started to blog a few weeks ago and appreciated your link. That link generates a huge amount of viewing traffic, so thanks. I hope that I get to six weeks never mind six years!

I can assure you that no one sets out to blog for six years. What happens is that you start and then simply don't stop.

Rob: Congrats on six years. It's quite an accomplishment. I started a blog a few years ago, but haven't posted in some time. Finding time to write and coming up with interesting content on a consistent basis is difficult. I started after finding a blog by man who described things from the F/M perspective. I, of course, related to it and started writing just for myself. I may return to it one day when I have more time. In the interim, I'll continue to enjoy reading various accounts from what seems to be an ever expanding list of blogs.

I think your posts are insightful and well written. Should you decide to return to regular updates, please let me know and I will happily restore your link.

Ronnie: Congratulations on your six years of blogging, Bonnie.

I used to read your blog often as well as Becoming Adam's Angel (not sure what happened to her) and AngelBrat. I loved to read you three ladies, but never had the courage to comment.

My blog is nearly three years old and sort of started by accident when you linked me. :) I was very nervous, but decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. Hermione, Sara, Todd and Suzy were the first to say hello. I've had so much fun and made some wonderful friends. So a big thank you, Bonnie, and to everyone who stops by my blog.

Linking you, Ronnie, was no accident! :D

Prefectdt: Well done on reaching six years. :)

I started reading kinky blogs, then commenting on them and then I started one of my own. It was just a sort of natural progression.

My spanking blog has been a lot more successful than my attempts at vanilla blogging and vlogging, which just sort of died out through lack of interest. I think this is because of the strong sense of community that I have found amongst the spanking and BDSM blogs, that I have failed to find anywhere else.

I agree that our sense of community is something special. I am grateful everyday to be a part of this extended family.

Molly: Congratulations on your six years of blogging. That really is quite some achievement. I read a great deal of blogs for my 'Kiss Of The Week' project. I have found that many people start up with all good intentions and very quickly fall by the way side.

I have been blogging for nearly two years and I am stunned by the amount of traffic I get. I have made some truly wonderful friends through my blog and learned a great deal from other bloggers along the way.

Why did I start? I wanted my own place to write on a regular basis. I had previously written a few erotic stories and published them on story sites, but I felt very disjointed from my own work. My blog began about at the same time as my relationship with Sir. It has slowly evolved as we have evolved together as D/s couple.

I would not say my blog is a spanking blog per se, but it certainly covers the subject in detail and on a regular basis, including self-portrait photographs of Sir's handiwork.

There is one area of blogging that has always intrigued me and when I get time to do so I intend to investigate more. Why do so many submissive woman blog? What is it about that dynamic and their need to share that motivates them? As I said, more research is needed. I am working on a questionnaire to send to people who would be interested in helping me with this project. I just need MORE hours in the day to do all this, AND get my arse spanked. ;)

That's a very interesting question, Molly. I look forward to hearing the answer.

R Humphries: Warmest Congratulations, Bonnie. What a superb achievement.

When I started the blog, my Woody Back to School Unit stories had been batting around the net in one form or another since the mid-nineties. Initially, the blog was an experiment to commercialize the saga through self-publishing. After a while, I decided that was neither particularly profitable nor fulfilling. We decided to just provide the books free in our libraries and then later added the original cartoon galleries. Was this the right decision? Who knows? But as a life-long dedicated spanko, I’d like to think that My Beloved Jojo and I have quietly added our own contribution to this wonderful community.

Bottoms up, Bonnie et al!

Thanks, RH!

Kiwi Girlie Girl: Congrats, Bonnie on six years and counting. You have a great blog and I love it.

I have a blog and it's a couple of months old. I started it because I was so confused and unsure of how to go about DD. I read and commented on lots of other blogs and I had so much in my head that I wanted to get off my chest. So I started my blog.

I agree with Rogue. You guys are so welcoming and kind and friendly and you all ROCK. A bit thank you to everyone with your words of advice and wisdom and shoulders and tissues when things have gone wrong and excitement and applause when things have gone right. I'd be lost without you all!

Aw, we love you too, KGG!

Bonnie: I started this blog as way to share spanking stories I had written. It quickly evolved into more than that.

Thanks, everyone for your generous words. I really appreciate your readership and participation.

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Dee said...

Hi Bonnie :) Sorry, I'm a tad late in responding to your blog question but wanted to throw in a comment if for nothing else than to let you know that I find your blog interesting and entertaining and I'll try not to be so slow next time :)

Why I started my blog.......? Hmmm........It seemed like a good idea at the time?
Give me fb and I can amuse the masses for hours lol but this is totally different...... it originally started as a way for me to try to work out things in my head and writing them down helps me to do this.
The fact that others are interested in hearing about it is so totally a bonus and I find myself wanting and excited to be a part of such a friendly and sympathetic and like-minded community :)

Dee x

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