Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 28

Our topic this week was the moment when we recognized that spanking would be a permanent part of our lives.

Neo Dom Tom: As the spanker, I can say about two years ago I spontaneously held what I called "slave night" with my wife. I told her she had to do everything I demanded for the evening. At one point, she touched my cock without permission and I spanked her for the first time. It was a mock punishment for not asking permission. From that first slap two years ago, I knew I was hooked. We had already been married three years at that point, so I was really, really lucky that she was fine with it. She has since come to enjoy a good spanking!

Emily: My moment was when Jake told me that he wouldn't spank me. I had never been so disappointed. I didn't realize how much that kind of attention meant to me until I was told it wouldn't be a part of our lives. Lucky for me, we reconsidered. :)

CurtisG: It was when I found that spanking turned me on. I was in the second grade (although I couldn't define "turned on" then). I just had a burning feeling when my pretty second grade teacher picked up a classmate, put him over one knee while leaning against a wall and gave him a birthday spanking. From that point on, spanking was always at the center of my nocturnal fantasies, my explorations in various media and finally in play beginning in the seventh grade. I never stopped.

Michelle Carlyle: It was the first time I came from a spanking. I was HOOKED!

Hermione: The enjoyment of spanking has always been a part of who I am. It has turned me on for as long as I can remember, so there wasn't any event that suddenly opened my eyes. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my preference.

Daisy: I knew from about age ten that it fascinated me, but after it was a disaster in my first marriage, I didn't expect it to be part of my life again. Then I met Davey. After some sexy exploration on the internet, and discussion on the subject with him, and some experimenting, I knew it was here to stay!

Six of the Best: While as a schoolboy in England, a female teacher who I had a crush on, came late to school. Since, excessive lateness was punishable by spankings, I dreamed that this female heartthrob of mine, deserved to be spanked. In my opinion, she deserved 'six of the best,' the very best strokes of the cane, on her bare bottom, delivered by me.

MarQe: It was in my teenage years when I realised that I simply had to get my hands on a Janus, Februs or Roue magazine and devour it (You know, in the way teenage boys do!) ;) Also, it dawned on me that I only really fancied girls if their bottoms met my exacting standards! If only I'd had chance to spank them all!

Dr. Ken: For me, it was when I first fell in love with a lovely lady who was also a spanko. I knew right away that a vanilla relationship was never going to work for me, and spanking was always going to be a mainstay of my life and any future relationships.

The lady, alas, is no longer with us, but the realization remains...

Prefectdt: I realized that spanking was going to be with me forever in a psychologist's consulting room. After extensive consultations, we had traced the point when I stopped being able to cope with the normal downsides of life back to the time, just over three years previously, when I had given up the spanko lifestyle. I can't remember the exact words that she used, but it was something like this, in a strong Africana (South African) accent.

"For God's sake man. All you need to do, to cope with life, is to go out and get your bottom smacked now and then. What the bloody hell did you give it up for?"

She had a very surprising "Pull yourself together" approach to human nature that was not what I had expected. She was right about the spanking, even though I think that she was vanilla (as far as I could tell). It was when she said that, that I realized that TTWD was going to be with me always and would never go away.

Red: I was given a bare bottom spanking at about age seven. I knew almost immediately that I wanted another and have been craving them ever since. I'm now 62 and am fortunate to have an accommodating wife.

Keiter: I had an occasional babysitter when I was pre-adolescent who was beautiful, dark, sexy, and I fantasized about her nightly. I most enjoyed dreaming of spanking, even whipping her. In high school, I dated a dark haired, sultry beauty who liked to tease. I put up with it for a while, but soon got fed up with her games, and pulled her over my lap. Imagine my surprise when she smiled and bared her own bottom invitingly!

Jean Marie: My experience was very different. I always felt like a freak for fantasizing about being spanked or punished. In elementary school, I saw a female peer spanked in front of the class and was both horrified and mesmerized. It wasn't until I was almost through college that I reluctantly shared with a boyfriend my fantasies, almost in tears, terrified that he'd be repulsed by me. He spanked me very hard and I fell deeply in love.

Lea: The interest had always been there, but it wasn't until searching the internet a few years ago that I found a group of like-minded people and realized there was a lifestyle for all this. After sharing all of it with my husband, we tried it out and have been doing it ever since.

Bobbie Jo: I believe I have had an interest since I was five. I would avoid it as much as possible, though. By the time I was in middle school, I had played out some fantasies with a couple of friends, but nothing really intense. I did have a therapist spank me which should not have happened. I was in my early 20s at the time.

Right now, at age 61, I am still unsure about TTWD and if it will be a part of my life. I know it won't go away and that bothers me, as I am sure you all understand. I don't have a partner and I am going to seek out a professional for the first spanking by someone who knows what they are doing. It will be interesting to see what happens and how I feel about it.

Welcome, Bobbie Jo, and best wishes with your journey of discovery. I hope you'll let us know how things work out.

Emanuele: As long as I can remember, spanking to me has been sexual. Over the years, I have often been forced to hide that part of me to find some acceptance. One of the benefits of growing older is that I don't really care what others may think of that.

Since I had any idea what sex was, this has been a priority for me. It's as important as breathing. Currently, I am in a vanilla marriage, 14 years worth, and I still find it better than being alone.

Since I am an eternal optimist, I still will not yield.

I started blogging because I was getting desperate and found this amazing online community. I have to say that even lurking around the edges of your worlds is better for me than trying to hide myself away. I had to exaggerate the possibility that I might make some money this way, but realistically, I have never written or done anything like this before.

I am still an optimist and want to spank or be spanked by my wife more than anything.

Thank you, Bonnie, you have helped me in many ways.

You're very welcome!

Simon: Like some of the other correspondents, I first realised that I was interested in spanking when I saw one of my classmates slippered in gym class. I was fascinated by her red gym shorts and the squirming of her bottom. Nothing much happened for a few years and then I discovered that there were magazines devoted to the punishment of women. I started buying as many as I could afford. Also at this time, I realised that I was also interested in being spanked by women. That was many years ago. Since then, I have been lucky enough to spank a few ladies and to meet my mistress who certainly knows how to treat a naughty boy.

SublimeWifey: I'd always enjoyed a swat or two during sex, it heightened the experience and thereby the orgasm. But this summer, as Hubby and I have begun to take our BDSM thing a bit more seriously, I find that spanking is my favorite part. I enjoy the bondage and the following orders and the other forms of submission, but when that first swat lands hard, I'm in the zone. I also love how it lingers afterward. Even without marks or bruises, that tingly heat lasts for hours. Mmm. That's how I discovered I'm a spanko!

Welcome SW. That sure sounds like fun!

Bonnie: Like many others, I've had this interest for as long as I can remember. But as a kid, I carefully hid it from the world. I felt I was different and could not be accepted for the person I am. As a teen, I hoped this troubling obsession would disappear once I had a regular boyfriend and a “normal” sex life. It didn't go away. I brought it up to various boyfriends, but they couldn't, or at least didn't, understand. I felt frustrated and alone in my freaky-ness.

Then came Randy. With him, spanking was more than all right. It was fantastic. That was when I knew my place was beneath his hand.

I'm am so glad we have the internet today as a source of information for young adults who struggle with such issues. I am grateful whenever I get the opportunity to tell the next generation of spankos that they're not alone and that their interest is shared by many happy, successful, loving people. I hope their path will be easier and smoother than ours.

Thank you all for participating. See you next week!


kiwigirliegirl said...

always a bit late with this ...sorry...but the interest has always been there for me - but the time i realized it was going to be with me for life is when hubby announced the other day that i have no idea what i have unleashed in him, he always wants to spank me its my fault and he is always on the look out for implements to use.
Guess i unleashed something alright hehehe :)

Autumn said...

Hi Bonnie,

I decided not to comment on your original post because I am so new to all of this. I was only spanked a few times as a young child and did not enjoy a moment of it, but as a young adult I began to experience a sexual awakening. I always liked the idea of being "controlled" in intimate moments. You know the scene: arms pinned above head, you can't get away, they have the freedom to do anything they want...

Spanking itself is actually a relatively new concept for me, though I felt myself drawn to it on an almost subconscious level. Recently, for the first time, I found myself in a relationship built on REAL trust and I was able to share my true desires. After that initial spank/play session (which was anything but "light" by the way) it kind of flipped a switch in me.

I began searching the internet, reading articles, looking and photos and stumbling across blogs. When I discovered the world of DD I thought, "Oh wow, this could really work for us!"... So here we are, only ankle deep, but the water is inviting and we are among friends.

Thank you so much for sharing and connecting others together as we make our journeys of personal discovery. (=


A'marie said...

Ohhhh, I missed a good one.
But I do always love the recap. :)

Oh - and just a PSA for you. Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up soon (9/19). Be prepared! ;)

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