Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 14

Our topic for the week was the classic most memorable spanking question. Here are your favorites.

Luna: My first adult spanking has to be the most memorable and probably not because it was my first, but because it gave me a taste of what I had been missing in my sexual life. For the first time, I felt that what I was craving was accepted, relished and pleasurable. I knew that by the time it was over and the bruises had settled in, I was going to be hooked.

Seven years later, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. I don't try to recreate moments that left such a strong memory, but it is fun to reflect on them to get the heart racing.

Joeyred: I was part of a group spanking. Five lovely ladies and this very lucky guy were spanked with our elbows on a pool table. The spanking was very hard, a punishment for some naughty deeds. What made it most memorable for me was the group hug when the punishment was over. It was a moment in time that I will never forget with five people who will always be special to me.

MarQe: I spanked my wife in a hotel in Stratford Upon Avon after a night at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It was my 40th Birthday treat! I also have a feeling I will long remember spanking the delightful Scarlot just a few weeks ago. She is relatively new to the scene and a delightful squirmer when the hard ones were given!

Hermione: My most memorable spanking was the one that ended a long period when there was no spanking in our lives. Ron took it upon himself to tell me what he had planned for the weekend, and even phoned me at work to describe his process of selecting just the right implement.

That spanking reconnected us on a much deeper level and put me in touch with my submissive self. It also heralded a new beginning in our spanking relationship. We have since gone from strength to strength. Best of all, it led me to start searching for spanking topics online, and ultimately to the blogging world I am now so much a part of.

Michelle Carlyle: My favorite memory was my 44th birthday at the Embassy Suites. I had five hundred Long Island Iced Teas and gave my husband a script of things I wanted him to do to me. Most. Fun. Ever. Amazing spankings, paddlings, whipping with a riding crop, and made love to in every position imaginable. Wow. It was the first time I was ever left with marks. This alarmed him, but they reminded me of the outstanding evening. Whoo-hoooo! Say... I think my birthday is coming up shortly. And I have an idea...

A'marie: My most memorable was the first, definitely. I was in college and I had admitted to my partner the desire for spanking, but we'd never tried it. I was being, uh, slightly bratty, and before I knew it, I found myself bent over a bed as he was pulling his belt off.

It changed my relationship because until then, it had been just an intriguing interest. There was still the possibility that I'd try it and hate it, right? So this spanking marked the realization that no, this mildly kinky little desire wasn't going anywhere, and damn it was something I needed more often.

I'vd never tried to recreate it, but that is undoubtedly due to my personal feelings about the ex-partner. ;)

Kitty: My most favorite spanking to date was when Daddy spanked me and gave me an orgasm from spanking alone. There was no stimulation other than his hand spanking me. It was so off-the-charts incredible that I can't imagine going back to my pre-spanked self. For those interested in the whole story, it's called Daddy Did It Last Night. ;)

Lea: My first adult spanking will always be memorable for being my first. I wouldn't say it was the best I've ever received because we've evolved since then. But it stands out with a few other moments. A few months ago, I had my first scene where I was spanked along with another bottom. That was fun and a very different dynamic for me, so it stands out in my mind as well.

I don't think those times can really be recreated. Especially the first time, those are very unique feelings experienced when things are brand new. The spontaneity of some events adds to it being memorable and something that can't be copied.

Anon: Oh my, yes! It was one night back in the early 80's when I asked my wife to spank me. We had almost no furniture at the time, but after she spanked my bare bottom in the living room, she called me into the bedroom. She'd lit a candle and put on an ankle-length formal skirt but was wearing no top. I went over her knees on the foam mattress we were using for a bed and she spanked my bare bottom. I will always remember her beautiful, bare breasts hovering over my reddening butt. I wrote in my journal about how wonderfully it stung. If I had any night I could re-live with my wonderful wife, that would be it!

Gracie: Hi! Thanks so much for listing my site on your blogroll!

I remember my spankings, but I feel like we're still making progress, so they're actually getting better. My Sir is starting to spank me most every day when it wasn't previously part of our activities. I've also given him some pointers about what to do, based on what I've read, and we're working from there. I think my favorite lately has to be one with the belt. It hurt, it felt wonderful, and it briefly raised the skin. Just glorious.

Hi Gracie, and welcome!

Mikki: No. I'm sorry to say that I don't have an awesome first spanking story. My first one was when, over several days, I had asked my husband several times for my first spanking. I think he was irritated and frustrated. He really didn't know what to do or what I really expected. I was lying on my belly, trying to talk to him, when he rolled over and asked whether I really wanted it. I said, “Yes... I think.” He pushed back the covers and administered six very hard, very fast and not so fun or kinky or anything but true spanking swats.

All he said afterward was "Is that what you wanted?" I replied, “Yeah, I guess." We both rolled over and went to sleep. I kinda think of it as a bit of a punishment for nagging him into spanking. But don't worry. We have since come a lot closer to perfecting TTWD.

I don't nag him to spank anymore. Lesson learned!

Make Mine Red: I love everyone's stories! Thanks for using my idea, Bonnie. :)

I would have to say that the first time he actually spanked me is most memorable. It was simply with his hand, but it was incredible because of all the emotions involved (I was nervous. Would I really like it as much as I thought? Then the realization that YES I did really like it!). Until then, I had a hard time convincing him to actually do it.

That wasn't the best one. He's since fully embraced it and gotten much better at it. We also have some really fun implements now. The first was most memorable because he FINALLY did it. I can't imagine going back to pre-spanking days. I actually crave it. No, I don't want to recreate that one because several since have been so much better and I would rather recreate those. :)

Thank you, MMR, for an excellent idea!

Daisy: My most memorable was after he gave me what had been promised for over a year, the mother of all spankings. Remember, we are on different continents, so over the year apart, there had been many occasions where I cheeked him, argued with him, etc., over the phone. He always said that when we were together, he would make me sorry! As the time drew near for my visit, he began telling me what a severe spanking I had earned, and I suppose I built it up in my head. When it eventually happened, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. I felt half relieved, half peeved that this was so. I had waited a YEAR, for THIS?

After the sting wore off (a couple hours at most), I began hinting for more, but he was relaxing and watching TV. Finally, sulking at the lack of interest, I huffed and declared I was going to BED! I flounced out the room, slamming the door. (Sure to work, right? WRONG)

Still no response. I lay in bed, so cross, I mean, I had flown halfway across the world to be with him for two weeks, and he was watching TV? I sulked myself to sleep (It was only about 8pm!).

I was woken by his voice, calling my name as he flipped me on to my front. He began spanking my bare bottom, with his hand, really hard. Every smack stung like blazes and he kept going and going and going. At the same time, he lectured and told me off, declaring that he would spank me when HE decided, not when I did. The severity would be up to HIM, not me, and that he was not my puppet. I cried. I begged. I pleaded. I writhed. I apologised. But nothing stopped him. I hit subspace. I eventually gave up struggling against the pain, and accepted it. Suddenly, it was different. It was awesome. This was not the spanking I had wanted, but it was exactly the one I needed. It bred a whole new respect for him.

I was totally exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally, by the time he stopped. He held me close, and I sobbed into him, relaxing at last. We fell asleep together, him holding me, me clinging to him the way a drowning man clings to a lifebelt. When we awoke, we made slow, beautiful love and then inspected the first ever bruises he had given me from a spanking... and it was just his HAND!

Prefectdt: My most memorable spanking was not a relationship spanking and was made memorable by a submissive girl, not the Top concerned (the top was very good though, I'm not trying to run her down by saying that).

This was back when I was 20. My friend held my hands whilst I was bent over a table taking a long caning of many strokes (I forget the actual number). She coached me through some breathing techniques and mental exercises as I was getting caned. It was the first time that I reached subspace. I realized that this is what I had really been craving, not the sexual titillation or just satisfying the inner need to get my backside tanned.

At the time, back in the mid-80's, there seemed to be plenty of books around about good and safe play and philosophies about playing, but nothing on how best to take a spanking or other type of play. I learned so much from that lass and will always be grateful to her. I wonder where she is now?

Bonnie: This is a difficult question. As I think back over more than thirty years, there were many spanking highlights. Perhaps, I will go with the crowd and choose the first time Randy spanked me. The fun tone and running banter established a pattern we've repeated and expanded upon many times since.

Thank you all for joining us for brunch!

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kiwigirliegirl said...

i think my most memorable spanking was just a few weeks ago. I was in major trouble (when am I not) and because he thinks i move around too much and move out of position he restrained me to a coffee table with scarves and when i finally managed to get one hand free he just held it behind my back with the scarve. It was a painful experience but one i probably deserved. The most memorable thing about it was the comforting he did afterward. He just came up behind me and held me from behind and rocked me and hugged me telling me he loved me and was I ok over and over. Ill never forget that and how it made me feel.
Other than that the actual spanking that I will remember the most was over a credit card issue, i went to bed, he came in after me, I was so nervous knowing what was coming, and I was told to lay on the bed he told me off while im laying there, bottom bared and then he proceeded to strap me. I cried from the start but afterward the feeling of respect and love i had for him was overwhelming. Again, a feeling i will never forget.

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