Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Most Embarrassing Spanking

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were traveling for a combination of business and pleasure. He had a quick freelance engagement on the opposite side of the country. We figured that it would be fun if we both went and then stretched the trip by a few days. We had done something similar last summer with excellent results. The short version is that we had a great time, saw a part of the country we hadn't visited, and ended up with very economical vacation.

However, there was one very embarrassing spanking. It happened at the airport, and I wasn't even the one who got spanked. We were waiting in the departure lounge at the airport. Randy picked out a prime spot where a row of uncomfortable blue chairs backed up to a wall. There was a convenient electrical outlet where he could plug in his laptop. Soon he was clicking away as I read my book.

The trouble started when he announced that he wanted to visit the restroom before we got onto the plane. He handed me the running laptop with instructions to "Take good care of it." I decided to check in with this blog and make sure everything was OK. I quickly determined that all was as it should be and began browsing through my Good and Hot links. Having not been on in days, everything was new to me and the blogs were abuzz with the latest happenings. Knowing Randy would be right back, I quickly clicked from link to link hoping to glean as much goodness as I could. Then it happened.

As soon as I clicked on a link to a fairly well known blog, I heard the unmistakable screams of a woman being severely spanked. Whack! Ahhhhh! Whack! Ow! Whack! Nooooo! It was loud and everyone within fifty feet had to have heard it.

I quickly snapped the laptop shut in hopes that would silence this horrid punishment scene. But the spanking continued for several more seconds. I put the laptop between the seat and my back in hopes of muffling the screams. I know it went on only a handful of seconds, but it seemed like eternity to me. My face must have been as red as that poor girl's bottom. I felt everyone's eyes boring into me, but I couldn't bear to look up. I just hung my head in profound disgust and despair.

"What's the matter?" Randy inquired upon his return. His voice registered genuine concern.

"Never mind," I said, "I'll tell you later." With that, I handed him his laptop with the dire warning, "Please, please don't open that until we get home."

Fortunately, he believed me. Back in its case it went.

We laughed later about my web surfing misfortune, but the mortification I felt was very real.

Bloggers: Please don't use loud audio that plays automatically.

Readers: When you're in a public place, please mute your audio before you begin browsing.

Take it from the voice of experience, accidentally outing yourself is no vacation.


Emily said...

Haha!! I've done that before... Sort of. After the kids go to sleep, I start browsing and end up waking a little one because I didn't expect the ruckus. Even more embarrassing was the time my five year old was peeking over my shoulder while I was checking out blogs. I thought he was watching tv until he said "mama, that girl doesn't have any clothes on."

Mockingbird said...

Oh my goodness I think I'm blushing vicariously. How embarrassing!

kiwigirliegirl said...

hehehehehehe oohhhhh bonnie i dont know what is worse that or an actual public spanking.....i would have been mortified.

crankyspanker said...

Absolutely a oops moment. I would have liked to see the expression on your face, must have been priceless.


Anonymous said...

Wow Bonnie that is too funny (from afar). So far my worst audio moment occurrd when my husband was reading some uber intellectual book to our ten year - some guy named Yule E. Seas, whatev, I "audio bombed" their sacred moment with a Clash of the Cultures moment. I'll never forget the look D shot me. I did manage to find my mute button like I was James Bond. I think that youroment would be a perfect cartoon! KayLynn

Lea said...

Talk about a hide yourself moment! It's always the thing you open that you want to close really fast when your computer decides to freeze, too.

Amaranthus said...

Lol! May be no one realised what it actually was.Only people in the know {HeeHee}

Hermione said...

What an embarrassing situation! Since it wasn't your laptop, you weren't prepared for the volume settings. Isn't travelling fun?

At work I always keep my machine on mute, or else leave the earbuds plugged in, so any sound comes through them. At home, the computer is plugged into a stereo system that's turned off until I need to listen to something.


Anonymous said...

Amusing for us but I am sure hugely embarrassing for you!


findingsara said...

Oh wow....that must have been awful! I keep my laptop on mute as well, so u have to turn up the sound if I want to hear something...There's nothing to do but pretend it never happened!!!!! :(. Sara

Anonymous said...

OMG. LOL. One of those moments when you want to just disappear.

Daisychain said...

In hindsight, you could have hit the mute button, or the pause button, but I know what you mean...panic sets in ... I have done it myself, clicked something innocently expecting to READ, and getting a faceful and earful of some embarrassing happening! Luckily, just in my room, but it's still a shock!

What is so funny about this is that I always thought you would be far too wise to such things, and never get caught out!!! Awww... hugs! xxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Oops how embarrassing Bonnie. I've had that happen but luckily only at home when no one was around. Now I always have my laptop on mute, home or at work.


Autumn said...

Wow. At first I thought you meant you heard a public spanking happening AT the airport... that is certainly not a moment to have "all eyes on me". At least you were already through the checkpoint and they didn't have to scan his laptop. *^_^*

Respecting Mistress said...

Brilliant story. Never mind the blushes. Did you get a good spanking later for surfing through those blogs on his computer?

Anonymous said...

I could see (or rather HEAR) that happening to me. So far I have been lucky and often use headphones to enjoy my sites while in a household of vanillas. Glad you can laugh about it now.

sarah thorne said...

Oh my!!! For the most part, I keep my audio on mute almost all the time for this very reason. Some of the sites I visit have audio sounds when you click, and some are spanking related sounds!

I would have DIED!


I might have grinned mischievously!


Bonnie said...

Emily - Wow. At least I don't have to live with the people who witnessed my slip up. I think our daughter may have seen and heard a few things we'd rather she hadn't over the years. Fortunately for us, she was quickly distracted. Once she got older, she knew enough to know that she didn't want to know.

MB - Yes, it sure was!

KGG - At least with the spanking, I might have felt calmer afterward.

CS - If you wanted to see my expression, you would have had to have been on the floor because that's where I was looking.

KayLynn - I wish I could have found a magic mute button. But in that moment, I just panicked. I wanted it to stop NOW.

Lea - About the time I concluded that I could not stop the sound, my next thought was to find a hole into which I could jump.

Amaranthus - I can only hope... :)

Hermione - I obviously wasn't prepared for that surprise. But it was a fine trip otherwise.

Sammie - It definitely was at the time!

Sara: I guess I must not be very good at pretending!

Joey I would have if I could!

Daisy - I guess I wasn't very wise that day.

Ronnie - The funny thing is that I usually do the same unless I am listening to music or the like. But this was not my computer and he just handed it to me. The trap was set before I even touched it.

Autumn - I thought of that! Had I gotten his laptop confiscated by airport police or the TSA, Randy would have flipped.

RM - Actually, no. He knew where I would be headed before he gave me the computer to watch.

2Good - If my mishaps can help others avoid a similar fate, I am happy to share.

Sarah - I took my best shot at both reactions, though the second was delayed. :D

Erica said...

Oh my God, Bonnie. How mortifying!

One of those "cringe and blush now, laugh (much) later" situations, no doubt.

Bobbie Jo said...

OH MY! Bonnie, I think I would have tried to crawl under the chairs. LOL It is indeed one of those "morified now, laughing a lot later" moments. If anyone had asked what on earth, you can always say you made a typo when entering the address. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! That is sooooo embarrassing! I have had accidentally clicked a link that began playing something I didn't want my children to hear, but never that! Ugh!

(Thanks for the laugh though!)

Anonymous said...

that post was well written i liked it

Cowgirl said...

LMAO, Bonnie. At first, I though you were going to tell us you witnessed a public spanking by another couple. This was WAY more entertaining! Glad it was you and not me, hehe. I would have been mortified! Glad Randy listened to you and just put the laptop away.

Alex said...

Poor you!! And it had to be full volume? Did you notice strange looks after that?
Anyway, cool Blog : ) Cheers!

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