Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 17

Our topic this week dealt with reactions to a suspected spanko woman seated nearby at a restaurant. The question was which of the following would be your reaction?
  1. Find an excuse to engage them in conversation
  2. Make a spanko remark loudly enough for them to hear
  3. Assume your spank-dar is broken and let them eat in peace
  4. Listen carefully for any more clues
  5. Be silent and grateful that the world is full of spankos
  6. Something else?

Anon #1: #6 Perhaps you could have excused yourself from table and when you returned, sat down just as gingerly as she did in order to see if they noticed.

The Marine's Wife: #2. That's just the way I roll, though.

Sara: Definitely #5. Be silent and grateful that the world is full of spankos. I would not want my privacy invaded and would assume the same of them. But it IS nice to know they walk among us! ;)

Six of the Best: I would have sauntered over to them and said,"Good morning, ladies. Your smiles and winces tell me that you have had a spanking good time. Am I correct?”

Meow: #5 I'd rather be unsure than embarrass them, but I'd like to think the world is full of "us."

Hermione: #4 and #5. I would probably be all ears in case they discussed the wincing, although that might be difficult if Ron and I were giggling over what we both imagined was the cause. I would never intrude on their privacy, but I would be delighted that we were seated beside kindred spirits.

Ronnie: It would be 4 followed by 5. I certainly would be straining my neck hoping to hear something, but then be grateful that the world is full of spankos.

Daisy: Definitely 5. If someone were to notice that of me, and comment loudly or ask me outright, I would be embarrassed, upset, and would have to leave immediately. I would consider it to be rude.

Scunge: 5 and 6. The something else would be Robert and I exchanging smiles and maybe a chuckle or two of the wink, wink, nudge, nudge variety! ;)

Keiter: In order, #5, then 4, followed by 1. I don't think I could restrain myself from saying something, particularly if there wasn't a wedding ring in evidence.

Make Mine Red: #4, #5 and #6 with the last being that if we both noticed, we would grin knowingly and whisper to each other.

Bree: #4 then #6 if I heard some spanko reason why she wasn't sitting comfortably. I would make some kind of spanko remark about ourselves to JC loud enough for only the women to hear. It might strike up a conversation, but I would never try to strike up a conversation unless the other party engaged first. I don't like to intrude on other people.

If it turned out that the woman wasn't sitting comfortably because of some vanilla reason - like they just came from exercising at the gym, then it would be #4 then #5.

Alice: #4 - I'm afraid I'm terribly inquisitive (read nosy) and I listen to other people's conversations all the time. I know, it's terrible behaviour, but it is one of my few flaws. :-) This would be a potentially a very interesting opportunity for eavesdropping.

Lea: #4 and #5 - I don't like talking to strangers.

Michelle Carlyle: I would have bugged their table and installed spyware so I could hear every single thing they said. But I wouldn't talk directly to them. Even though I'm one of those people who talks to EVERYONE everywhere I go. Still, how fun it would be to overhear that! I don't know any spankos and haven't run into any except here in cyberspace. I would be super tempted to drop the ladies the URL to my blog however!

Red: I would try to listen closely. If we were in a different part of the city and I heard a direct spanking reference, I might venture to add a spanko comment. Kindred spirits are always welcome in life. In addition, if we are seated that close, they know from hearing our conversation that theirs also can be overheard.

Kingspan: A couple of years ago, I was in a store and heard a man in the candy aisle say to his wife, "Ooh, can I have that, Mommy?" I probably wouldn't have thought any more about it, except that she blushed and hissed, "We are not doing that here!" I thought about saying something to let them know I didn't think it was strange, but realized that anything I said would embarrass her much more than if I just pretended I hadn't noticed.

So, #5. #4 would be tempting, but I'd try to be polite.

Prefectdt: I would love to say #1 and/or #2, but in a real life situation, I would probably do #4 and #5.

Dr. Ken: I'd probably try to overhear anything that might be a confirmation of my suspicions. Perhaps she just had a nasty fall. Maybe she had a shot from a recent doctor's visit.

Ultimately, I would probably just say nothing and smile to myself as I imagined the reason for her discomfort.

Anon #2: #6. I would realise that my own precious bottom was no longer tender from a recent spanking and head off home for my better half to re-kindle the smarting fire that usually burns in my plump rear!

S.N.M.: #2. "Man, this is a spanking good restaurant, innit?"

His First Mate: #4 and #5, but I really enjoyed this topic!

Anon #3: DH and I keep our spanking lifestyle to ourselves. I would go with #5 because I would be mortified if someone said something to me.

Bonnie: Here's what happened. Randy suggested that *I* try approach #1. He must think that being female somehow gives one a license to be rude. When I refused, he jokingly threatened #2. I asked him not to do that. In their place, I would be very uncomfortable. We settled for #5 and a bit of #4. We overheard no further spanko discussion.

Thanks, everyone, for being a part of our brunch!

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