Friday, July 29, 2011

Poll: MBS Blogrolls

Many readers tell me they enjoy exploring MBS's blogrolls. I've fiddled with them for years searching for the right mix of capabilities and ease of use. Since I just updated the chronological blogroll to include color-coded categories, this is probably a good time to ask for your opinion.

Which MBS Blogroll Do You Use?

Good and Hot (Chronological)
Kindred Spirits (Alphabetical)
Both Blogrolls
What's a Blogroll?


new subbie said...

I mainly use the Good and Hot blogroll. You do such a great service to those of us who are new in the spanking community. Thank you!!

baby girl said...

I like the Good and Hot because they show the most recent entries. Thanks!

Erica said...

I check the Good and Hot way more times than I care to admit! I like keeping up with the latest, and I discover new blogs to enjoy from there.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I regularly use Kindred Spirits, and it's my main route to other blogs, but if something in Good and Hot catches my eye, I'll pay that blog a visit.


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