Monday, June 27, 2011

Who Reads MBS? (Part One)

Very seldom do I spot a truly new blog feature, let alone invent one myself. But today I would like to introduce a concept I hope will evolve into a regular part of the blog. I'm always interested in learning more about you, the friends who read this blog. We've sorted through statistics, completed surveys, and collected comments many times before. There remains, however, one source of information I have not yet tapped.

I am delighted to have over 300 faithful followers. Thank you to everyone who has honored MBS in this way. Many of those followers have posted a brief bio. It occurred to me that those bios, taken together, paint a different picture of who is reading MBS on a regular basis. I've taken a line or two from ten randomly selected follower descriptions and assembled them below. I think this sample speaks to the wonderful diversity of our community.
  • Into women who want spankings, being tied up and dominated (bondage).

  • I see myself as an adventuring pirate of old stuck in the wrong century.

  • I love PC gaming, movies with space battles, sappy romantic comedies, cuddly animals, home-cooked meals, and the healing powers of a well-spanked bottom.

  • I want to tell you everything, whispering my confessions as I lie across your lap. I want butterflies, anxiety and comfort all wrapped in a passionate package and tied with a belt.

  • I am a thirty-something man who seeks to sprinkle on his vanilla life flakes of hot red pepper.

  • I'm a blissfully married woman, who at this exact moment may or may not be behaving. Mischievously learning to embrace my duties with a bit of extrinsic motivation.

  • Submissive male in a female-led relationship where corporal punishment is used to maintain discipline in our home.

  • I'm just a girl, exploring my sexuality and writing about it.

  • Married in 1996 to a beautiful, slightly younger lady who is full of fun and adventure.

  • An angel learning to be submissive and obedient wife to her king.
As we see, lots of interesting folks read MBS. And all of you are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

So Bonnie, what's the new feature? You writing about the interests of your followers? For a moment there I thought you were introducing some sort of survey of readers interests.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Bonnie said...

Karl - The new feature is readers introducing themselves in their own words. I think it provides a different perspective on our community.

PapaWoodie said...

Hey, I resemble that remark!!!

Wow! I'm shocked, touched, delighted, honored, and amazed...

That one line sounded so familiar, I had to dig up my own profile
to see if it was any one I might be.

And no doubt I'm probably (egotistically) overlooking the
'random" part of the selection process....

Perhaps it was just the big paddle I'm
wielding (?) in the profile pic...

Thanks, Bonnie! My day, my week, my month, has been made!

Pretty cool, creating so accurate a profile of all us fans and
devotees. I'd guess we are all, at least on two or three points,
sufficiently ID'd by this post.

Stormy said...

Neat idea!

I'm just a girl who loves a boy. He's very very dominant so I gave him my submission so he could be the man he was born to be. I'm not naturally submissive and (gasp) I don't like to be spanked. But our marriage has seen miracles as a result of ttwd.

PapaWoodie said...

Reminds me of a story, involving a presumed mistaken identity. It too tells of spankings. And a "love story, told from a slightly different point of view", to borrow a line from Mr Buffett.

So, there was a recent news report here, of an (as yet) unidentified man who was being 'sought' after having been observed allegedly giving two lovely women a very thorough spankings on the beach of one our coastal islands.

Apparently, people on a boat, using strong binoculars, saw the scene taking place. The women were bent over a driftwood log, and the suspect was observed yanking down their bikini bottoms and striking them each "vigorously" with his hand and with a "paddle style implement." Obvious distress was seen from the recipients "squirming and dancing about", and the redness of the skin from the "assaults" was evident as it "fully obscured the area of the tan-lines."

As their skipper continued around the point of the island, visual contact was soon lost. The concerned passengers radioed the Coast Guard who alerted local police.

Late that afternoon, my wife, a friend and I, were enjoying icy tropical rum punch with our cheese burgers at a dockside pub. By coincidence, we happened to be seated next to a couple of officers on dinner break.. Hearing of the incident, we were a mixed jumble of shock and giggles.

Although we knew the two officers well enough to chat, I wasn't too comfortable with theit calculating suspicious glances.

Naturally, and in all innocence, I began to inquire for details. After getting the where and when information, I asked for the physical description of this ruffian.

Though it was hard to be precise from a quarter mile off-shore, he was estimated to be about six foot tall. I'm over six foot two. The report stated he was stocky and "of an athletic build." I'm somewhat in shape, manly for my size. Of the women it was only reported one was wearing a yellow side tie bottom, the other a red skimpy bikini.

Looking the badged guys bravely in the eyes, I asked,"Was this guy sporting a shaved head?"

"Don't know. He was wearing a hat," one of them said.

With my Panama fedora on the chair beside me, I asked, "Did he have a beard?"

"We think so," the second officer replied.

Stroking my hairy jaw, I inquired, "Well, did they say whether he was wearing glasses?"

"Yep, they noticed the glint off the gold frames."

"Hmmm..." I'm pondered, sliding my specs back along the bridge of my nose. "Any description of the two women?"

"Not really... At least nothing useful. Though the view was, and I quote, 'spectacular,' any identification would be limited to their backsides. They were facing away and bent over for the duration."

Kaye and Lisa looked relieved and embarrassed and nervous, all at the same time.

"So, what was he wearing?"

"We're told he was wearing yellow swim shorts and an orange tee shirt."

My wife plucked at the sleeve of my lurid Hawaiian shirt. "Well, at least we know it wasn't you!"

Even the officers chuckled and grinned, as they stood to leave. "Really," one mentioned with a smile, "there's nothing we can do about it anyway, unless one of the women involved chooses to file charges."

The other, with a wink, added he wouldn't mind examining the evidence, if it weren't for some pesky regulations.

Sharing good humor, my two delicious companions seemed once again to relax and enjoy themselves. "Thank goodness for obeying regulations," Lisa giggled.


I was just glad we had all changed into dry clothes for dinner on the patio, overlooking another spectacular sunset across the water of the low-country. We look forward to our weekly visit to our favorite 'dockside pub and kayakers hangout,' "Spanky's Paddle Inn."

Anonymous said...


Loved the story!


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, I just feel so delightfully, comfortable, as a 'spanking enthuiast lurker,', amongst my fellow 'spanko' friends'. Because they have all brought me such pleasure and joy.

PapaWoodie said...


Why thanks, very much.

Papa's always seem to have
good stories...

Anonymous said...


I forgot to leave an fixated on PapaWoodie's story;)!

Daddy is my husband and I'm trying to be more submissive to him...he's always been in charge, but at times I resist with a vengeance.

I asked Daddy if he would spank me when he thought I needed a punishment. At first he wasn't too keen on the idea. I think he was afraid I'd call the police if I got mad. I promised him I'd never do that.

Now, when he wants to spank me and the kids are around or not, he gets this gleam in his eyes and I know he's wanting to spank me, even if he can't say because of an audience.

It almost always ends up being foreplay for sex, which I don't mind;)!


Spanked Army Wife said...

Im just a woman in a dd relationship with her husband of eight years, who writes spanking fiction on the side.

Emily Winters said...

erm...i did mention the great sex, right?

angelin said...

The last one sounds familiar :))

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Bravo for coming up with a new topic that has prompted such interesting comments. You have a wide range of readers with an interesting assortment of ways of describing their love of spanking.

Are you intending to share some of the frankly vanilla profiles in another post?


Anonymous said...

I'm an abnormal mother in a normal world, trying to get spanked for any reason at any time.

Bonnie said...

PW - That was you, wasn't it? :D

Stormy - Thanks! That's an excellent bio.

PW - A story in the comments! Another innovation. Thanks!

Kitty - Welcome, and thank you for the introduction.

Six - "Delightfully comfortable" is precisely what we seek here. :)

SAW - Hi! I really like your blog.

Emily - Yes, you always do... :D

Angelin - I imagine it does have a familiar ring. I'm glad you're here.

Hermione - They are amazing, aren't they? No one seems to believe that I chose these bios at random, but I did. I made a list, selected every Nth item, and then mixed the order a little bit. In the coming weeks, I plan to share more.

Anon - Well, you certainly belong among this crowd. Welcome!

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