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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 5

Our topic of the week inquired whether a spanker's hand hurts less than, the same as, or more than a spankee's bottom. Here are your thoughts.

Morningstar: I think it has a lot to do with the spanker's hand and how "tough" it is. I have had a number of different people spank my ass by hand. Only one person said his hand didn't hurt afterward. In most of my spankings, the hand gives out before my ass (cheeky grin).

Xantu: Oh, Master complains. He says sissy things like my bottom is hard. Hard? But I am not buying it. There is no question that my ass hurts worse than his hand. I know this because I have often offered to switch places with him and he has never once taken me up on that offer.

Uncle Nick: The palm tingles after a good walloping, but nowhere near as much as the bottom that has just been corrected. It isn't that tingling which leads me to bring a spanking to a close. Rather, it is that my arm invariably starts to ache and grow tired from all of the exertion.

Raven Red: I believe that Uncle Nick's hand is made out nothing else than iron. There is NO way that his hand can even come close to what my bottom is feeling after he has gotten hold of it.

After reading his comment here, I think I will propose a game of squash or tennis before the spanking. Maybe that would assist with the arm tiring thing, and cause a less ouchy bottom afterward.

Six of the Best: If I use my hand to spank my naughty lady, I find it would soon hurt my hand, so I switch to my old-reliable cane.

Rob: My spouse starts with her hand, but after a few minutes, she says it stings too much and switches to some other implement (typically the paddle) to finish up.

CurtisG: I am a switch. But I only use my hand as a spanker and I only let my partner use her hand when spanking me. Since my approach is to deliver (and receive) stinging pleasure, the level of spanking as a spanker very much depends on my partner's desires. Most of the time, it's at a level that I can go all day and night without damage to my hand. But I did play with a woman who wanted to be spanked very hard. After about twenty minutes, I developed a blister on my hand -- long before she was sated.

Hermione: I would expect that the pain is the same for both parties. The only difference is that the spankee seeks that pain, while for the spanker it is a necessary evil. It's hard to say for certain since everyone perceives pain differently.

When a spanking continues for some time, my bottom becomes dulled to the pain and doesn't hurt as much. I don't know if that same numbing effect would happen to a hand. Ron sometimes complains about hurting his hand on my bottom, but lengthy spankings are done with implements, so I can't ask him whether his hand hurts more or less with increased duration.

Michelle Carlyle: I have no idea because I've never spanked anyone. Do I care? No. I want what I want. I think I'll tell Hubby this. I think a saucy look in my eye combined with a nasty grin and the words, "I don't care if your hand hurts, suck it up," should earn me an extra good whacking. HEEEE! I'm a baaaad girl.

Kingspan: One of the things I enjoy about spanking with my hand rather than an implement is the shared sensation. However, I think the bottom gets the much larger share of the sting, despite the old cliche that "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you."

Michael: I would say it depends on the individuals involved. For example, a spankee like Erica Scott with her bionic butt, as Devlin O'Neill has christened it from personal experience, can wear out the most ardent spanker's hand.

I would say Season's bottom hurts more than my hand because after a while my hand numbs up and while I can still feel the spanks, they no longer hurt my hand. This kind of makes it like the Energizer Bunny where I can go on, and on, and on...

Jean Marie: I have a JLo/Kim Kardasian bubble butt that can take a lot of spanking. My lover has a touch of arthritis in his hands, although he's a youthful man in his 50's. We both like hand spankings over using implements for the mutuality of the experience (though I get it with implements frequently too). All that said, Keiter is a maniac, who can always spank me into submission (pun intended). His hand wins out over my backside every time, and I love what his hand does to my bottom!

Daisy: My bottom definitely hurts more than Davey's hand! One time, he spanked me with just his hand, and I had quite beautiful bruises that lasted several days. His hand was fine! We don't usually like bruises, but there was a particular purpose to that spanking and I was therefore quite proud of them!

DD: BBH has never complained about his hand hurting, even long after I've said my bottom does! He normally changes to an implement after the warm up, so he probably doesn't have to worry about any tenderness on his palm.

Bree: It depends upon the spanker's use of the hand, intensity and duration. It also depends upon the spanker's strength in their hands, how big their hands are and what they actually do with their hands for a living. I can go pretty hard and long into a spanking with the hand. I have never had anyone who has spanked me say their hand was tired. It also depends upon the soreness of the bottom before the spanking starts. I have only given in once. I was too sore to have agreed to be spanked. That has never happened again.

As a spanker, my hand has never hurt, but my arm usually does after a while. It's a good thing that I can spank with both hands. Hehe.

All in all, if the technique of the spanker is correct for that particular bottom, the bottom will definitely hurt more.

Lea: I'd say my bottom hurts much more than the top's hand does. I'm not a very hard player, so I am usually worn out before they have the chance to do much damage to their hand. But I don't really have much sympathy for a top with a sore arm/hand anyway. :-P

Mockingbird: Pssht! I'm in so much pain at the end that I never even think about *his* hand. I'm pretty sure my bottom hurts worse.

Prefectdt: I can answer from both sides of the coin.

I think it very much depends upon the spanker and what they do with their hands in normal life. I have been hand spanked by women who could go on forever and seemed to suffer no ill effects to their palms. I have been spanked by other women who had to give it up for a toy after less than five minutes as their hands where very sore.

I do not switch often, but when I do I have no great ill effects from giving an extended hand spanking. Many years of horticulture have left me with palms that have been compared to leather on a few occasions.

Emily Winters: I've never spanked anyone. But I sure would like to! Any volunteers?

You know that saying, “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” All I can say is that I hope so, because I have had some seriously painful hand spankings. Those glancing swats are designed to sting. The more thuddy ones sink in way down deep. Of course, I have a tiny bum so that could explain it. At any rate, I have to admit to a certain feeling of satisfaction when I see Nigel wringing his hand during and after a particularly lengthy one! Hehe

Season: Here's an experiment to try. Smack your bare bottom with your own hand. Which stings more? In my case, my hand hurts more. Maybe I just have a wimpy hand. It's a good thing that I'm not a top! *grin*

Pink: He's never spanked me until he was crying, so I'm going to have to go with "the butt hurts more."

Bonnie: We've learned on numerous occasions that Randy's hand gives out long before my bottom. The difference is, I believe, that my posterior real estate is considerably larger than the surface area of his hand. As a result, he strikes the same spot on my seat only maybe once in every six or eight strokes. His hand, however, feels all of them.

Once the implements come out, however, any advantage I might have disappears immediately.

Thank you all for participating in our brunch. I hope to see you again next week!

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Thomas_III said...

For me, it depends on the bottom. I've spanked a few girls with exceptionally hard backsides, and my hand just didn't seem to be able to make a dent in them. There was one girl whose cheeks were like spanking two basketballs.

In most cases, though, the girl's bottom is going to hurt worse than my hand. I can spank all night long, but a girl's bottom can only last so long.

On a side note, thank you, Bonnie, for updating my blog links. It really annoys me that they added that "adult warning" page before my blog. It made it necessary for me to look into making a new one, though.

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