Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fifty Reasons to Ask Your Husband or Boyfriend to Spank

One of the most popular MBS posts ever was a list entitled Fifty Reasons to Spank Your Wife or Girlfriend. According to my statistics, it has been viewed over 322 thousand times since April, 2007.

I've never worried too much about people borrowing my ideas, especially when I'm the one doing the borrowing. So, in this spirit of creative cloning, I present a new companion list directed at our interested but reluctant spankees.
  1. It's an activity you can enjoy together

  2. It's fun to have a secret passion

  3. Many spanking implements can double as unique decorations

  4. His expression of manliness is a real turn-on

  5. Lots of real people enjoy this kink (look at the blogroll --->)

  6. It only hurts for a while, then it's sexy!

  7. It's nice to follow rather than lead once in a while

  8. His hand. Your bottom. Enough said.

  9. You'll never feel more connected as a couple than after a spanking and lovemaking

  10. Spanking is the perfect foreplay

  11. Every once in a while, it's good to be bad

  12. You've been interested for years and this feeling isn't likely to go away

  13. This is a way to show him how deep your trust runs

  14. You can at long last share your wildest dreams and fantasies

  15. He can help you bring those fantasies to life

  16. If there is sex involved, he won't say no

  17. You can share your discoveries and triumphs in this wonderful cyber-spanko community

  18. It's fun to tease

  19. You can go toy shopping together

  20. Like many activities, spanking is even better when you're naked

  21. The warm feeling afterward is fantastic

  22. There are lots of blogs and sites to help him understand this interest of yours

  23. It can be another delicious flavor of lovemaking

  24. Don't you love his commanding voice?

  25. Many spanking positions are also fine lovemaking positions

  26. Maybe he'll ask you to sign the paddle

  27. It's fun to go out on the town with a secret glow

  28. Speaking of glow, a slow, sensuous spanking by candlelight is amazing

  29. There's no good reason to put this off any longer

  30. You can surprise him by dressing up for your spankings

  31. Spanking Poker sounds like a good time

  32. It's fun to check in the mirror afterward

  33. Lots of cool people are into spanking

  34. It's an aerobic exercise

  35. Pink is so your color

  36. It's exciting to unleash his inner beast

  37. This can be a shared learning experience

  38. That knowing look while in a public place is the best

  39. When you give him that little hip shake, he'll know exactly what you mean

  40. Adult spanking when done properly is quite safe

  41. Spankings can be a tremendous stress reliever

  42. It's fun to experiment and discover what you like

  43. Snuggling has never been better

  44. This innovation could open a whole new chapter in your relationship

  45. Get your money's worth out of that hairbrush

  46. Best pillow talk ever

  47. He might surprise you in a very good way

  48. Every time you sit afterward, you'll be reminded of his wicked touch

  49. Those romance novel heroines always appreciated a good spanking

  50. If you've read this far, you must truly want to be spanked

If you're now convinced, I invite you to browse some of our tutorials in preparation for sharing your secret. Good luck and happy spankings!


kiwigirliegirl said...

love it love it love it - i agree with every single one of them.

Lea said...

Great list!

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

You've convinced me! Spankings are good. (Okay, I already knew that.)

I think I'll leave a Sharpie pen on top of the toybox, in case he asks me to sign his paddle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

I'm showing this list to Daddy:)!


ronnie said...

Great list Bonnie, thanks.


sixofthebest said...

The one and only answer to all these 50 worthwhile reaon's, is for the couple, to have a 'spanking good time'.

Anonymous said...

"It's an activity you can enjoy together."

"This innovation could open a whole new chapter in your life."

Both oh so true. I would add: You might learn a naughty secret about yourself!

Spanked Army Wife said...


Hermione said...

Wow! Bonnie, you've been double-Chrossed!


Daisychain said...

Heehee, love it! xxxxxxxxx

Daisychain said...

And I SOOOOOOOOOO love the look of that leather implement...would love to try that one! xxx

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL list. Love love love it.

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