Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 22

Our question of the week was as follows.

It has been one week since you last spanked or were spanked, what are your feelings?
  1. I'm thrilled that I spanked/got spanked just a week ago!
  2. I'm proud that I've made it through an entire week without needing to spank/be spanked
  3. I'm glad because that last week's spanking was horrible for both of us
  4. I'm confused because I thought we would be spanking more often
  5. I'm disappointed because I miss our spankings
  6. I'm anxious because we've had no stress relief
  7. I'm apathetic because we haven't had our motivational sessions
  8. I'm unhappy because we didn't get what we need to function as a couple
  9. I feel none of these because this schedule is normal for us
  10. I feel something else...

Here are your responses.

Sara: I think I will go with 8. I'm unhappy because we didn't get what we need to function as a couple.

We have a whole lot of work stress and family stress going on all at once, and while I think (?) I was spanked maybe four or five days ago, there's no spanking able to happen for the next few days. It's become such an important tool for connection for us, and it's hard when we can't do what we need to.

I hope YOU get what you need soon!

Six of the Best: If I don't spank a naughty lady on the bare bottom once a week, I feel my week was a loss. But I try my best to double the pleasure the following week. This jumps my sexual erotic pleasure greatly.

Hedone: Up until the last ten days or so, I was not getting regular spankings. I craved them. My partner wanted to spank me badly but our situation, timing, and commitments left us no time. I would go for two or three weeks without a spanking. So I will answer based on those feelings. Now I get a spanking two or three times a week. KinkyGent would like to spank me daily.

My answer is 8. I'm unhappy because we didn't get what we need to function as a couple.

Steel Rose: Work, life and other commitments have interfered with spanking. This isn't the end of the world, because I'm learning that DD is so much more than spanking when a few words from him brings obedience. But still, I would say I'm a 6. I'm anxious because we've had no stress relief.

Nick: 9. Our schedule is varied, but a week between spankings for the girl is about a minimum. The last time was Thursday. The next time I see her will be Thursday. The girl is worth waiting for. I just need to find a way for the pain to last all week. :)

Rogue: For me, it's a combination of 6) anxious because I've had no stress relief which leaves us both 8) unhappy we didn't get to function as a couple.

Velvet: It's a combination of 5 and 9 for me. 9 applies because we rarely see each other more than once a week and spanking may not be in the cards when we do meet as we enjoy lots of other fun things too. 5 applies because although it's normal for us to be apart, I still feel disappointed as I love the physical contact. I miss both him and the spanking.

Uncle Nick: I would probably feel pleased that I had a quiet week without madam being her usual provocative self.

Raven Red: It's number 10 for me.
I had a paddling last week - and I fear the paddle the most. So I am relieved that it is over. Because it is attached to a diet, I am already panicking about not making my target this week. I truly do not want to be paddled again soon.

Hermione: I would say 9. This schedule is normal for us, and also 1 because I'm thrilled that I got spanked just a week ago. I'm looking forward to the next one which will happen very soon.

Anon #1: It's about time for another spanking! :)

S.N.M.: Well, that certainly made my week. Let's see if we can try for at least twice over the next seven days.

Just a Girl: Although this schedule is rather normal for us, it makes me pout and we try to get together more often. When it is a week or more, I am a combination of 5) disappointed and pouty, 6) because I feel lost without his physical control and 8) because we connect so well.

I'm heading into another period of drought that may last more than a week and I'm already anxious. Boo!

Daisy: I am afraid its 9 and 10 for me. We are still living in different countries, so 9 is the one. As a result, I also feel disconnected, lonely, sad, and adrift. But I hang onto the hope that it will not be too much longer... within another year?

Jean Marie: #11 I feel something else - intense grief for the unexpected death of my dear lover. He spanks me almost every night as a prelude to sex. If I have a late after-school activity, and we can't squeeze in a brief tanning and a quickie, we make up for it the next night with a barn-burner of a session. I'm a lucky, happy girl who is convinced that sitting comfortably is vastly over-rated.

JM, our hearts go out to you in your time of loss. May the search you now begin lead to peace and closure.

Lea: 1. I'm thrilled that I got spanked just a week ago! 5. I'm disappointed because I miss our spankings. And this week I'm really feeling 6. I'm anxious because we've had no stress relief.

Mockingbird: It's definitely 6. I get very anxious and moody if I go a whole week without my husband spanking me. It's a huge stress relief for him too.

Anne: 6, definitely 6. I find I need the stress relief that a spanking gives both of us. I asked him last night when he thought he might spank me again, but he was very non-comittal. :-(

Make Mine Red: It would mostly be #5 "I'm disappointed because I miss our spankings" for me. That definitely sums it up. I like two to three a week, so once a week is disappointing and I definitely miss it!

Bree: Number 1 for me.

Anon #2: I would worry that my partner found another woman to spank! So when I next saw her, I would have to confront the bitch.

Ronnie: It would be a combination of number 5 and 8 for me.

Pink: Mine is a combination of 1 and 9. I'm thrilled that I was spanked just a week ago, but also that it's normal for us. I won't ever take my relationship for granted. I always feel fortunate to have been spanked, and look forward to the time that D and I can be together. Would I like it more? Of course! But it's just not possible, with our distance and schedules.

Prefectdt: I have to go with number 1. Spankings do not happen that often for me. Four times in a year is pretty average. More than that and I am a very happy bunny indeed. One week is not all that long and usually I have played hard enough to still feel a few twinges when I sit after only one week, which is nice.

Michelle Carlyle: 5) I waaaannnnnaaa be spanked! Where is he? Actually, I was on vacation with my cousin, he's been working hard and playing hard. But not fucking me hard. BUMMER. Soon, hopefully, and definitely something to look forward to. Yay! Sex and spanking in my future! (wish is was NOW)

Anon #3: I totally miss it when I don't get my spanking so I'll go with #5. Having my bare bottom over his knee and feeling the much needed discipline is what I crave. The long lasting twinges that go on all evening are even better. Reminds me why I was over his knee in the first place.

Bonnie: Sometimes I forget that my dear husband, Randy, reads this blog. He decided that my answer should be changed to #11 – Not applicable. And so it is...

Thanks for joining us again. I hope to see you all next weekend!

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Emily Winters said...

Couldn't comment during brunch time, and kind of glad now that I didn't. I didn't realize that so many of us were in the same boat with being separated from our spankers/spankees, and the missing them that comes along with it.
Never got permission to do it, but I did get spanked on Saturday night by a friend, who I may be calling more often, because the stress relief was unreal. Nothing points out how much you NEED to be spanked like NOT BEING spanked!

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