Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 15

Our question of the week concerned the single most appealing aspect of adult spanking. Here are your responses.

On Her Knee: The closeness that I feel to My Fine Lady cannot be equaled in any other fashion. It just doesn't get any better.

Six of the Best: For me, the most important part is spanking a naughty woman's bare bottom. The other enjoyable aspect is the way she is dressed. I love seeing her wearing a pair of Directoire knickers, such that when they are pulled down, her naked rear end is encased in a garter belt and stockings.

Mockingbird: I love knowing that I won't scare him away if I get in a argumentative or impatient (i.e. bitchy) mood as I have with other people in my life. It doesn't turn into a huge argument like in my other relationships. He will just tell me to bend over and spank me to correct my behavior.

Raven Red: There are so many moments, but if I am honest with myself, I think it is that moment when I am pulled over his lap - that split second when I realise that I am under his control. There is nothing else I can do or say, that will ever reduce that moment.

Michelle Carlyle: It's all sexual for me, baby. Aside from all the trappings and set-up, I love the actual spanking. I love the way it feels and the way my body responds to a good whacking. I love coming from being spanked. I love the whole thing!

Little Monkey: Plain and simple, it's the sensation. My bottom is every bit as sensitive to touch as any of my other parts. Soft gentle touch, hard harsh touch, it all does it for me. A big warm solid hand (or any other part for that matter) and the smooth hot skin of my bottom, they were made for each other, Baybee!

Hermione: This is a deceptively simple question, and not easily answered. I think that the best thing about it is actually realizing my deepest desire and having my fantasies come to life. It is the time when the part of me that I must keep hidden from the rest of the world is set free. I feel safe and secure sharing my secret self with the man who spanks and loves me.

Prefectdt: Guiltily I have to admit it is the high of subspace and/or the endorphin rush. Oh well, it is better than being a heroine addict I suppose.

Sara: I think the very best part is the emotional connection that spanking creates between us.

S.N.M.: I'll parrot some of the others and say that my favorite part of spanking is the spanking itself. The physical sensations, hormonal surges, and emotional gratification all form one inseparable unit.

Lea: There isn't just one thing I can pick. The power exchange is high on the list though. The feeling of someone else being in charge, being able to submit, allowing me to get that emotional release. To echo what Sara wrote, the connection I feel with the spanker is also important.

Velvet: For me, it is the impact, the tingle, and the sting. I just love that feeling, and the longer it lasts the better...

DD: I agree with Hermione on the deceptively simple question...

I enjoy the anticipation and trepidation of an imminent spanking. I love the endorphin/adrenaline rush during a spanking, although I may not like self same spanking very much. I adore the knowledge that I am completely loved that comes afterward.

Uncle Nick: I enjoy taking a fully grown woman and reducing her to the level of a naughty little girl in her own mind!

Xantu: It is the quick, simple communication, the message that he is in control, in charge and I need to remember that.

Nick: I like the red hand prints, the cries and having easy of access.

Emily Winters: Choose one? How could I possibly choose one? It's absolutely impossible. There's control, pain, closeness, and the sexy sex afterward. These questions are getting too hard. I think I need to start eating elsewhere at the weekend! Ha ha

Curtis: I favor arousal and emotional connection. The first happens often. The second is more rare, but it geometrically increases the satisfaction.

She: I love the closeness it brings. If it doesn't achieve some sort of amazing mutual connection/feeling, then it wasn't worthwhile for me. I want to feel closer to the spanker after the spanking ends.

Anon: I love the role reversal! I am the bossier person normally, so having him get the upper hand, literally, is sexy and fun -- for both of us.

Our Bottoms Burn: We love reconnecting with each other in a most sexual way.

Pink: I prefer the steamy, hot sex afterward. Although I enjoy sex without spanking, it is incomparable after a nice bottom roasting.

Of course, this simplifies things quite a lot. I'm cutting out the anticipation, the relinquishing of control, the sensations, and skipping right to the end. But if it didn't turn me on, I wouldn't do any of it.

Michael: While there is a disciplinary element to our relationship, one of my favorite aspects of spanking Season is the sexiness and sensuality of our encounters. There is so much more involved - control, submission, emotions, psychology, to name a few - but a major part of spanking for us is the eroticism.

Jane: I love lying across his lap, feeling his dominance. There's also the vaguely sore bottom that reminds me of our connection when we're apart.

Ronnie: I'd say for me it's the closeness and the reconnecting that spanking brings.

Jean Marie & Keiter: We agree with Emily that it simply cannot be broken down, much less reduced to just one primary aspect. From the anticipation beforehand to the pillow talk after make-up sex following, we LOVE it ALL!

Dr. Ken: It's hard to say. There's an appeal to all aspects. I guess I go with the feeling of control, of taking charge of a naughty lady and turning her over my knee for a well-deserved bottom warming. I also like knowing that she trusts me enough to do this.

Daisy: I love the confirmation that I am loved, that I am answerable to him, that I must submit, that I must obey, that he finds me sexy, and that he WANTS to help me communicate more effectively. Oh, but mostly, it's that deep, determined, no-nonsense, sexy voice that conveys all these things.

Bonnie: My answer echos Sara and several others. A good spanking with all the trimmings leaves both us of feeling very connected. It strengthens and renews the bond between us as nothing else can.

Thank you all for your great answers!

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