Sunday, May 01, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 1

Our question this week dealt with the definition of the word, “Spanko.” Here are your thoughts.

Hermione: A spanko is someone who derives sexual pleasure from the act of spanking. It may include giving spankings, receiving them, seeing them, reading about them, other spanking-related activities, or all of the above.

Uncle Nick: I don't like the term, but then again I don't like being called a dom or a top because that suggests that I am akin to an actor playing a role and I am not. That caveat aside, a spanko is a chap who upends women when they need taking in hand. Next question please!

James: Hermione said it perfectly. There's nothing else to say. I guess it's the same for males as females. We all have that common bond. Great question, great answer!

On Her Knee: Hermione describes it well. The only thing I would add is that a spanko is someone who's brain runs to different, interesting and possibly wild tangents when we hear the word 'spanking.' We consider it to be far more than what one sports team gave to another with a lopsided score.

morningstar: A spanko, for me, is someone who enjoys receiving a spanking on occasion. To be truthful, until I started to look for definitions, I didn't realize there were "spankos" in the world.

I guess (in my warped mind) a spanko enjoys an over the knee spanking and nothing more (in the way of pain, I mean).

Jean Marie: Hermoine said it concisely for me. I hope no one has to feel isolated and alone in this fetish anymore, as I once did before discovering this community. Go spankos!

Xantu: There's not a lot to add. This is not a term I use often... Spankable, spankish, spankisms, spanktastic, spanker, spankee... We need to create a whole new lexicon.

Six of the Best: I agree with Hermoine 100% percent.

Ronnie: I can't really add anything. Hermione said it perfectly for me.

Daisy: Yup. Hermione answered it pretty comprehensively! Though I don't compartmentalise what we do by giving it a name. I feel that I am just an ordinary, normal person, not a "spanko."

I actually don't consider spanking to be a fetish or anything like that. It is just an activity/way of life that brings a couple closer and more intimate with each other, and strengthens the bond of trust and communication. What's kinky about that?

Raven Red: Oh, that would be me! Hermione basically got it all down. However, typical me, I even found the "formal" definition on Wikipedia (GRIN):

Spankos - Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties.


Spanko - A person with a fetish for spanking, usually but not exclusively sexual.

Prefectdt: As a (mostly) non-sexual player, I have to disagree that it always has to be about sexual pleasure (OK, I'll admit that I'm in it for the endorphins). I think that my definition goes like this.

A Spanko is anyone who derives any sort of pleasure from giving or receiving spankings or other sorts of corporal punishment between consenting adults.

Lea: I agree with Prefectdt. It's certainly not always sexual.

Michelle Carlyle: I'm deferring to Hermione.

Spanking Desire: I think I would define 'spanko' as someone who is into spanking, whether it be pleasurable or disciplinary.

Michael: Hermione and Prefectdt sum it up best. It is pleasure and fulfillment which satisfies physical, emotional or psychological needs in combinations unique to each individual.

Kingspan: Bonnie, I'm beyond flattered that you chose to use my question for your brunch topic.

Last week's question called to mind two women I dated long before I'd heard the word "spanko" (or the word internet, for that matter). "Sally" hated pain, but loved the idea of spankings. The quickest way to arouse her was to tell her how naughty she'd been and how I was going to have to punish her, or make up a story about someone else who needed a spanking. Foreplay often found her across my knee, pretending she was getting the hiding of her life while I gave her "spanks" that wouldn't hurt a fly. "Jane" was very physical, and liked an enthusiastic bite, pinch or very hard slap on the behind, but any suggestion of discipline or spanking squicked her completely.

Sally didn't enjoy having her bottom slapped. Jane did. Sally was a spanko. Jane wasn't. I had fun with both of them, however you categorize it. The biggest sex organ really is the brain.

Poppy: A spanko is someone whose heart beats faster when they hear the word "spanking" and somewhere mixed in with the excitement is anticipation.

Bonnie: I realize that many people don't like the word spanko. We did an entire brunch once dedicated to that topic. But I like it. It's a versatile word. Spanko can be a noun (she is a spanko) or an adjective (I love spanko blogs). It's generic enough to cover those who spank for sport, those who spank for discipline, and everyone in between

But what does it mean? Here's my take:

Spanko (n) – A person who is interested in and/or involved with consensual adult spanking.

Spanko (adj) – Relating to an interest in and/or involvement with consensual adult spanking.

Thank you, Kingspan, for contributing this question. Thanks to everyone else for adding your definitions.

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