Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bonnie Asks ...and You Respond

Thanks to everyone who contributed thoughtful, clever, unexpected, and humorous answers to my questions. Here are some of my favorites.

Question #1: Why do many men assume that all women with large, round bottoms must be into spanking and/or anal sex?

Answer #1 (Daisy): It has nothing to do with SIZE. If a woman has a bottom, men want to conquer it.

Too much conquering makes me sore!

Question #2: Does our spanking community contain a disproportionate number of very talented writers? If so, why?

Answer #2 (Raven Red): Being part of a community where your desires and fantasies are understood and appreciated makes writing easier.

Yes, it sure does...

Question #3: What is so humiliating about men wearing women's clothing?

Answer #3 (Emily): As long as they're happy, who cares?

That's an excellent point.

Question #4: Why do trolls attack some blogs/forums and not others?

Answer #4 (Dieseldiva): Trolls are just like the naughty child who repeatedly gets into trouble because any attention is better than no attention.

That's why the best way to get rid of a troll is to ignore them.

Question #5: I know there is a large segment of the spanko population that appreciates mature female spankees. However, this interest is rarely reflected in commercial spanking videos. Why?

Answer #5 (Emily): Because not everyone has been fortunate enough to see Erica Scott in her element.

If any video producers happen to be wandering through, please know there are lots of us who love to see energetic, intelligent quadragenarian and quintagenarian spankees (especially Erica!).

Question #6: Why do men (yes, more than one) want to buy my panties? Do they intend to wear them, frame them, or use them to strangle some sort of domestic poultry?

Answer #6 (Wordsmith): We all have our little hobbies, Bonnie. Any pink ones left?

I am wearing a pink cotton pair as I write this. But I still don't get it!

Question #7: Why would a top/dom think he can give orders to a bottom/sub who he doesn't even know?

Answer #7 (Erica): The short answer? Arrogance and inflated egos.

There seems to be a lot of that going around.

Question #8: Why are most spanko blogs authored by female bottoms? I've attempted to answer this question before, but it was pure speculation.

Answer #8 (Lea): I think women can be better at expressing their feelings and putting things into writing in order to make a blog enjoyed by many.

My speculation was along those lines.

Thanks, everyone, for making this concept worthwhile and fun!


Florida Dom said...

Re the panty question, some men have panty fetishes. They were known to steal them off clotheslines back in the day before dryers. It is not my thing but women's panties are a common enough fetish for some men.

I bet Bonnie, if you offered to sell your panties for a big number like $100 a pair, you would have takers.


Bonnie said...

FD - I've already had one guy offer me $100 per pair, so I'm sure you're right. I'm tempted, but still a bit creeped out.

Now, for $100,000, they can have my entire dresser and all its contents. :D

Florida Dom said...

Bonnie: Not surprised you got the offer. I'm curious now if you will get more offers. I wonder what number between $100 and $100,000 would tempt you enough to do it. LOL.


Bonnie said...

FD - Everyone has their price. I like my underwear, but I know where to buy more if need be.

Anonymous said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing these questions and answers.

As for the talented writing question, I really agree. I look at some of these blogs and they blow my mind. I can only hope that mine does the same for others.

I'm not sure about the size of a woman's bottom. Personally I prefer shape (baring in mind the zero hands-on experience I have with spanking).

The only thing that frustrates me with regards to the spanking community is how I'm at the low end of it. Well, that's not entirely true, but there are very few women who want to switch with an 18 year old. I've had interest from a couple women a few years older than me, but have not found somebody nearby. I've also had a 37 year old woman be interested in spanking me. I suppose it would be like her spanking a child? These experiences and opportunities are few and far between though.

I'll wait patiently and close my mouth now. :)


This is She. said...

I was once told by a man that once a man blogs, he becomes a 'writer'. Once this happens he loses his 'man card'.

So I'm guessing guys think they will be less of a man if they have a 'diary' and share it with the world.

I think that's silly, though.

Oh, men! What would we do without them? I wish more of them would start blogging. I'd like to hear what they have to say.

senorrose4 said...

@This is She--"What would (women) do without men?"--Anything they want and (probably better). LOL And THIS is from one man's point of view LOL

I enjoy your blog, Bonnie. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had been around for the last couple of days- these were great questions.
If I could add a couple of things, I will.
I think trolls are attracted to blogs were there are lots of comments sometimes. We have had three or four (of a specific type, not the screaming abuse type) and I think they choose our blog because we talk a lot so they can join in and play for a bit. Then they get all bonkers but now we spot them quickly and cut them off - they cause only a little damage.
Nick (on the previous thread) said that he suspects that people saying they are women may not be. Maybe there are a couple out there that pretend but in my experience, bloggers tend to be able to tell their story and have no money to gain- why say they are women if they are not. I think that (as Erica said and Raven) we just notice the good writers and we are lucky enough to have some really inspirational writers out there who are women. I don't want to take anything away from them and assume they are men.
I think these questions are all fantastic and I am sorry I missed them.

Emily Winters said...

Golly, Bonnie
So flattered you liked 2 of my answers! I just knew being a smart arse would pay off one of these days and earn me more than a spanking!
But seriously, I did mean what I said. I just have a rather funny way of showing it.

Daisychain said...

I feel like I won the lottery too, Emily!
Thanks, Bonnie! xxxxxxx

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, as to question number 5. I for one love to spank the bare bottoms of mature women. I have found it most satisfying, to pull down their panties, knicker's or bloomer's, and spank them with varies implements, including a paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, or cane.

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