Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ask Bonnie

You asked. I answered.

Question: How do you find all of those new blogs?

Response: I discover them in numerous ways including search engines, Blogger and Wordpress keywords, friends' links, people who friend or link me, and just dumb luck. Sometimes, bloggers make it easy for me by introducing themselves.

Question: Have you been spanked while actually wearing pantyhose?

Response: Actually, I have.

Question: I wonder if you can help me to understand the mind of the female spanko. What do you think about when your OTK and being hit by a paddle?

Response: I'm not qualified to speak for every female spanko, but I can share my experiences. When I am being paddled, my first thought is usually closely related to the pain in my backside. As the spanking progresses, I often get into a groove where I can ride the pain and not be overwhelmed by it. Eventually, sometimes, I can almost separate myself from it. Endorphins kick in and I can enjoy the experience. Spanking is inherently sexual for me. Even if I am not turned on during a spanking, I generally feel that way shortly afterward.

Question: I live in your town and I would love to get together for spanking and maybe more.

Response: While I appreciate your friendly overture, I am married, monogamous, and play exclusively with my husband. Sorry.

Question: do u chat????????

Response: No, I find it easier to converse in English.

Question: Ive noticed that blogs on your blog roll come and go. What's the deal with that?

Response: I will add any spanking-oriented blog to my blogroll provided that it's not purely commercial, spammy, extreme, graphic, or exploitative (in my opinion). Blogs that are not updated for two months generally lose their link. I try to restore links for bloggers who return, though I sometimes don't notice right away.

Question: Will you update my link?

Response: Certainly, with pleasure!

Comment: A very nice butt indeed

Response: Thank you

Question: i love to spank, but also......... to eat that phat ass. do you like your ass eaten? oh i'm so rude sorry, i'm _____, and must have you. i cant believe your in your 50's wow

Response: I'll bet you say that to all the girls...

Question: Are you by any chance from Buffalo?

Response: No, but we used to know a couple who raised bison.

Question: do you ever have a problem with creeps who find your blog?

Response: Not really. I've had remarkably little trolling. For whatever reason, they seem to be more fond of the DD blogs. I get the random rude comment or e-mail, but those become grist for Ask Bonnie.

Question: Do you think it hurts more to get spanked while bending over?

Response: Yes, in general, I think it does. When the skin is stretched tight, the padding beneath becomes less effective as protection.

Question: If I send you an [unsolicited] free copy of my new book, will you review it for your blog?

Response: Probably not. If the book is not primarily about consensual adult spanking, there's no chance it will be reviewed for MBS. If you do convince me to read it, I'm not going to take the time to review a book unless I can endorse it. I occasionally plug a book for a good friend, but that doesn't happen very often.

Comment: I'll bet your sexy panties smell like spring rain......

Response: You must live in a very strange climate

Question: Are there any artistic nude or semi-nude shots of you in your gallery?

Response: I don't go into the gallery unless I'm fully clothed.

Question: How can I learn which search words are used to find my blog?

Response: Install a counter on your blog. It's not very difficult and you will learn a lot about your audience and their preferences.

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Definately; my really tight bottom stings far more, but also arouses me sexually far more. If am not not bent over, I must be either standing or lyeing flat, and my slack bottom bounces and jiggles as it is spanked, but does not absorb the smarting heat, which it does when it is tight. My D just loves my bottom when it is bent over, and spends much time in thinking out new poses for me to adopt to get my cheeks even tauter. Clad in jeans, strained to splitting point with my head right down, bottom right up, makes a favourite target for one of his many paddles, and the thin material offers me no protection. On the bare I have to offer my rear in all sorts of odd poses, which enhance the sting, and are usually highly revealing, but very exciting. I just love hearing his words, "Bare your backside, Susan, bend over, and let's have that lovely bottom as tight as a drum". S.

Raven Red said...


Cannot decide which of the "gallery", "eat ass" or "sexy spring smelling panties" comments tickled me the most, however, but my imagination took a walk on the wild side. I am now stuck with the weirdest images in my mind...and people are really starting to look at me quite strangely - think it has to do with the fact that I every now and again, I blush - and giggle...



dublin.paolo said...


My Favourite...

"Question: do u chat????????

Response: No, I find it easier to converse in English."

Truly inspiring ;-)

ronnie said...

"Are there any artistic nude or semi-nude shots of you in your gallery?" Your answer to that made me smile.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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