Sunday, January 09, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jan 9

Our topic this time was visible panty lines. Here's what you think.

Michelle Carlyle: Hubby doesn't seem to care about me in any clothes. He prefers naked. I even tried to wear sexy pants (and since I refuse to wear thongs, I definitely display VPL), but he doesn't care. He doesn't even care if I wear a teddy or sexy underwear. He says they are all barriers "to the goodies."

Weave: VPL certainly interest me! Of course, it goes hand-in-cheek with the panty fetish, I guess. My wife has no interest, and would never knowingly "VPL" in public. She doesn't wear tight clothes, so it's almost never.

Sometimes when I'm wearing panties under men's clothes to work, I wonder whether women can *tell* by the lines (or that little horizontal gusset line at bottom) when I walk up the stairs! :)

Six of the Best: My fetish, along with my interest in spankings, has to do with a naughty lady wearing garter-belt and stockings. When they do this, it turns me on. This of course reflects the age when these feminine undergarments were popular.

Anon #1: I agree with Michelle. Hubby doesn't seem to care what I am wearing, as long as it's easy to remove.

Daisy: It's the same here. Davey prefers, on the rare occasions we are together, that I stay naked! We both prefer to be au naturelle, actually, so we tend to keep the curtains shut and not bother with clothes!

B'Man: "Regulation" panties for us are bikini-style. I am not a thong man at all. Naked is fine, but I like the titillation of my partially dressed, bikini-pantied woman. I prefer to see her panties on (and pastel) rather than off (and black). She's not even allowed to say the word "underwear."

They're panties.

Needless to say, VPL is a bikini man's dream come true.

Sassy Cheeks: I am not a fan of VPL. In fact, it's kind of a pet peeve of mine. LOL I'm not even sure why, but I make sure I never have visible panty lines. My husband doesn't care either way.

Make Mine Red: VPL are not one of our likes at all. I like sexy lingerie and costumes, but the hubby just prefers me naked. We do both like my bottom red. Does that count? LOL

There's certainly nothing wrong with that!

Jam: My husband loves panty lines and tan lines as well. He thinks it frames his desired target... my bottom.

Xantu: I never thought about it. So I asked. Master says, "Yes, very much. Yes, on the right ass." He declared my ass to be prime VPL territory. I will be reaching for the bikinis more often now. That's nice to know.

Hermione: I asked my husband for his thoughts on VPL. He said that it doesn't matter whether they show or not. He knows there's underwear underneath, so why try to hide the fact? I've never been concerned about panty lines showing, so I am guilty of displaying them in public.

Underling: Did someone say panties? :)

Yes, I love them and I think a lot of spankos do. I guess as a fetishist, I'm allowed to be particular. So my vote is for bikini style. VPL does appeal to me as well, as does underwear slightly visible through translucent fabric. I suppose it's because it's a kind of tease, albeit unwitting (or is it always?)

I can well understand why women wear thongs, especially under clingy clothing, but personally I'm not a fan. I'm lucky in that none of my girlfriends have been either!

Our Bottoms Burn: The first time I heard the term VPL was in a Woody Allen Movie. That dates me. Now I find it's a fetish. I seldom see it, but on the right bottom, it sure does attract my eyes. Because I am bottom man and it outlines the bottom, I like VPL.

Yes! The first time heard the term was when Woody Allen used it in the movie Annie Hall.

Sara: I always thought VPL were something to be carefully avoided. I didn't ask, but suspect my husband would agree... unless we're at home and it's a private showing!

Suzanne: There's always something quite charming about having my sissy husband's VPLs showing. Even more exciting is the visibility of her darker or print colored panties through light translucent fabric :)

Anon #2: As a straight man, yes, I enjoy VPL on ladies. As a panty submissive to my wife, I have, on occasion, had my panties showing over the top of my jeans. My wife enjoys it when my panties are exposed. On some days when she wants me to be thinking about an upcoming spanking, I have to wear bikini panties that are two sizes too small. They make a nice, red outline on my bottom, "perfect" for aiming her paddle.

Love4her: I love VPLs. I liked them long before I had spanking fantasies or desires. My wife and I have never really discussed it. I guess that is because I am cursed with other fetish desires that fall into her "no interest, not understood or disgusted with" categories.

I guess this one could be unoffensive enough to entertain. But then again, it could be considered a "gateway drug" to the other fetishes.

Prefectdt: I think that you would have to put me in the "Not really bothered one way or another" section where it comes to women with VPLs. However, I always wear boxer or trunk type underwear myself to avoid having male VPLs.

Pink: I avoid VPL's almost as much as I avoid wearing white shoes (I have this innate distaste for white shoes worn with darker clothing).

However, I sometimes wear lower rise jeans with panties that sit higher on the hip so that when I raise my arms, a thin strip of enticing panties shows just beneath my belly button. It's a flirty move I save for his eyes only. I guess this wouldn't be VPL, just VP -- visible panties. I should sooo be spanked.

Beth: I think I'm too preppy for VPLs. This probably isn't exclusive to me, but I don't like seeing anyone's underwear (including boxers on dudes) in public. I like looking put together -- although I'm not saying I do all the time because I'm sitting here in a messy ponytail and stretchy pants -- so VPLs kinda go against my rules of fashion. But hey, if it floats someone's boat and I'm not "forced" to look at it, then to each his/her own.

Bonnie: As I mentioned, Randy adores VPLs on any woman's bottom, and especially on mine. He loves shapely bottoms and panties are the ideal decoration. I feed his hunger by choosing snug fitting slacks and skirts in light hues. He actually buys a lot of my panties. He favors styles that carve that distinctive V across my cheeks. He also likes to be able to see the rainbow arc of a gusset seam.

As for me, I don't mind. I enjoy accommodating my husband's wishes. It's no real secret that I wear underwear beneath my clothes.

There is one other type of VPL that Randy considers a major turn-on. After my panties come down in preparation for a spanking or sex, those telltale lines often remain as indentations on my skin. He likes to trace those lines with his finger or an implement.

As I've documented, any time I wear a thong, he takes it as a signal that I need to be spanked immediately. We've used this sign for decades, but it only occurred to me today that the reason for all those spankings might be that I denied Randy his VPLs.

I'd like to offer a special welcome to all of the first time participants and a warm thank you to everyone who joined in. We'll be back here next weekend and discussing another spanking-related topic.

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ronnie said...

Sorry missed brunch Bonnie, out yesterday.

I haven't asked P but I think he wouldn't mind either way. Personally, I don't like to see VPL's and always make sure I don't have mine showing.


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