Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 10

Our topic this week was sting versus thud. Here are your thoughts:

Scunge: I went to my first Dungeon last night with My Sir. We bought two acrylic wands (yeah, I know I've said I hate plastic). The thinner of the wands is VERY stingy and I did NOT like it at all. I usually like sting. The thicker wand was extremely thuddy, and reminded me of just how much I LOVE thud! My Sir tends to like to give me stingier spankings. But given how happy the THUD made me last night, I think I see more thud in my future. Oh, and we then bought ANOTHER thick acrylic wand. :)

Barely Pink: I much prefer the thud of an implement, but enjoy switching (no pun intended) from one stingy implement to a heavier one. There is one particular wooden paddle that offers way too much sting for me to enjoy. On the opposite end, there is another paddle that offers too much thud. I like the middle ground: the stingy thud of a thick, well-worn belt.

D prefers implements with sting and zing that make me dance over his lap. But he usually give us both what we want and offers up the strap as reward.

Hermione: I'm not really sure of the distinction. Some stingy implements hurt much more than others, and so do some thuddy ones. But I prefer to start out with a light, stingy implement like a wooden ruler or leather slapper, then progress to a heavier wooden paddle or leather strap for some deep thuds. It's always fun to alternate sting and thud. It keeps my mind from wandering during a spanking.

Dioneo: I tend to stay in the intermediate range. The hand, IMHO, has a nice balance. I'd put it on the stingy side, but with more thud than a belt or switch. For a little more thud, I'd go with a hairbrush. Beyond that, we get a little too thuddy for my tastes.

Daisy: (Sigh...) I think I need to experience more before I make a judgment.

D & S: D dosen't care whether the implement is stingy or thuddy as long as he is using it on my bottom. There is a blurred line between stingy and thuddy. First in line for the stingys is probably the hand, whilst Bonnie's infamous MOAP probably leads the thuddies. I prefer stingys. Thuddies seem to hurt without raising a nice sexy glow. They can leave your bottom bruised and aching for some time, and cause major sitting problems.

Stingys can sting like hell, but they are also arousing and sexy. I just love having a bottom feeling smarting and puffed up, jiggling beneath my skirt, wondering if passers by could guess that my precious rear was hot and stinging! Stingys don't really give sitting problems. However, D loves watching me squirming on my chair when he takes me out after a spanking. Sitting for some time hots up the sting in my cheeks.

Make Mine Red: I prefer somewhere in the gray area, but leaning more towards stingy. Leather straps and belts are my favorites. We have the 15 inch double down strap from Cane-iac. It is by far my favorite implement. This strap has a lot of sting but it's heavy enough for a wee bit of thud. We also have a few paddles and I like the little plastic stingy one the best. It has just a small amount of thud and a whole LOT of sting!

Our Bottoms Burn: We have one wooden paddle that burns deep down while putting a sting on top. You know hours later you have been paddled long after the stingy sensation fades.

Adam: The answer for me varies with the scene or reason for the spanking. The obvious extremes are the cane for a stingy spanking and a large paddle for a thuddy one. I find the thuddy ones are more pleasurable. The cane always bites hard, and leaves the longer lasting feeling for me. My partner likes to cane me, particularly when She thinks I need to be taken in hand.

R Humphries: MBJ and I have discussed this topic many times over the years. Being a refugee from the last great cane generation, the cane has always been my instrument of choice. As a result, she is familiar with a wide variety of whippy sticks of various weights and dimensions. Perhaps because we exclusively engage in roleplay, she likes the cane (likes may be a little deceiving). Getting six of the best adds a degree of reality to the fantasy.

I recently purchased a hand-crafted cane from a New York purveyor of such items. It has the most wonderfully ominous whistle as it slices through the air and makes a wonderfully rotund sound on contact. MBJ reports that it has the highest degree of sting that she has ever experienced, but so far she has not removed it from the toy box.

At the other end of the spectrum, I purchased a Reform School Strap from Raven Hill Studios. It has a long and rather broad leather shaft and a beautifully crafted handle. This thing is the ultimate in thud technology. MBJ has to be bent over a sturdy piece of furniture when I use this bad-boy as she says she feels like it will lift her clean out of her shoes and knock her clear across the room due to its heft. However, despite the explosive sound it makes on contact, she tells me that the after-effects are nowhere near as lasting as the aforementioned cane.

In between, there are various paddles, straps, riding crops and one particular cheap wooden spatula that she says provides the worst sting of all. She always looks a little disgruntled when it is brought into play.

Houston Switch: My toy box is not very large. I have a beautiful boar bristle wooden hair brush from England. It has a convex curve to the wooden side and provides a stinging slap when used with the correct wrist action. I like it at the beginning of our sessions. It gets the bottom warmed up and still has enough energy to get deeper into the bottom for long lasting effect.

The second toy is a wooden paddle. This is the thud instrument. The blows really sink into my bottom and have a very long lasting feel. The third toy which I like to be used last is my resin cane. It will whistle through the air and produce a nice welt and sting even after a very sound spanking from the other two implements. It can carry through the numbing sensation after being spanked by the paddle. It is especially effective after having sex and being turned over to receive a final spanking which always hurts more after the sexual tension/release has been removed.

HAL: Since I am spanked as discipline rather than for play or sex, I rarely 'enjoy' any implement. I can take much more of a thuddy implement than a stingy one. I was surprised that the thin whippy canes hurt me much more than the scarier looking thicker variety.

Bonnie: A perfect spanking, for me, has a bit of each. As others have said, it's the sting that makes a spanking intense in the here and now. Thud makes a spanking memorable hours later. Randy often employs two or more implements on my bottom to maximize both sensations. I can't always make the distinction while I am across his lap. It just hurts. But afterward, I can definitely tell.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences and observations!

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While I enjoy everyone's responses, all I can think about is that sandwich that is pictured. Mmm...guess I'm hungry!

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Since we are new & still learning, I have a question about this topic.
What determines whether an implement is stingy or thuddy?

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