Thursday, October 07, 2010

Keyword Chaos: Resistance is Futile Edition

Keyword Chaos is a feature where we examine search words that readers use to find MBS.
  • David & Kim's barbque no panties - I think we can guess what might be on the menu

  • eat my panties - Mmmm... Tastes just like chicken

  • erulastant spanking - I have no idea what that means

  • femdom theatre body leader woman face sitting - I think you might be looking for a different blog

  • in what country is adult spanking mainstream - I'd say, “Search me,” but it appears that you already have

  • Tarzan love bondage stories - Jane love vines

  • is my butt spankable? - Turn around and let's see...

  • purpose of spanking blogs - To inform, enlighten, educate, inspire, support, arouse, and entertain our fellow spankos

  • my bottom smars - Is that like S'Mores?

  • self spanking videos - Regardless of who is spanking, a DVD case makes a lousy implement

  • - Good guess, but no

  • fascinated with Bonnie - I think I am either deeply honored or totally creeped out

  • I need an adult spanking - So let's lose the My Little Pony riding crop

  • spank the wench - Sounds like a great party game

  • amateur husband spanking wife - I wouldn't want a professional husband

  • bare bottom spanking illustrated history - Cro-magnon man discovered a new use for strips of cured animal hide

  • Beaver spanked Heather - Eddie Haskell certainly wasn't going to do it

  • biggest round bottoms in pantys - Whatever happened to the fifty foot woman?

  • Bonnie gets spanked on her bare bottom - You say that like it's a bad thing...

  • church secretary likes to get spanked - Repentance was never so much fun

  • free first time erotic spanking clips - Now even crack dealers are getting into videos

  • girls spank my bottom - I see kinky people

  • ideal spank positions - That depends... Ideal for whom?

  • long play spankings - 33 1/3 swats per minute?

  • machine, fantasy, packaging factory spanking, mechanical hand, conveyor - Ah, kink in the industrial age

  • midwest otk spanking - The Midwestern girl had a Southern exposure

  • most bizarre spankings - Involves silly string, lip balm, a monk's robe, caraway seeds, a trapeze, vulture feathers, an electric train set, guacamole, and the complete original Broadway cast of Hair

  • my girlfriend wants to be spanked before sex - So why are you still on the computer?

  • pitchers and phone numbers of women who want to be spanked in MN - On how many levels is this wrong?

  • punished brats senior attitude download - Did you hear about the new Dom-a-Matrix movie?

  • real pictures of women in submissive state of mind - How do you picture a state of mind?

  • story of sassy wife named Julie getting her ass spanked by husband's friend - She simply has to be named Julie

  • spank bonnie thick bubble butt - Maybe I should simply stop answering to that

  • flubber sneaker swat - I couldn't make up this stuff!


devoted princess said...

Silly string...why have I never considered silly string?!?!?

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I Googled "erulastant" and he's either a member of Congress, or a virtual game character (or both!).

I could go for a spanking that included the original cast of Hair. "When the moons are in the seventh house..."


Erica said...

(cleaning the coffee spew off my monitor) Bonnie, you outdo yourself every time with these.

OK, I found the area where one can see the keywords. How come yours are so much better than mine?? LOL I have straightforward boring stuff like "Erica Scott spanking."

Ty said...

I had to find mine after you posted this and the only weird one I had was this:

boys in tight pants gets the belt smack punishment

I'm not 100% sure what that means but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are just learning english!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I loved this, such a good laugh I got :-D

I love to check out my search engine terms every day. There are such silly key words, OMG!


MarQe's Study said...

Is there a Love your Lurkers event this year ?

Underling said...

Hi Bonnie - like Erica said, all mine are boring and pretty obvious: underlings humblings, underling spanking, spanking art.

However do you turn up such varied and hilarious selections? I'm guessing from some source other than Blogger Stats!

The only unexpected keywords I see are ones that are completely unrelated to anything kinky - in which case, I just feel guilty and hope the unwitting visitor didn't take offence! :)

Bonnie said...

Princess - When the reader said "most bizarre," I figured it was time to break out the silly string.

Hermione - I figure the age of Aquarius ought to include a few wet spankings!

Erica - Thanks! I use an add-in product called Google Analytics for my statistics. It provides (among many other things) all of the keywords used, not just the most popular. As it turns out, the least popular keywords are usually the most interesting.

If you want to try GA and want some help setting it up, you need only ask.

Ty - I agree. That one's quite weird!

Maria - Those goofy keywords always seemed like the readers offering up their own offbeat suggestions.

MarQe - Yes. Please stay tuned.

Underling - Yes, I use Google Analytics. Besides the keywords, it offers a wealth of interesting information.

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