Thursday, August 05, 2010

Poll: The Paddle

This poll was suggested by my swat-happy husband (who has no clue how much his beloved wooden toys hurt when applied to a bare bottom).

1. Is there a spanking paddle in your residence?

2. How recently was the paddle used to spank someone's bottom?

Within the past week
Within the past month
Within the past year
Longer than one year
It's never been used
3. Who received the most recent paddling?

Your partner
Someone else
No paddlings here


OnHerKnee said...

"a" paddle? Well I answered yes, but it's really like "dozen" and not 'a' paddle.

abby said...

Small paddles, large paddles, heavy paddles, lights paddles...toooo many padddles!
Abby said...

One paddle is too many, in my opinion. And unfortunately, wooden paddles seem to be D's favorite. Although, I'm beginning to think that my reaction to his wooden paddle is his favorite.

Perhaps I should start loving the paddle, and then I would see less of it?

Throck said...

I assume that a hair brush and a bath brush count as a paddle, so I voted yes to questions one and two. Yes, they do hurt terribly as my recent experience with C reminded me.

Thanks for relinking me.


MissPtunia said...

We have several wooden paddles, several leather paddles and various other spanking implements. As for actually getting spanked...ours is a very complicated situation right now, but soon (in a few hours) will be back to "normal". It is like this--TheRandyBeast, my husband, has been working overseas for 2 years but will be home again in just a few short hours, on Sunday Aug 8th. (Just a coincidence that it is on International Consensual Spanking Day). Did I go without spanking all that time? No, I actually flew overseas to visit him from time to time. But on Sunday, after I pick him up at the airport and drive home, I am more than sure that he will want to get in at least one good thwack with each "toy". Tee hee hee. I'm such a lucky woman.

BabyMan said...

I have 3 paddles:

the "Tickler" (Her Royal Sweetness graduated from that one long, long ago);

the "Shredder" (almost never used because, well, it shreds); and

the all-purpose "Weapon of Ass Destruction" (has the most "muffin miles" on it).

They are all leather. But I noticed that I am moving toward wood. She seems to be toughening up a little (I tease her that she's developing a "Bonnie" booty - and I mean that with the utmost respect and admiration).

The bath brush ("Heatstroke") has had more play than usual in the past week or so.

And a "pevertable" (a wooden spoon) seems to be pulling up from the rear (hah! that's funny! though no pun was intended).

I can clearly see a wooden paddle in our future.

Scunge said...

I made the HUGE mistake of buying one of the commemorative wooden paddles in Atlantic City from the Boardwalk Badness Weekend. My Sir just uses it for discipline and I HATE,LOATHE and DESPISE it!

Anonymous said...

I love my pine paddle. Don't love my oak paddle. Always love my spankings.

Jujubees said...

I am the proud owner of several of those nasty implements that you refer to as paddles. When applied, they bring a wonderful reaction! LOL

Em said...

It's funny, I had to really think about when the last time someone was spanked with my paddle was. I have a decent sized implement collection and until recently got spanked frequently enough, but the truth is almost all of my implements have never been used! Since my partner had the more extensive collection we always used his toys.

OK, we used my cane once, but it broke the first time out, so maybe I guess I should be glad we used his stuff more - we went on to break another cane, a rug beater, and a couple of paddles.

Anonymous said...

We have a large acrylic paddle, a leather paddle, a beautiful wooden paddle & one very cheap, but very effective plastic paddle. They all sting A LOT! I have a real love/hate relationship with each of them. :)

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