Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love Me Tender

I was a grump last night. Two members of our community (and possibly more) were recently forced to disappear. The cause was a storm of unprovoked abuse hurled by people who cannot accept alternative lifestyles or the people who practice them. It makes me mad because it's just not right.

Had I written this post last night, it would have been quite different. However, given a good night's sleep preceded by some percussive persuasion, I now have a much happier disposition. Tonight's post is a love story. The intended audience is those who do understand.

On Friday evening, Randy and I shared dinner on the patio at a popular casual restaurant. The place was crowded, but our meals were excellent. We enjoyed the band as well. After we finished eating, we felt obligated to surrender our table to the next group of hungry diners. But we wanted to stay and hear some more live music.

We found an open space behind the dining area, but facing the band. Randy leaned against a railing and pulled me back toward him. The next thing I knew, his hands were in the front pockets of my jeans and I felt his telltale ridge poking me from behind. After a quick glance right and then left, I answered his grind by rotating my hips in time with the music.

“I love how hot you look in those jeans,” he crooned.

“Just wait until they come down...” I cooed with anticipation.

“I believe I owe you a spanking.” The last word stretched an extra syllable for emphasis, but none was required.

“Tonight would be a good night to collect.” I turned in time to catch the sparkle in his eye.

With that, we decided to trade guitar music for a turn at the bongos. In the car on the way home, there was relatively little conversation. I think he might have been devising his plan for the evening. I know I was wondering what all it might entail.

Once at home, Randy wasted no time. He sat in the middle of our living room couch and guided me face down across his lap. This classic position is very comfortable for me (beyond than the obvious) and I felt as much at ease as one possibly can immediately before a spanking. He left my jeans up to begin. He expressed appreciation for the way they encased my womanly curves and he rubbed all around my bottom, my hips, my back, my legs, and my crevice. His caress made me long for more of his touch.

The first swat impacted against my right cheek. My dreamy trance was broken by the acute discomfort of a real spanking. Left. Right. Left. Right. The alternating pattern was rhythmic in an unnerving way. It hurt, as every spanking should, but the extra protection and my state of arousal shielded me from all but a rising feeling of stinging warmth. I love those sensations. I was vaguely aware that my bottom was lifting to meet his hand, though I don't recall consciously trying to do so.

Randy kissed the back of my neck as he asked me to get up momentarily. When I did, he lowered my jeans, but left my panties in place.

“That's a nice little swatch of red you've got peeking out there, Missy.”

“Yeah, spankings do that to me,” I quipped.

Randy soon began again using his stiffened hand as one would a paddle. My bottom hurt, to be sure, but only in the most terrific way. We soon settled back into a steady pace. He spanked. I flinched, or moaned, or exclaimed any of a dozen short expletives. He spanked again.

Eventually, my panties had to fall as well. When he positioned me kneeling on the seat of the couch, I imagined he was preparing to unleash a handy implement, perhaps his belt or something from the kitchen. However, rather than continuing with the spanking, my man jumped straight into lovemaking. He reached around me from either side and stimulated my nipples with touches as light as the wings of an angel. He again kissed the back of my neck. After all these years together, he knows just what illuminates my lamp.

Next came a flurry of kisses applied progressively down my spine. I shivered with delight when he reached my glowing bottom and planted one wet smooch on each side. After following up with a few well-placed swats, Randy's fingers explored my love nest. My readiness was immediately evident. The intercourse that followed was brief, but passionate. We were both so turned on, our tango could only have finished in this way.

I love my dear husband, and never more intently than when he guides me through this roller coaster of sensations. The pain amplifies the pleasure and the pleasure makes the pain desirable. Neither could be as enjoyable alone.

I challenge anyone who would criticize our lifestyles to try to convince me that the last thirty years haven't been wonderful or that spankings are somehow bad for me. I am a liberated, college-educated adult woman and I am absolutely capable of making own choices and giving my consent. I not only allow, but sometimes encourage, my husband to spank me because we both enjoy it. A married couple who express their love for one another within the privacy of their bedroom (or occasionally the living room!) seems like a mighty wholesome arrangement.


TRH said...

LOVELY post. Quite a love story, indeed!!

BabyMan said...

Yes Bonnie, "mighty wholesome". And oh so hot!
A most excellent post.

PK said...

As a life long spanko (most of that life spent hiding who I really was) as well as the mother of a beloved gay son I applaud your stand for adults to make the choices that are best for them.

Your site has been the spring board for many, many blogs that try to explain to the world just how happy and normal we all are. So keep posting. Stories like yours and Randy's help to show just how great our choice of lifestyle can be.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

A lovely post that clearly illustrates how spanking is part of a loving, amorous and very hot encounter between two people devoted to one another and in tune with each other's needs.


Florida Dom said...

Bonnie: That was a wonderful post and I am glad that despite all the time you put into your blog that you still find time to enjoy the lifestyle.

It is both sad and maddening that there are small minded folks who don't have enough satisfaction in their own lives that they take time to criticize the consensual lifestyle choices of others.

But let's try to ignore those folks and enjoy the fact that we know have a forum to share our lifestyle together. Us older folks felt isolated 30 years ago and now we have a community. And the younger folks will never know how isolated we once were.

And, thanks again, Bonnie, for being there for all of us and doing so much to make this a community.

And thanks again for sharing your latest scene together.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful and a perfect way to remember what we are all about rather than letting the haters put us on the back foot.

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie those tight jeans you are wearing are sexually tantalizing delicious. You can see the outline of your panty-girdle right through them. I can see why your husband wants to practically tear then off you, to get to that exciting bare bottom of yours, to give you a good spanking. You are a lucky woman, and so is your ever loving husband.

Spanked Army Wife said...

Lovely! Thank you for blogging it :)

abby said...

a beautiful post! A love story indeed..thanks for sharing it. abby

Erica said...

Well done, Bonnie. And the haters seriously need to get a hobby. Running with scissors might be a good one. :-)

Cara Bristol said...

Bonnie, very NICE post. Beautifully written and expressed.

I've never understood why some people are so preoccupied with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes.

Anonymous said...

is that hot hot butt on top of this post you? wow Shimon

Impish1 said...

Here, here! So many of us agree, and join you.

A-Non said...

I just loved your description of your Friday evening. It almost exactly fits the fantasy I dream to have for myself one day.

Daisychain said...

You know the saying about protesting too much??? I wonder if those vitriolic outbursts were because some of those people were frustrated wannabee spankos... or closet spankers... who cannot quite accept their feelings and are worried about being kinky!!!! Wonderful post, Bonnie, sounds like a wonderful night! xxxxxxxxx

Bobby said...

Great Blog Bonnie, the erotic frisson between you and your hubby, is what its all about for me and many others... Long may you both enjoy each other, and long may we enjoy reading about your exploits!! Bobby xxx

Anonymous said...

to me, your life and marriage sound like it was made in heaven..i was unhappily married for 30 long years ..unfortunately that has brought with it a big problem in my ability to trust people..i pray with all my heart that i could have a relationship like yours and Randy's ..the people out there that condemn and criticize have way too much time on their hands and should pay attention to their own business and leave every one else's alone .i don't understand how strangers think they have the right to tell anyone how to live their private lives ...and if they don't approve of something , they should just P.O. and stop reading the blogs ..that they don't agree with ...plain and simple ...
i crave /need to be spanked very often, but since i am in the position of not having someone to do it , it feels like torture to have to do without them ...keep on writing , it's great...m.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Some people are always unhappy and they like to spread their sorrow around. My observation is that many in the spanking community are always unhappy, perhaps because of some guilt they carry.

I think you and Randy have every right to enjoy your life as YOU see fit.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Bonnie!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie: i just loved your post boy you and your hubby have a great spanking relationship. i have been married for 26 years just starting to get in that spanking thing with my hubby and i get so aroused when he spanks me he just started so i hope he keeps doing it but to have private time is sometimes impossibe with teenagers andy ideas. this has brought us alot closer thank you for your blog i read it everyday so keept them coming. thanks.

Suzy said...

Beautiful writing of a memorable moment, thank you for sharing it with us all.. I agree with your point on consensual adult spanking relationships 100%.


Bonnie said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our adventure! It's great to be able to share these good times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be late Bonnie! Thanks so much for everything you do for our community. Happy you & Randy prioritize when faced with tough decisions! I'm sad for them too. I've never expected people to understand any of this, I barely do myself. But I am tolerant of choices that don't hurt others and bring couples closer together. The very ones who were supposedly all about protecting them from themselves have hurt them both, more than they will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Please give my support and greetings to your friends and anyone else in the community. I am a stranger to all of you, and live in far away Scandinavia, but it saddens me greatly to hear how narrowminded people hurt your friends.

What two consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their own home is noone elses buisness. At all.

There are so many problems in this world we share. Why do people choose to attack something that isn't a problem?

Cookie Crawford said...

I always like a good love story. Thanks for sharing Bonnie

Zelle said...

Excellent! What a great read Bonnie! I love the connection you and your hubby have.. :-)

(I wish people would just 'live and let live')


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