Sunday, July 25, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #236

Hello again, dear friends. Our topic for this week was contributed by a good friend and regular reader. She asks:

What would you think about offering your partner (or being offered by your partner) a one-time, spank-all-you-want night? Might such an event be helpful to clear the air or for major stress relief?

To add your answer to our conversation, just enter it in a comment below. Once we've all had a turn, I will post an edited summary.


OnHerKnee said...

Perhaps we're a bit strange, but that's sort of our way of life. Not that we ever have the privacy to do it, but we each can do that anytime.

Frankly, right now I need it, stress relief would be very welcome and I've been very irritable. Although I don’t cherish the idea of a long serious spanking session I crave the feelings after being on the other side of the spanking.

Imagine that, I’m just another strange spanko.

I'm anxious for a little bout of sickness to be over, then we can get back to only being limited by privacy :)

S.N.M. said...

In my last relationship, every night we spent together was this.

Hermione said...

This is pretty much the understanding for all our spankings. Ron can always spank me as much as he wants, and although I usually leave it up to him to decide when to stop, if I feel I want or need more, I say so. The purpose isn't clearing the air, although it can sometimes be for stress relief. Most of the time, it's pleasure, pure and simple.

Scunge said...

Would LOVE it if it were possible.

Daisychain said...

Thats our wannabee way of life, and how it is when we are together. Davey always decides what I need, and makes sure he delivers it, despite my attitude! (or, because of?) xxx

Jersey Devil said...

I think the goal of all domestic discipline relationships is to attain a level of trust where each partner can be completely open with the other, about any subject,and at any time.

BabyMan said...

I'm not so sure how much I would spank on a "spank all you want night". Probably wouldn't need much since, unless there was existing stress or frustration. As it is, I already spank to relieve her stress and my frustration.

Loki said...

This was always somewhere in my mind to try on me and my wife's day off from work together. Though things always tended to get in the way of us doing it.

Now seeing this question, I think that I will say yes; I would let my wife have a day just to spank me and vice versa. I think it would be real fun!

The Marine's Wife said...

Sounds great, but my man is a lazy spanker. I would say a be-spanked-all-you-want night would be REALLY great :)

Michael said...

It is unlikely that my wife would say yes to me spanking her all night long, as she only permits a few spanks when she is the bottom.
That contrasts with my desires and I would welcome a spank-all-you- want on my cheeks. If it is not being too greedy I would also like to be able to say to her which position, which instrument and how many strokes, as this is something she generally decides upon. (Often I am left gagging for more strokes but I am not permitted to make suggestions.)
In my imaginary "all nighter" I would spanked every hour until midnight and be commanded to do corner time or complete household chores in the 50 minutes between.
Now that you placed the idea in my head I might see if she will accomodate my desires.
Have a good Sunday - I will, as it is my Birthday.

ronnie said...

A whole night? you must be joking, with me the instigator it would be like putting a chocaholic in charge of quality control at Cadburys, I'd pig out, binge, no STOP signs, phew I fear I'd go way beyond stress relief.



I have no long term partner right now but if I had I would have no problem being sexually and emotionally faithful to her, if that is what she required but if she was not prepared to throw me to a room full of Tops for a good multiple player butt warming, then she is not the woman for me.


Bonnie said...

Randy has the green light to spank pretty much all of the time. Unless I am extremely tired, busy, ailing, or distracted, I bend over and bare 'em when he directs. I am permitted to opt out, but that choice generally comes at a price (to be paid later.) Many spankings are aimed at reconnection and these don't usually need to be as severe as those for stress relief. But he always spanks me until he is satisfied with the result.

This arrangement works very well for us and I would never want it any other way.

Kimmie said...

I know I'm late for this answer, but I'm still answering! :) If I had a partner, this would be something that I would love! I guess it's because I'm a spanko-purist. It's always a stress relief for me in one way or another, regardless of the type of spanking that it is.


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