Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Poll: Planned Spankings?

What percentage of your spankings are planned more than ten minutes in advance?

All or most
More than half
About half
Less than half
Few or none
Don't know
No spankings here


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Spankings are a regular part of our weekend routine. I can always count on getting one.


Scunge said...

ARG I voted wrong,see this is what happens BEFORE coffee! I get a spanking EVERY morning,just a nice GG to get me going,in fact this year I have had a spanking from My Sir each and every day. :)

spankedbywife said...

Since we have implemented our 'Notice of Discipline' form, most of my spankings are set later in the day or even the next day. If I get spanked spontaneously, its usually in the morning when we are getting ready for the day. Often my morning preparations are performed before dressing and Cora says she can't resist giving me a spanking on my bare bottom while it is so accessible.

Anonymous said...

I get paddled maybe twice in a yr. It has to be something really serious for my wife to need to vent her frustration by paddling my naked butt----I know I have it coming when the time arrives--so I want it done asap--and so it usually happens in 10 minutes--whether it is she or I who will state right out a paddling is needed---When our children were at home sometimes I did have to come home from work to take my paddling as it was and is a secret. It is rare but for whatever reason--it works fine for us, It hurts plenty!Other guys like me?

Anonymous said...

The few spankings that I have received were all a surprise to me. I don't know if SirDom planned them or they just happen...he sees my ass and has to spank it.

I know my first spanking (dear very delicious) was not planned. He told me later the desire just came over him.


elisabeth said...

My punishment and maintenance spankings are always planned in advance (usually at least 24 hours). I love to be spanked during sex as well, and those are obviously spontaneous, so I voted "more than half".

Anonymous said...

All of mine are during sex, so usually spontaneous. I would like it if some were planned and the anticipation could build, but haven't gotten the hubby there quite yet!

~Make Mine Red~

Anonymous said...

It takes planning at our house - hubby home off the road, adult son occupied, 3 year old grandaughter asleep or out of the house.

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