Sunday, June 06, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #229

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our brunch!  We have what I believe will be a fun topic this week.  As a writer, I respect the power of words.  When those words relate to this thing we do, they take on a whole new significance.

Surprisingly often, I find myself in participating in or overhearing an otherwise vanilla conversation where the words "spank" or "spanking" are used.  It always startles me for a few seconds.  My mind races in many directions.  Could they know my secret?  Did my reaction just betray me?  Are they talking about someone getting a real spanking?  I wonder if the speaker is a spanko...

Next, I tend to drift away into a momentary daydream involving lying across Randy's lap.  Soon I snap back to the here and now with the realization that the conversation has moved on.

Do you have similar experiences when you hear these words?  Are there other words that generate similar responses?   Do you have trouble saying spanking-related words even in a vanilla context?

Everyone is welcome to share their stories.  Just enter a comment below, and I will post an edited summary at the end of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I had to talk a lot at work about a process that was shortened to CP. I would go from very business like and relaxed to a blathering idiot if I thought what I was saying.
I can say someone will "get a spanking" at work - from a boss, not from me, if they have done something bad but only with very close friends. Other than that, if even a suggestion of spanking comes up I look like a terrible prude because I purse my lips and won't say a word. It is because I think I may die of shyness but no one knows that.

sixofthebest said...

When I here certain words that I associate from the past, such as, England, the number six, knickers, garter-belt and stockings, my erotics flash back to me.

Hermione said...

It happens far too often at work. Someone will say "carrot and stick", "crack the whip", "whip them into shape", "so spank me", or "what can we do [with uncooperative clients] - spank them?" and I will have the same reactions you mentioned. I struggle not to react, all the while wondering if the speaker has guessed. In fact, I suspect I may work with a spanko or two, because of the frequency of spanking references, but I'll never know for sure.

I make a point of never speaking spanking-related words for fear of giving myself away. The only exception is talking with Ron, and I have a post coming up this week that addresses that topic.

Mija said...

Whenever I hear someone say "brand spanking new" or something like that in a vanilla context, my first thought is "not a spanko."

It may just be the company I keep, but I've never heard anyone in the scene use the word casually and I know I can't. It just has too much power.

Mija said...

Whenever I hear someone say "brand spanking new" or something like that in a vanilla context, my first thought is "not a spanko."

It may just be the company I keep, but I've never heard anyone in the scene use the word casually and I know I can't. It just has too much power.

spankedbywife said...

I am lucky enough to be with a Lady who won't hesitate to roast my bottom when necessary and sometimes when I request it (because its something that I need). Just a few days ago, she fulfilled a request and delivered one of her best spankings, ever.

I decided to send her flowers the next day as a token of my gratitude. I didn't want to hold back so when it came to tell the florist what I wanted to say on the card, I just held my breath and requested, "Thanks for disciplining me last night. Spanking me the way you did shows how much you care for me". It was somewhat embarassing and difficult for me but I wanted the card to convey my thoughts.

What was interesting was the florist's reaction. She expressed thoughts that indicated she approved and told me she was going to show this one to her husband!

Dan Navarro said...

I'm considered a normal, middle-class husband and father. Of course I keep my spanking fetish a secret from people I love, but when there comes an opportunity to talk about spanking, I have no reticence about jumping into the conversation.

One example is a recent conversation with vanilla friends about our favorite TV shows. I offered that one of my all-time faves is "Weeds" on Showtime. My friends seem interested to know what I could possibly like about a series that shows a suburban mother dealing pot. I matter-of-factly replied that I'm not into the pot thing, I just enjoyed that magnificent scene where the lead actress, Mary Louise Parker, gets a solid, over-the-knee spanking from Demian Bichir, her on-screen lover.

My friends' comments told me that some of them had actually viewed that scene, but they quickly changed the subject and went on with other matters. But I don't hide the fact I am a spanko when the opportunity legitimately presents itself.

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … What a delightful topic … I have posted extensively about those wonderful moments that I call the Vanilla Nuggets, which are when totally vanilla conversations turn to the subject of corporal punishment or spanking … this was not uncommon in the UK, back in the day, especially around the time when CP was being controversially abolished.

There are two moments that I still savor … the first occurred in a London pub … a colleague was bemoaning the errancy of one of his off-spring and kvetching over the fact that the school was no longer allowed to give him six of the best, when our Girl Friday quite unexpectedly piped in that “we used to get swished by the prefects at school” … unfortunately this line of conversation was interrupted by a barmaid taking last orders and by the time she was finished the subject matter had changed … I spent the next month using all kinds of stealth tactics to extract more information out of Girl Friday but sadly no luck.

The second classic moment occurred when I was dining with an old friend and her mother … we were reminiscing about the wayward ways of the eldest son of the piece when the mother chimed in … “but it was always Debbie who needed to be spanked” … causing me to almost choke on a rather fine Shiraz! Debbie just giggled and pointed out that she had turned out ok and again the subject moved on.

In many ways these magical Vanilla Nuggets delivered in normal day-to-day conversation are of more inspiration to me as a writer than more conventional spanking observations made by real-life spankos and spankettes … moral of the story is to keep your ears pricked at all times, the nuggets are out there … Cheers … RH

ronnie said...


At the office if I hear anyone mention any words related to TTWD. It stops me dead in my tracks wondering if they are taking about me, have they found out.

When I'm out and about it actually amuses me to hear those words, gives me a lovely warm feeling :)


Thomas_III said...

Having been 100% "out" for some time now, I have little pause for using these words in vanilla conversation, and my friends/family/coworkers know that I'm probably throwing them in for very non-vanilla reasons. As such, it's never REALLY a vanilla conversation as long as I'm around. One particularly conservative and prudish manager of mine, who also happens to be an ardent fan of John Wayne, gets that look on his face when I mention the Duke's spanking scenes. I'm sure that he'd much rather forget that those existed. :P

Anonymous said...

I can feel myself blush every time I hear any reference to ttwd in vanilla company. I cannot join in the conversation, the words just get stuck in my throat! Heck though, I still am a little embarassed saying it in front of spanko friends!! Maybe I was just born a prude - a difficult thing for a spanko! Lol.

Anonymous said...

I've always found it very difficult to join in on those conversations. But they do catch my ear and I just smile & listen....and think about later.....

Make Mine Red

Elysia said...

Years and years ago while having lunch with some work colleagues, the conversation turned to spanking. It seemed that my friends were very happy to talk about their spankings from childhood. I had very few to share, but listened intently. Everyday for about a week we talked about spanking at lunch. I remember it like a wonderful vacation. I'm not sure if they were vanilla, because the conversation sometimes wandered to adult situations. I'm sure that I blushed a few times, because Henry and I had "dabbled" in the erotic spanking. I was too shy to share that though. Probably couldn't go there today either, and I might turn a darker shade of pink - in my face that is!

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