Monday, May 31, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 30

Our topic this time was summer spankings. Here are your fond recollections and fantasies.

Poppy: Last summer, I was with the man I love for three long weeks. I stayed at his house while he went out to work in the morning and made his lunch and showered in the longest most pampering way until he came home. I would greet him with a little skirt on and knickers that I thought he would adore. We played word games, we sat and drank mojitos by the pool and I saw fireflies for the first time ever. I got spanked every single morning before he left and about five times a day after that. I really and honestly think that is what heaven may be like.

Here is a link to a postette that I did at that time. It includes a picture of his swimming pool with a raft I made tethered to the centre of his pool with some of his implements on it. Happy days - and he was much more stern about it than he needed to be.

Hermione: My summer memories are of riding lessons, horse shows, and the vivid and elaborate fantasies I created involving strict riding instructors, dressage whips, riding crops, and lunging whips.

Summer's just around the corner. I may leave the dressage whip out in anticipation of its arrival.

D: Summer always means outdoor adventures!

With the warmer weather, short skirts and sun dresses make for a flirtatious invite for a bit of OTK on a public bench overlooking the ocean or bent over a fallen tree in the woods, panties down around the ankles, skirt pulled up... You get the idea. ;)

Missy: One fantasy I still remember from high school was inspired by the novel The Great Gatsby. I was in Advanced Placement American lit! LOL To this day, I love the clothes of the 20s and that's probably why this fantasy is so indelible. Anyway, I'm like Daisy Buchanan, a spoiled, flighty debutante given to sulks and tantrums, and after weeks of toying with Jay Gatsby, my besotted, persistent suitor, never in serious contention, I tell him (borrowing an actual line from the book), "You can't honestly think I'm going to let you make love to me, Mr Nobody from Nowhere!"

Then I guess Mumsy and the help are away that day, because the furious Mr Gatsby - looking fantastic in those cuffed white trousers guys wore all summer back then, according to the movies - drags me off to the boathouse, throws me over the hull of a small overturned boat, takes off his belt, throws the exquisite pleated and beaded silk lavender flapper dress I'm wearing over my head and wallops my debutante derriere then and there.

There were several various endings, depending on how much privacy I had.

(My teacher, Mrs. Russell, always said,"I wish all my students enjoyed literature as much as you do." LOL If only she knew! I spent the entire eighth grade getting repeatedly spanked by Sydney Carton from Tale of Two Cities, but I'll save that fantasy for your Bastille Day brunch in July.) ;)

John: Last summer, we had a visitor with a fetish for cycling and a sore bottom. One afternoon, we went to the beach for a swim. Edith behaved very naughtily. She tried to push her hostess underwater. My wife Danielle is afraid of that and I ordered Edith to stop, which she didn't. So I came to my wife's rescue.

I ordered Edith to stop the teasing and threatened to spank her right there on the beach. "You don't dare, other people might see."

"Do you think I care about that?" I said. No way. She continued as if nothing had been said. I yanked her over my knee and gave her a bottom warming she wouldn't forget. A few people witnessed but continued what they were doing as if nothing happened there on the flood line.

At home, Danielle told our visitor that she was annoyed by her behavior. However, there was a remedy, a good old fashioned one. First, a little warm up was needed. Danielle asked me to take care of that job.."You heard what she said, young lady," I said in an attempt to make an impression. "Get over my knee." Reluctantly, she did. In no time, her bum showed a nice red color. Our guest thought it was over and done, but the ritual had only started.

Now Danielle was in charge. Edith had to kneel on the bench, drop her briefs and lift her skirt. Her private parts were in full view. Danielle said," Now you're ready for your medicine. It's ginger. Of course, you can refuse this remedy. It's up to you. If you refuse, you will never know". After a lot of thinking, Edith said, "OK, I'll try the cure." Danielle had cut the ginger in advance and now it was time to put it into place. Relaxing words were needed to reassure the anxious patient. Finally, the job was done.

Danielle started slapping her backside and soon Edith was on fire. Then Danielle pushed her cheeks together to increase the effect, which no doubt helped a lot. The spatula finished the job. Edith had now completely submitted.

She thanked us for all the attention and though really on fire, admitted she was glad she had tried this. Before she left the following day, she told us, "This has been the vacation of my life. Many, many thanks."

Thomas: A few years ago, just before Leelee moved from Fort Lauderdale back to Atlanta, I went down to visit her. As part of the trip, Leelee talked me into going to a nude beach with her. This took a bit of doing, since I'm not particularly fond of baring skin to the sun (I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt when I go swimming, if that gives you an idea of how much I keep my clothes on). Still, I went, and she eventually got my clothes off and me into the water.

Leelee and I have had spanking encounters in public on several occasions, and the chance to spank and get spanked on the beach wasn't to be ignored. So, just before we left, she went over my knee for a short spanking on our beach towel. It was short, but sweet.

As we were packing up and walking away, though, we noticed two patrolmen on four-wheelers pull up to where we'd been and look around. We figure that someone must have reported us for our spanking play, but we finished and got up to leave just in time. If we'd taken a few minutes longer, we'd have had to explain the spanking to the nice officers.

"She was being a bad girl, officer."

Barely Pink: It was at the end of the summer, and my ex and I were feeling frisky. So we did what all budding exhibitionists do. We took ourselves to the beach for some moonlit fun.

This particular beach had a chain link fence bordering the lighthouse. It was there, up against the fence, that I gripped the links while his belt, like the waves on the shore, lapped against my bottom.

Even though the relationship did not last, that experience will forever be on the top five of my all-time favorite spanking memories.

And I cannot guarantee that our tryst went unnoticed. So perhaps it's a shared memory?

Daisy: If only... We have only ever been together in March! So all of my spankings have been in the winter, usually by a roaring woodburning stove. That's nice, but I kind of don't need the warmth of the fire at that particular time, if you get my drift...

Bonnie: For us, summer means vacations like this one. There's something special about getting away and leaving one's troubles behind (as it were).

Thanks to everyone who participated this week!

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