Monday, June 28, 2010

In with the New: Reminiscing Edition

Four years ago this week, I first shared some great spanking blog discoveries under the banner of In with the New. Since then, we have had 49 IwtN posts and introduced 664 blogs. Of those, 260 blogs are still active today while 203 are around but dormant.

As befits the occasion, here are twenty new blogs to explore and enjoy!

Been There, Done That
Curiously Into It
Down to Earth Again
Heads or Tails
Her Paddle
Hot Pink Cheek!
Irregular Fantasies
Lil One's True Self Journey
Listy's Search
Lizzie's Blog
Loving Beau
New Living Order
Our Road to Happiness
Spanking Sophie
Strictly for Her
Submissive Baby Girl
Sunshine's Spanking World
Vive la Rouge
Your Heart and Hot Derriere

I really like this group.  I hope you will leave encouraging comments and words of welcome for these new bloggers, especially if you like their content.

Oh, and if you are aware of other excellent new blogs about which our spanko community should know, please leave a comment or send me a message.


ronnie said...

Thank you Bonnie, will pop over and say hello.


Janet said...

I love this part of your blog. It always introduces me to new reading and friends thanks for taking the time to find them all for us!

K said...

Thanks so much for including my story blog on your post! I am anxious to hear people's comments, as I know absolutely nothings about blogging or how people even find them. You helped! Thanks again- K (Irregular Fantasies)

Hermione said...


I find those statistics fascinating. It's good to know that at least 1/3 of the blogs you introduced are still members of our family.


Celine said...

I guess I'm no expert in blogging statistics, but those numbers sound pretty good to me. I'm impressed! Will have to welcome all the new bloggers..the more the merrier! :)

Michelle Carlyle said...

Thanks, Darling! You helped me so much when I started, you were a total blessing. Thanks for your awesome blog, thanks for introducing new bloggers and thanks for all your support. You rock, girlfriend!

Michelle Carlyle

spankedbywife said...

You provide an awesome service to those who blog. The statistics are absolutely fascinating.

As I have only been blogging for about 6 months, I have found many other blogs to be an inspiration and yours is no exception. My Lady and I were both so flattered when in included our blog previously.

As information, here is a brand spanking new blog that adds another one of those rather rare F/M blogs:

Its only been going since Wednesday but looks like a very well written one with plenty of insight on the F/M world.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick word of thanks for picking up on my newbie blog and publishing the link. It has helped boost my readership no end :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the add!!

Anonymous said...

Have just come across your article, and many many thanks for mentioning my blog Sexuelle, particularly when I know that my aproach to sex, spanking and erotica is a little quirky.

Im very much the new kid on the block, so this encouragement is much appreciated.


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