Sunday, April 11, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #221

Hi everybody! I think we pretty much survived yesterday's changes to the blog. Hopefully, we didn't lose or damage anything valuable while striving to improve the interface. If you have any specific comments or suggestions, please send them to me.

Today, however, we're here for brunch. Our topic was suggested by a new reader.

What do you think of SpankingTube? Do you visit regularly? Have you ever contributed video? Does any particular sort of spanking video appeal to you? If you don't care for SpankingTube, why not?

To join our conversation, just enter a comment below. Once everyone has had their chance to speak, I will post an edited summary.


Naomi said...

I love spankingtube! I go on there occasionally, maybe every two weeks or so, and just browse the new videos. I am more interested in the real couples making home videos. I can relate more and I just sit there and think how brave they are!
I would love to make a video and share it on spankingtube, but for now- I haven't grown big enough nads for it.


Anonymous said...

I don't tend to go there at all.

I find spanking videos almost too much for me to cope with. I am so picky about my tastes that it would have to be just so but then, when I have seen a spanking video,I just get overwhelmed. The sounds, the words, the sight of a bum makes me have to hide my eyes and crawl under a sofa.

I think it is a great idea and I applaud those people who put things up there but it is too much stimulus for me. I need someone else to be in charge of what I see or expirience in anything connected to spanking.

I bet I will be the only person who is so easily floored by the whole thing.

Janet said...

I have never heard of spankingtube but I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for the heads up.

Hermione said...

I have visited once or twice, but I tend to feel it is overwhelming. There is so much there, I don't know where to start.

Like Poppy, I am picky about quality, and I would want to watch something that appeals to me personally, not just any spanking. If I knew specifically where to look for something that I could relate to, I might watch it.

I'm sure that for those who feel comfortable filming their spankings, it's a great place to put them on display. I feel slightly embarrassed watching people do something that I consider an intimate act in front of a camera.

So Poppy, you aren't the only one. It really isn't for me either.

Sunflower said...

I've also never been. I'm with Poppy and Hermione in how picky I am about the things I want to watch. I've honestly never checked it out because 1) I prefer to read my erotica rather then watch it and 2) there is a plethora of well written spanking stories on the various blogs I already visit so I've never felt an urge to look. Maybe someday I will.

I'm also still somewhat shy about exploring the internet for TTWD, so I've never gotten the gumption to watch a video, even if I had the desire!

Anonymous said...

Like Naomi, I love SpankingTube. When I have time, I surf it for great lengths of time. Soon I find that I have to disrobe and touch myself as I watch and fantasize and self-spank.
Jean Marie

Mark said...

I'm probably in the minority on this blog since I am spanked by my wife. But ST doesn't have much F/m stuff. I like watching cute girls get spankings too though. ST videos though leave out the best part (to me at least) which is the scolding and 'aftercare'.

Daisychain said...

I often go to ST, have seen virtually every video on it for the past year or two! But, I only tend to watch the first few seconds of each, they are "much of a muchness" and, as others have said, I am particular about what I want to see!
I like the ones where the girl objects, but is spanked anyway, by a loving partner, not the "actor" ones... and I can't bear the ones where the spankee is passive and just lies there, no squirming, squealing, footlifting or hands flying back....
I also like to hear a lecture about why it is taking place. There is one actor who always lectures with one word to each spank, it gets so irritating... if he is in a vid, i switch off as soon as I see it is him!!!
There are some great amateur home vids though, they are really the best ones, the only exception is a fantastic vid by amber pixie wells... where she is waiting for a spanking...the acting throughout is awesome.
I would never appear in a vid, much less post it for others, not brave enough for that, much too paranoid!!

Daisychain said...

I don't know if this will work, and wouldn't be so rude as to try to link a video on someone elses blog, but will try to put a link to my fave one of all time from spanking tube on my blog for anyone who is interested...

Dr. Ken said...

I don't go to SpankingTube. I have nothing against it, I just have a really ancient computer and it would probably take hours to load the smallest of clips!

And I don't just "buy a new computer" because I really can't afford it right now, and the old one still does all the things I really need it case you were wondering! :-)

If my computer WERE new, I'd probably spend a little time checking it out, but I doubt I would spend very much time there. I'm with Poppy and Hermione on this one.

Loki said...

I love SpankingTube!!! I have never seen such a variaty of spankings all in one place.

Now as for favorites, while I will always love spanking video company productions, I am very partial to videos made by we average non actors. Real is always the best! And I do plan to add me and my wife to the mix!

Scunge said...

My Sir and I also LOVE SpankingTube. Though the hardcore torture videos we don't watch,well at least I don't. Lately there does seem to be more males getting spanked as well. I used to go there quite a bit but now it is maybe about once a month or so.

Anonymous said...

There is very little on ST that I don't like--most everything posted I consume avidly.
I'm there daily for relatively short lengths of time, and will watch most anything. Some of the amateur "actors" I can't tolerate viewing due to a possibly unfair bias I've developed toward certain tops--specifically that some seem like SUCH lowlifes! I know that's elitist but it's how I feel and I'm sure I'm not alone in that assessment. Anyway, I hope ST is around for a very long time--it has really saved the day for me, especially as I recall all the time, effort and money I wasted doing what I had to do before the internet.

Also, SO glad some are finding ST for the first time thanks to MBS!

Another point--I recognize that commercial sites are the backbone of ST as an enterprise, most likely one operator in particular.
For me, I can't imagine NEEDING more than this vast array of delightful vignettes, as opposed to
actually buying longform versions.
Again, that's just me...obviously, enough paying customers launch off of ST and support producers with their (repeat) business, or it wouldn't exist.

(aside to Dr. Ken--somehow, there has to be a way to beef up even your dinosaur of a computer--you're missing too much not having the capability to watch ST!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Spanking Tube! I visit a couple of times a week. My favorites are M/F but I like F/F as well. I especially like paddlings and hairbrush spankings....

Anonymous said...

Many are too harsh for me to watch. I agree that "real" M/f are best. I like to see the woman's face and hear her protests.

Betina said...

I like ST, but I do not watch everything on it. Just clik the videos I by the mouseover read and the picture think I'll like. I think it's wonderful that some are brave enough to post there, but I never would.

ronnie said...

Sorry can't really be of any help, have only visited the site once. I didn't know where to start and haven't been back


R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Not really to our particular tastes, nonetheless any services that expands access to new material to the community should be encouraged and applauded … Cheers … RH

Anonymous said...

Good for a visit now and then, but too many videos don't have emotion behind them; they're all mechanical. Not enough videos where affection and release are strongly carried forth, imho.

So, yeah, I guess I'm "picky", too.


I go to SpankingTube when I can and enjoy it but it is difficult to find enough computer time to go there as often as I would like.

I did submit a clip to SpankingTube once but it was not accepted for the site. I did not mind so much that they did not put it up, perhaps it was just something that was not their sort of thing but I was rather annoyed that they never gave a reason for not putting the clip up.

For some reason I have had difficulties embedding clips from SpankingTube on my blog. Any tips or tricks on how to do this would be very welcome.


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