Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 21

Our topic this week was spanking getaway destinations. Here are your thoughts.

Poppy: I do not live with my boyfriend, so I would like to be wherever he is.

If I had a fantasy option, then I may be a little dull and choose an old fashioned schoolroom with a blackboard.

Elysia: In my latest post, I described both my first sexual encounter with my husband and the first time he spanked me. Yesterday, we went for a lovely hike in the woods talk. Talk soon turned to my post and spanking in general. We both decided that we'd like to recreate that first encounter and have a good spanking session to boot. Our first spanking occurred in his apartment. We may have to rent a deserted island somewhere so we don't upset the other hikers, huh?

Hermione: I remember reading a short passage in a spanking anthology about an engaged couple who were walking through a park. He decides to spank her for some transgression and, sitting down on a bench, puts her over his knees. Then he discovers she is not wearing panties, and that leads to a scolding and a harder spanking. When it is over, they kiss passionately, oblivious to the gathered onlookers. I think it would be fun to recreate that scene.

Prefectdt: Not being able to play at home, there is a small city, less than two hours drive or train ride away, where special rooms can be hired. Some very interesting shops are located there and it is a center for other kinksters. The city also has a lovely, historic center and is generally a nice place to be between spanking adventures. So my favourite play destination is Antwerp. I wish that I could spend more time there.

Lil Sam: Sailor and I have a special cove at our favorite beach where we like to go to here in Canada. Unfortunately, we were not into spankings the last time we were there. I would love a spanking there.

There is also a special place at the beach near his home in the states that is very exciting as well.

Kel: So far, everyone is missing the intent of my question. I would like to learn about specific places, with real names and addresses where one might choose to go.

My favorite is the Richmond Hill Inn in Ashville, NC. They don't have cabins or cottages off to themselves, but they do have wonderful rooms, and when I have been there they have had a lot of vacancies. If the rooms on either side of you are unoccupied, you should be in good shape.

Jane: Sorry, Kel, I cannot give the specifics of my place, but I'm sure there are others like it.

I discovered my place last fall when, arriving home after a weekend spent with relatives (no spanking), my boyfriend's daughter was home and showed no sign of going out. We decided to go "berry picking" in the back woods. We found a tree that had fallen over and was sturdily lodged at the right height. I had a wonderful spanking bent over that tree. It has not yet been repeated due to winter weather, but I am hoping for another now that spring has arrived (we'll have to wait for leaves for privacy). Even when no spankings occur, just walking past the tree makes me smile. I hope that tree stays in place for a few more years!

Our Bottoms Burn: OK, Kel, The Cedar Grove Inn is a specific establishment in Vicksburg, MS. There are lots of room decors to choose from.

Daisy: A specific place? I prefer my husband's apartment in the USA. Or anywhere else we could actually BE TOGETHER. Sorry, I'm in a bad place right now. I'm missing him so much...

Aw Daisy, I hope your wish comes true, and soon!

Ronnie: I have no particular favourite location. I've been spanked countless times on holiday or on business trips abroad which I always like. Hotel spankings are great, including worrying about the noise, *knowing* all the other guests must surely know I've been spanked, and blushing when I pass anyone on our floor.

P always threatens a few days in a remote log cabin, but we never get around to it. An al fresco spanking in the woods also appeals to me, deep where no one would disturb us, bent over a fallen tree trunk, jeans and pants down and spanked, hard and simple.

We've been in woods a few times and have come close, but we always seem to get interrupted. Maybe we need to find some different woods.

SatyrLover: I really love the woodsy spanking ideas. Sadly, my spankee is not a nature buff. We have in the past, and I would love to again soon, spank away on the beach at night. The beach we visit, Ocean City, MD, lays the lifeguard stands on their sides at night. Bending her over that and making her bottom glow is always a much appreciated fantasy come true.

Raheretic: My favorite is in a chalet in the woods in the mountains above Gatlinburg, Tennesee. Tennesee just seems to be an area that just screams spanking what with its Southern US location and Bible belt orientation.

The woods constitute a fabulous switch garden and I adore having a spankee go out and cut a supply of switches either to use right there on the spot in the woods, or to be bound, three at a time, into switch rods for a sound flogging back in the chalet (or both:).

It always results in a wonderfully well whipped lady.

Texringer: I would love a beach setting, probably harking back to growing up on the Texas coast. It's always that possible the bottom could be wet from the dip in the bay when the spankings happened. I prefer a nice little secluded spot among the dunes with space for a campfire for the evening. There could be several spankings over the time we were there. And, it's always possible that someone might come along and see me being spanked.

OK, Kel, here are more specific directions: Padre Island (either the open part or the national seashore) on the Texas coast. (Not South Padre Island, the area near Corpus Christi).

Thomas: Okay, this probably isn't quite the answer that you're looking for, but my favorite spanking getaway (and Cookie's, now) is my yearly trip to Texas for the Texas Allstate Spanking party. I always come back rife with stories to share on my blog of the people that I've met and the girls that I've spanked. I just got back from this year's trip last week, and I probably have enough material to keep my blog filled for a month. :D

I think that's a perfectly fine answer and you and Cookie have the tales to prove it! I look forward to reading more.

Anon: There is a particular cabin in the woods of northern Georgia. It's secluded, but well kept. No prying ears...

R Humphries: Sadly, due to family and business commitments, we don’t get away as much as we used to. But Kel, if you’re looking for spanko friendly hotels check out the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco, La Colombe d’Or right here in Houston, or a little further afield, the Loungueville Manor on the Channel Island of Jersey. I have spent spanko indulgent weekends with My Beloved Jojo at all of these without complaint or disturbance. They’re all great hotels, a little on the special end, but if you book wisely in advance, you can get great deals.

Jean Marie: There is a place in the central coastal area of California called the Madonna Inn. Every room has a different theme. A former boyfriend and I once stayed in a room that resembled a cave that really brought the hulking brute out in him.

In San Diego is the Hotel del Coronado. It's very upscale and was built long ago. You not only have a gorgeous beach to frolic upon (I've been spanked there on three occasions, followed by long, loud sexual encounters and have not been disturbed), but you are certain that all your surrounding neighbors hear every swat and yelp in the old style rooms.

I just took a field trip of elementary school students to Washington, D.C. Seeing stern Abe Lincoln sitting in his memorial in that straight-backed chair, with those big, masculine hands started me fantasizing about crawling over his lap late, late at night so my lover could take pictures of my nude butt over his knee. After the pictures, I'd want Kyle to spank me until the echoing slaps drew the security force. Any place is a great spanking scenario!

Sarah: I've got this dream of renting a cottage in a remote Scottish glen. It's got a wee fenced garden, woods around the house, a trickling burn and hills beyond the woods. Just imagine the possibilities! A belting bent over the fence with a view to die for, indoor spankings, outdoor spankings, naked outdoor spankings at night, a brush to a wet bottom in the stream, switches galore! And best of all, just imagine lying over your partner's knee on top of a hill, getting a bare bottom spanking with miles and miles of beautiful view before your eyes and no one can hear your pathetic howling. Aaah, maybe next birthday...

Bonnie: Randy and I are fortunate to have many great spanking road trip memories. Since we've had a lot of beach and forest suggestions, I'll offer two that provide more of a desert experience. The first is La Posada de Sante Fe in Sante Fe, New Mexico. This is truly is the land of enchantment. If you've been, you know what I mean. If you haven't, Santa Fe is a genuine American original well worth the effort it takes to get there. By the way, the adobe walls seem to muffle sound quite nicely.

My second selection is the Sunriver Resort near Bend, Oregon (yes, the town's name has been a punchline for bawdy jokes throughout its existence). Even if you think you know the Beaver State (here we go again!), the beauty and solitude of the high desert might surprise you. Sunriver has a wide variety of accommodations to fit every need. During the off-season, there are some excellent bargains. Whether you choose to do your spanking indoors, outdoors, or in a lava tube (yes, we did!), opportunities abound.

Well, Kel, there you have it. That should be enough fun destinations to keep you busy for many spanko vacations to come! Thanks, everyone, for contributing your excellent ideas.



If you think that "Bend" is a town name that gets some giggles, try copying and pasting this address, of a little place in the south west of England, that I stopped off at once.


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