Monday, March 22, 2010

Implement Stories: Darren and Janet

After an unanticipated pause, let's return to Implement Stories. Today's installment is brought to you by our friends Darren and Janet from Doonstartwo.

Being the gentlemen he is, Darren very occasionally allows Janet to choose the implement of her correction – and when she does, she almost invariably picks the riding crop.

A blushing Janet purchased this many years ago from Fenwicks in Piccadilly Circus for the express purpose of chastising her firm mature curves. We don’t possess a horse and haven’t ridden in 25 years. From his conspiratorial – though scrupulously polite - smile, we reckon the assistant sells a lot of crops for the same reason.

Janet can’t explain the why it’s her favourite beyond the fact of what the crop isn’t. In particular it isn’t a cane, her bête noire – a hairbrush, or "too harsh."

From a spanker’s perspective, the beauty of the flexible shaft and wicked little leather flaps is the amount of control that can be exercised in application. The crop is primarily for fun rather than disciplinary purposes, allowing a slow steady build up of heat, precise targeting, and the ability to visit (carefully…) damper parts of one’s wife’s anatomy, the better to counterpoint the contrast between pain and pleasure.

This picture was taken during a weekend at a distinctly up market "boutique" hotel in a beautiful southern English country town, just the place to indulge the pleasures of consensual CP without interruption.

Thank you, Darren and Janet for sharing your implement and its story.

If you would like to see a favorite spanking toy featured here on MBS, send me a photograph and a few words about it. I'd be delighted to help you show off your discovery!


Hermione said...

A weekend at a boutique hotel with that delicious-looking riding crop would be my idea of heaven.

Thanks for sharing!


Scunge said...

Ah the riding crop,sometimes it IS yummy and other times not so much. In My Sir's hands it can be quite the wicked instrument. :)

ronnie said...

I do love the crop and a weekend in a hotel, perfect.

Thanks for sharing the story.


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