Monday, March 08, 2010

Implement Stories: Hermione

The first installment of Implement Stories for 2010 features our good friend, Hermione.

Our local thrift shop is a treasure trove of spanking possibilities. These previously-loved paddles may once have held many fond memories of a summer vacation. Who knows what sights they have seen, and what fun they have been part of? They came without an accompanying projectile, so I assume their intended target was something other than a little white ball.

Because they are a matched pair, there are so many possibilities. If one paddle is accidentally misplaced or hidden, the other one will be ready for action. If one breaks or wears out, we have a spare. And the thought of being spanked with two paddles at the same time leaves me quite breathless.

It does look as if the man is chasing the woman with paddle in hand, doesn't it?

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