Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In with the New: Hoping for Spring Edition

Today, for your reading enjoyment, we present a sweet sixteen collection of new spanking-oriented blogs. I invite you to visit these new members of our community and welcome them with your supportive comments.

Bryanna Cox's Spanking Blog
Chelsea's Journal
Corner Time Stories
Dublin Paolo Spanking
Dyke Spank
Growing Through Submission
Irelynn vs. the World
Loved and Led
Naughty Catherine
Peter Martin's Blog
Spanking Pixie's Picture Archive
Spanking Starlets
The Adventures of Rusty Nale
The Marine's Wife
Traditional Romance Stories

Several of these blogs are published by old friends in new places. Others are first time bloggers. Either way, we wish you great success and lasting fulfillment!


ronnie said...

Thanks Bonnie, will pop over and say hello.


D's s said...

Hello, thank you so much for this! I've just discovered you listed me here through adding google analytics and you've given me 947 referrals so far- wow!

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