Monday, February 22, 2010

Keyword Chaos: Dawn of the Decade Edition

Keyword Chaos is my husband's favorite blog feature. So for you, Honey, and all MBS readers, here are more of those unusual search phrases that inexplicably bring people to our little corner of cyberspace.
  • adult spanking reasons – (1) We like it, (2) We need it, (3) It works

  • bdsm first thing in morning is a paddling – No way. Pee first, paddle afterward

  • bdsm nicknames sugestions – I'm partial to Spike. What do you think?

  • Bonnie wife spank – I don't have a wife, but if I did, she could help with the housework

  • cheap leather spanking paddles – Don't waste your money. A paddle needs to be tough enough to stand up to serious punishment

  • conical nipples at playboy magazine – Man, are you in the wrong place!

  • describe your panties – If you simply must know, they are pastel blue, high cut cotton briefs

  • diaper discipline your hubby forever – Forever seems like a really long time

  • diciplining your secretary – I think you should be nice to her because she knows how to spell and you don't

  • diy whipping bench – How is anyone supposed to whip themselves when they are tied to a bench?

  • erotic spank vibrator paddle lap red panties spread – I wonder if it's the vibrator, paddle, lap, or panties that gets spread

  • extreme bare bottom paddle spankiongs – How is an extreme bare bottom different from one that is merely bare?

  • female readers discuss their spankings – Here at MBS, we let men talk too

  • get a spanking in Nevada – The travel and tourism people will love this slogan

  • hands bound blow job – Let's think about this, people. If she slips, there is only one thing to grab onto and only one way to do it

  • her first real spanking – She found the experience very different from those artificial spankings

  • hiney licking images – Isn't that what you're supposed to do when someone is choking?

  • housewives spanking party – Who knew Tupperware made implements?

  • how to be sarcastic someone asks for sex picture – I prefer the ancient art of Jujitsu where adversaries can be vanquished using their own stupidity

  • how to present for wpqnking – Yeah, our kitty walks on the keyboard too

  • I got spanked on my bare bottom by another guy – And you just had to share it, so you told your search engine

  • I want my bottom smacked in Sydney – I'm sure people have traveled halfway around the world for lesser reasons

  • man spanks nabber wife – Nabber [n] One who nabs

  • maritage spanking foreplay – Heritage + Marriage = Maritage

  • moonfruit Bonnie – Hey, that wasn't me! My pants have been on all day

  • most brutal spanking positions – There are plenty of horrific things you can do to someone, but why?

  • mush my wife – Pull your own damn sled!

  • my boyfriend knows I got spanked yesterday – His amnesia is improving each day

  • my boyyom smarts – As I keep telling the people selling those enhancement products, I don't even have a boyyom

  • ouch spanking memories – All of my spanking memories involve ouch

  • paddle quiet spank – I seriously doubt that

  • paintie spankings – Those big stir sticks really sting

  • panty school spankings – I've always wondered what I missed by not attending panty school

  • positions for male/male spaning – Is that what the kids call it nowadays?

  • Randyisms – How cool is it that someone came here to drink in my husband's words of wisdom?

  • secure spanking positions – Step one: lock the door

  • sell your gf pussy as punishment – Once it's gone, we'll see who feels punished

  • sexual benefits of adult spanking – You spank, then you have sex. The benefits should be apparent

  • slow spanking video – I'm picturing super slow motion like a nature film right at the moment of impact

  • spank me as an adult with bare bottom – Are there any adults who don't have bare bottoms?

  • spank me in my gyno chair – Oh, no. That's a hard limit – No stirrups!

  • spank plus wedgie tube – There are some very specialized video sites these days

  • spanked nude by family members – Who is this family, the Mansons?

  • spanked women pantyhosed butt – I got totally pantyhosed last night!

  • spanking addicts – I wonder if the rehab counselors make them count out all twelve steps aloud

  • spanking implement doesn't bruise – They break once in a while, but I've never seen an implement get bruised

  • spanking jokes – A man walks into a bar with Katie Spades on his shoulder...

  • true bareass spanking confessions – Doesn't this sound like a great title for a pulp magazine?

  • wife spanked in public stories – So were these public stories etched in marble at the courthouse or something?

  • wifes who put submissive husbands in womens clothes – If women's clothing is supposed to represent inferiority, why is it so %#@* expensive?

  • women spanked on girdle – This was a very miserly dom. He made them share the girdle

  • – I think preserves might be involved

  • your most terrifying spanking ever – The thought of never getting spanked is scarier than any spanking I've experienced


Miss Jules said...

Those are truly hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, Bonnie. :-)

Indy said...

Ah, hands-bound blow job is definitely my favorite. Although perhaps the most potentially painful activity you've ever written about here on MBS!

Scunge said...

I agree about the hands-bound BJ your comment made me laugh out loud. The imagery alone! :) Thanks for making a sore-assed Monday a bit better Bonnie!

Keagen said...

Thank you so much for the laugh, Bonnie! I almost sprayed my water all over my screen (but managed to keep from laughing) at a couple of these.

mush my wife – Pull your own damn sled!

Was a personal favorite. :-D

Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Moonfruit, you've outdone yourself once again. :-D -- Erica

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

The Tupperware catalogue in the coffee room never fails to excite me - all those plastic pervertables!

You get such creative searches. Maybe you should contribute some to


Anonymous said...

After a rubbish day- you really, really made me chuckle. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Monday sucked - till now. Love your answers!! Thanks,

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