Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beauty Treatment

Here's an amusing spanking snippet from Friday evening. When I remember to activate our little recorder device, I often pick up dialogue that I would not otherwise have accurately recalled.

I was lying across Randy's lap at the edge of our bed. The hem of my skirt was around my chest and my panties were bunched up at mid-thigh. Randy had just completed several minutes of tribute to my rounded bareness through the vigorous application of a small, firm leather paddle.

It hurt, of course. My spankings always do. But it was a warm, sweet, stinging sort of ouch, and the kind I crave every so often. The accompanying physical contact made the experience better still.

So there I was, thoroughly spanked, but in position for more if he determined that was appropriate. I didn't know at the time whether this was a break in the spanking or the beginning of foreplay.

R: Y'know, Bon, you have the perfect bottom. (He kissed me right where he had just been paddling moments before).

B: Mmmmm

R: Nature made you to be spanked. Look here (tracing with his hands). Your bottom is the place where you are the widest right to left. It's also where you are deepest front to back...

B: So I have a big butt.

R: Well, uh...

B: It's OK. I know.

R: (recovering now) These curves are just magnificent, a work of art. How could I not want to touch you and spank you?

B: Did you ever think that my big bottom could be my body's natural defense against years of spankings?

R: So that would mean... Oh! If I spank you harder and more often, you will become even more beautiful! What a cool concept!

B: Ow! Ow!

R: It's a win-win proposition.

B: That's not what I... Yeeow!

R: We could make a lot of money with this new system.

B: (now laughing and yelping both)

R: I think it only really works with hard swats.

B: Aaaaaah!

R: Your beauty is rising before my eyes.

B: Ohhhhhh...

I can assure you that I was quite “beautiful” in his eyes before the evening was concluded.

I later mentioned to Randy the upcoming male holiday, Steak and a BJ Day. He had heard of it. His comment was, “I don't need a steak.”

I think the best spankings are those that involve the element of fun.


Sara said...

Very cute! Yes, fun spanking banter is the best!

Hermione said...


I once read a story in Penthouse Variations that had to do with spanking as a weight-loss treatment for large bottoms. It seems Penthouse was wrong.

I'm sure Ron would love to celebrate the holiday you mentioned, as he's a big fan of both. What's the date?


Elle said...

Great again! I love when the tape recorder is involved.

And steak and a BJ day is
March 14th.

Anonymous said...

"I don't need a steak." What a perfectly clever response. I laughed out loud.

The Kama Mama said...

Hee hee. Very sexy pillow talk.

ronnie said...

LOL great banter Bonnie. Thanks for sharing.

Never heard of Steak and BJ Day, will definitely bookmark the date.


Anonymous said...

All I can do is smile and imagine how nice it is to be so perfect for each other.


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