Sunday, December 20, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #205

Happy holidays and welcome to a special edition of our weekly brunch!

This is a season when exchanging gifts is not only traditional, but practically mandated. The expectation of generosity, even if it is never spoken, along with the logistics required to gather so many presents can contribute to holiday stress.

For our brunch, we hope to leave those burdens behind us and focus on non-material gifts that convey our true feelings.

What small things do you do to demonstrate your affection for your partner during this holiday season or anytime? How do you make him or her feel loved? What do you wish and hope your partner will do for you?

I know everyone is busy, so we'll make this as easy as possible. Just jot down some ideas in a comment below and I will assemble them into an edited summary. I look forward to reading your ideas for a sexy, fun celebration!


Lil Sam said...

Well, first of all, I would just love to have him home, but not going to happen til Jan.
But...If he were... My sailor loves to have his feet and calves massaged. I would wake him by gently massaging his calves to his feet, until he woke, then a deeper foot massage, up his calves, thighs sliding around to his hip, then slide down and start again. Sailor man is very touchy in these areas, and I do so love to tease him, I know that would gaurentee a trip across his knee, with lots of loving to follow
Darn I have to wait til middle of Jan
Merry Christmas every one
Hugs Lil Sam

Scunge said...

This is our first Christmas together,so I am crocheting him a scarf(which he needs today so far over 2 feet of snow here we don't usually get much here)in his University colors. Will probably give him lots of back and neck rubs as well. :)

Hermione said...

To help make the season less stressful for my husband, I do some of his gift shopping and most of the wrapping, except for my presents. I also bake his favourite treats. In return, he buys the turkey and is in charge of the big Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals.

On a personal level, Ron enjoys head massages, so I give him plenty of those, and he reciprocates with backrubs for me. What do I wish and hope for? Spankings!

Meow said...

Since Lash will be working on the holiday, I try to make it easier for him by being cheerful and flexible with scheduling. I'll even try to hang around his workplace in case we can spend some time together. Loving each other doesn't require a particular celebration on a particular day - just keeping each other in our hearts! Meow

Erudite Hayseed said...

Small things, really. My girlfriend and I are celebrating our first Christmas living together, and we've come upon a few things that we do.

I cook for her every chance I get. She works at a restaurant, so I don't like for her to have to look at food when she gets home. I make her a vodka/cranberry when she needs it. Rub her feet, minor things.

She wraps gifts for me, mainly because I'm so bad at it. She gives me a back rub every night before sleep.

And as always, spankings are free and they seem to allow her the ability to shrug off the stress if a day spent shopping or working. So that happens often.

Anonymous said...

Being elderly and fully "domesticated," I do a lot of the cooking and cleaning. I give my wife a back massage with the Hitachi wand most nights, and sometimes a back rub in the morning as she wakes. I'd wish for a spanko relationship, but no dice, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

During Channukah, The Festival of Lights, every nightfall, we light the Menorah (eight branched candle holder with a ninth lead candle) together. We sing the traditional holiday songs with each other. Then we enjoy a meal of potato pancakes with sour cream, apple sauce and cinnamon. Winter is a cold dark time of the year. We make it a point to celebrate the light of Channukah as both a symbol of Divine intervention, when and as needed in the course of human events; and the light and warmth each of us brings to each other's life. Then we call our son, daughter, daughter in law and grandson to chat. This doesn't sound like anything special. But when you stop to think about it, family life is a miracle. However universal or commonplace it may be, that doesn't deflect or reduce it's miraculous presence in our lives. It is the simple pleasures that over time mean the most.

R Humphries said...

Hi guys ... I really just wanted to stop by and wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year ... this season My Beloved Jojo and I will being hosting for family and friends so spanking activities are generally curtailed, although I'm sure she'll get the occasional crack on the bum with a wooden spoon in the kitchen ... at Chez Humphries I am 'ze 'ead chef' but the kitchen is always the central gathering point and I shall have no shortages of sous chefs and bottle-washers ... Jojo likes surprises so I always like to pick out her gifts and even wrap them myself ... generally we just enjoy the splendid treasure of being surrounded by the company of family and friends ... be safe ... enjoy ... Cheers ... RH and Jojo

Anonymous said...

I start my gift search in early November to be sure to have time to get her something good that she actually wants. I make up a coupon book for things like back rubs, oil massages, and foot rubs, as well as bottom related play. The fine print makes them payable on demand, and includes a form to request additional coupons. This year rather than individual coupons, I made a checkbox for the needed service. I put them in her stocking.
Merry Christmas, you are a great group of people.

ronnie said...

Touching, I'm a touchy person, I often go up to him and put my arms around him. Massages, loves me to massage him.
P loves to walk and I make sure I go with him even though I don't always feel like it.

He often cooks for me but both of us being healthy, in work and P being around is enough for me. He doesn't have to do anything special.
A spanking wouldn't go a miss though.


Elle said...

I try to help my man avaoid as much stress as possible. I find I become much mroe responsible; taking care of business that I would nornammy leave for him. I am trying to make these things habitual year round, not just for the Holidays.

He also loves back scratches, so I try to remember to do tha as much as possible.

LU said...

well, this is Ru and I's first Christmas together. We already had or Christmas day together. I took the day off work so we could be together all day. I made him pancakes and did not leave his side all day, and most of the day i only had on a robe....which he requested...LOL. We laid together on the couch or the bed all day. we talked and loved and shared. i don't think either of us could have asked for a better day. lots of touching and hugging and kissing and love making and nakedness....Ru has a thing abt me naked. it was a great day.

Not My Original Vows said...

My hubby is gone this holiday season, but he is in my heart. I spoil my hubby all the time, and not just during the holidays. I do it because I love him, not because I have too. He also reciprocates. I am lucky to have married such an amazing man.

Anonymous said...

This is our 28th Christmas together. We show our love for each other on a daily basis. My husband drives truck and his presence on Christmas is always "iffy". I try to eliminate stress from the home front as much as possible and he reciprocates tenfold by handling all household maintenance issues that I have difficulties with. We may not be together every day but we're very secure in our relationship and aiming for many more years together.


Anonymous said...

This year I got L a beautiful black suede desk chair, executive style, with a very high back, nicely padded arms, and a generously sized seat. You rarely see them in suede, and he loves it. For the past five years he's had this 'ergonomically designed" chair which cost more than this, but is far less comfortable.

It's only defect appears to be that the shape makes it impractical for spanking, but we have other spank-friendly furniture, so it's not a biggie.

I'm hiding it till Friday in the storage cubicle in the basement of our building.

BlushingBride said...

We just make sure that no matter how busy this time of year is, we make the effort to go to bed at the same time to cuddle, spank and / or have sex on a daily basis. Which activity depends on our mood and energy level at the end of the day, and often it's just snuggling together in bed. Even if one of us then ends up getting back up after the other has fallen asleep to finish some task or other, having that time to reconnect and relax with one another is key for us.

Anonymous said...

I show my love to my hubby every day. I get up a half hour before him so I can make his coffee,lunch and breakfast. Then I go in to our room with a cup of coffee and wake him gently. I'll stay with him till hes dressed then I give him his breakfast. Followed by a kiss and handing him lunch hes out the door for work.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I crocheted a (timely) hat, but I keep thinking about the gift that was in his giving me spankings for Christmas

Have lurked for some time, but wanted to say it today. Happy holidays!

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