Thursday, October 22, 2009

Keyword Chaos: Writer's Block Edition

Keyword Chaos strikes again. Here are some search phrases that somehow brought people to MBS.
  • different tickling positions - Really, who knew?

  • discipline bride, spanking, sex - Though not necessarily in that order

  • doggy style punishment - Please don't hit me on the nose with a newspaper

  • even though you're adult spanking is still possible - It's more than just possible

  • family paddling discipline wife - The family that flays together stays together

  • free lessons on how to spank your wife - Where's Arthur Murray when we need him?

  • homemade thong brush spanking - I wonder which part is homemade?

  • how to spank without damaging skin - Consider a cold shower

  • how to stop the wooden paddle of bakers to burn - Don't use it as a spanking implement

  • I must spank my wife - You really need to just ignore those voices in your head

  • kinky progressive girl commercial - You'll need a trampoline, a pogo stick, and a bushel basket of turnips

  • Mandy skirts up panties down spanking stories - It's got to be Mandy. Mindy stories simply won't do.

  • mechanical spankers - Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

  • naughty playful little girls adult spanking - OK, let's make up our minds here. Naughty or playful? Little girls or adults?

  • pail relief spanking therapy - I'm still not fully recovered from that traumatic trip to the beach last summer

  • spanked in her foundation garments - Discipline must be built upon a firm foundation

  • spanking beanches - Bean nachos? Beatrice branches? Beat ranches?

  • spanking naughty sissies - Of course no one would bother spanking the well-behaved sissies

  • spanking shame massage - Say what?

  • spanking simulators - I can't imagine that would be very satisfying

  • spanking wife types - If she can type and spank at the same time, that's some serious multi-tasking

  • spanking your bitch - You leave that pooch alone!

  • spankos shoe inserts - There's a whole other world out there

  • trailers of first time spankings - I have to think that most first time spankings don't happen in mobile homes

  • whack your wift - Oh, hello Elmer

  • young wives get bare bottom spankings - Old wives take what we can get

  • extended wear butt plug - Another fine product from Bausch and Lomb

  • pleated school skirt humiliated - You pathetic piece of cloth! Your plaid is crooked, your pleats are wrinkled, and you're way too short!

  • adult pankings - My dictionary tells me that pank is a Croatian word meaning punk. So adult panking must be some sort of messy Balkan age regresssion

  • Bonnie's bare bubble butt - For your information, my bubble butt is fully clothed right now

  • curing spank fantasy - Cure? Why in the world would we want to cure that?

  • did you have a red bottom after the spanking - Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

  • experiences of housewives who get still spankings - As opposed to those who move around?

  • fun loving punishment for my man - Never the twain shall meet, or so I thought

  • I need adult stories about Anakin and Padme - That's a whole different blog

  • I spanked my wife - Congratulations and I hope you both enjoyed the experience

  • is spanking girlfriend disrespectful? - Not if she likes it

  • Kate James spanko - Right you are

  • Miss Lucy scheduled spanking - She can work you in next Tuesday at 4:20

  • rasta cheerleading spanks - Mon, you really need to lighten up on the ganga

  • reluctantly putting on silky panties - The cotton pair gets so jealous

  • sex positions illustrated - I wonder what's going to be in the swimsuit edition this year

  • skinny ass to bubble butt - All it took was a quart of chocolate ice cream every night for a month

  • spanking horse butts pics - Beating a 1500 pound animal sounds like a huge mistake

  • spanking stories about bones - She's red, Jim

  • spanking t-shirt pants white socks - What do white socks...? Wait. Never mind. Don't explain it.

  • Spanko decor - I could totally write a post about Nuevo Spanko Style

  • the female bottom is designed to spank - Yeah, that's what Randy always tells me

  • what is the spanking present position? - That's where you lie naked over the kitchen table with a bow stuck onto your bottom

  • what were you spanked with? - A trailing preposition

  • why do I want to spank myself? - Because you haven't found a suitable partner yet

  • why does my husband smack my bum in public? - Because he knows you like it

  • wif spank - Swing and a miss, strike one!

  • Roman spanking - Just hope they don't make you count the strokes


Anonymous said...

As usual, really entertaining. I bet you have a good time thinking up the responses.

Anonymous said...

My favorite: "She's red, Jim."

Hermione said...

That's funny, Mick, because it took me a while to get that one. But I laughed at "Danger, Danger Will".


Ally said...

I love your keyword chaos posts, very funny!

Scunge said...

I love the present idea!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, once again, you had me howling. I had no idea Bausch and Lomb made butt plugs! LOL -- Erica

LU said...

as always, love it! my fav was "she's red, jim" too. i laughed out loud and scared my dog!! LOL!!


A. Lurker said...

I can't get the visual of "Roman Spanking" out of my head!

He raises her toga over her head exposing her bottom. The order to count each stroke is given and he starts flogging.
"I", "II", "III", "VI".
"That was only "IV", he says. "We will start the count again"


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