Monday, September 14, 2009

In with the New: Harvest Edition

September is definitely a great time to launch a spanking-oriented blog. As proof, I offer you sixteen excellent new blogs. I invite all MBS readers to check these out. If you find something you like, I encourage you to share your words of praise and support in the form of comments.

Domestic Discipline Podcast
Erotic Flash Fiction
Externally Motivated Wife
Freedom to Submit
Jules and Miranda Roleplay Spanking
Mischief Managed
Prayers and Pashminas
Rambling Thoughts and Other Stuff
Sara's Kink
SM Maupin
Spank Me Hard! Please?
The Art of Corporal Punishment
The Mystery Minx
Voice in the Corner
Where the Stories Live
Winterbrook Hall

We happily welcome all of you to our community! I hope your blogging experience will be beneficial and fun.


Spanky said...

Thanks for mentioning our new team blog, Erotic Flash Fiction Bonnie! As soon as I saw my stats this morning, I knew it was "In with the New" day again!


Hermione said...

That looks like a whole lot of delightful reading (and spanking). I can't wait to visit them all.


ronnie said...

Lovely Bonnie, thanks.


Freddie W said...

new to the blog and it's fantastic

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie for the props. You are the best darlin' and not just for your lovely bottom. I've been an admirer for years before I decided to spin off a spanking blog. You sent 267 spankos my way yesterday and I hope they all got what they deserved. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie :) Thanks for including my stories blog on your fabulous list! I hope to add a couple of more installments of the Malcolm and Jaye saga to celebrate :) You are appreciated. CD

Anonymous said...

Whoops! My stories blog is 'Where The Stories Live' :) Thanks again, CD

MissBonnie said...

From one Bonnie to another Bonnie...Great blog. I'm looking forward to playing catch up and reading it all


Anonymous said...

A good selection, but we still think that Doonstar in your previous list is by far the best recently.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie. Been reading for some time and decided to come out from the shadows. Thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

You are like the spanking blog Goddess or Queen. Everyone knows you and quotes you. I've started a blog,
Cookie from The Cookie Jar is helping me a lot with it. I met her at SpankoLife where I went because I saw it here. I hope I can blog just a fraction as well as you do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you so much for mentioning my new blog. I'm such an idiot though ... I regretfully thought your site was focused on recipes with a side dish of spanking (being a woman who has honestly started 4 fires in the kitchen, I hesitated to visit). Lurvspanking provided a link & now it feels like my birthday this morning! Thanks for the new readers & a fun site!! Can't wait to revisit.

My best, KayLynn

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