Sunday, September 20, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #192

Once in a while, it's fun to revive a favorite topic. Given the proximity of my birthday, this one seemed like a natural.

There is one spanking ritual that is very familiar even in the vanilla world. It is, of course, the birthday spanking. That is our topic for this week's discussion.

Do you and your partner engage in birthday spankings? If so, how and when are these spankings administered?

Have you been present when presumably vanilla friends initiated birthday spankings? As a spanko, how did you react?

If you would like to submit a contribution to our brunch discussion, please leave a comment below. Once everyone has provided their thoughts, I will publish a summary of our conversation.


Anonymous said...

My birthday is in a few days so I am looking forward to my very first birthday spanking! I'll let you know how it goes...

Anonymous said...

For my birthday, I think I'm going to give Lynda a spanking :).

pammie said...

I remember receiving birthday spankings from my father when I was kid--under 12 years old, of course. This year was the first year since then that I got a birthday spanking. We didn't have any ritual, but it was a multi-dimensional experience-- a little OTK with his hand, a little paddling, and my first experience with the cane. What fun. I think it's a great birthday tradition!

A.S.S. said...

We've enjoyed birthday spankings since we first got together... with Suzy talking both hers and mine. The "naughty" years get a little extra hard swat (terrible 2s, "sweet" 16 and so on). Always one to "grow on" too. Last year we were spending the weekend with some spanko friends on Suzy's birthday, so there were lots of birthday spankings. A lot of fun. Have always kept birthday spankings playful and pretty similar to how "vanillas" might do it.

Speaking of vanilla birthday spankings, we've both been around quite a few. Hasn't happened in a long time now though. Really weren't fully in touch with being spankos back then. Maybe it's not politically correct anymore. Know as kids a teacher wouldn't blink about giving a "birthday spanking." Now, they have to think twice before touching a kid's shoulder. A different world.

Happy early birthday, Bonnie! Seeing you get a birthday spanking would be a real treat.

~Todd & Suzy

Spanky said...

Kallisto always insists on receiving a birthday spanking! I think last year I administered it with our large wooden paddle, but am not sure. Turn about is not fair play in our case, as she knows better than to try and spank me on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

I got a birthday spanking in school one time- kindergarten. The teacher had a special heart shaped pillow which had some birthday wish on it (I can't remember what it said- it has been nearly 15 years since I was in kindergarten!) and if the birthday child wanted he or she would lay across the teachers lap and she would very gently pat the child's (fully clothed, obviously) behind 5 or 6 times depending on the age. Then we got cupcakes. I'm sort of surprised it was okay in a public school in the mid-nineties, now that I think about it.

Indy said...

I had my first birthday spanking (that I remember, anyway) last year, when I turned 43. I remember that I got a particularly hard swat on 21-- and for balance, of course, 22. I remember thinking, OMG, we're barely halfway there and feeling old for the first time since I turned 30. The other thing I noticed was that, in addition to the one to grow on, there was one added for luck. I think that's a devious spanko ploy, as I'd never heard of that before!

This year, a blogger I like quite a bit was looking for volunteers to take a birthday spanking in her honor. We share the same birthday, and she is literally half my age, so I graciously volunteered to take hers instead of mine.

Predictably, I ended up taking hers in addition to mine. Twice, as I recall...

Indy said...

A very happy birthday to you, Bonnie!

Hermione said...

We don't do birthday spankings. I always ask for one, but somehow that request falls on deaf ears. Maybe someday!

LU said...

kind of funny story. my birthday this year was what actually gave me the courage to out my self as a spanko to Ru. we kept kidding around abt a birthday spanking and he told me i would get a one....well, it did not really turn out the way i was hoping, but it certainly opened the door for me. he ended up giving me a few swats in the morning, a few on our picnic i think, and a few more later that night, they were very light and playful and did come close to my age, but hey, like i said it paved the way for me and we both had a lot of fun with it teasing each other. Next year.....i am sure it will a good one!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONNIE!!! i always love a birthday!

Lurvspanking said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie and many happy returns over his knee.

In our house birthdays are given with great pleasure and returned with even greater pleasure. I face a high number with the paddle next month and I can't wait.

I'll write a birthday spanking story in your honor Bonnie for tomorrow.

I can't recall witnessing any birthday spankings in person at least in recent decades.


And Bonnie, in the last seven days you've sent 1,500 spankos to my blog and I am eternally grateful for linking me and all the love and devotion you have for the online writers who love spankings.

Anonymous said...

My Master's birthday is only a few weeks away! I certainly hope he thinks about warming my bottom to celebrate ;-)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Happy Birthday to us Bonnie!

Every year Becall and I bend the other over for birthday swats. It's a fun tradition.

Thomas_III said...

Since I use just about any reason to initiate a spanking, it's only natural that birthday spankings are on the menu. Giving someone else my birthday spanking is actually one of the only things that I ever do to celebrate my own birthday.

I remember some birthday spankings given back in first grade, I think. (It was a private school, not public.) I think that I remember a few others spread around the years, but none particularly memorable. Though, if I knew it was a cute vanilla girl's birthday, I'd happily offer to give her a "birthday spanking" just for the chance to swat her bottom.

Anonymous said...

Birthday spankings are the only joy in my getting older. Mine last year made turning 30 bearable, though I couldn't sit afterward (so we found a better position).

A former boyfriend was a strip-o-gram stripper, and he said that numerous vanilla girls asked him to spank them after his performance. He claimed that he never took advantage. I've never seen a vanilla birthday spanking administered, don't know if it'd turn me on as much as I imagine.

I hope that you have the happiest of celebrations, Bonnie!

Jean Marie

Muffin said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie!

This got us to thinking---it's been a long time since we've done birthday spankings, because we went for a long period of time that we went "vanilla," if you can imagine that! We both were dealing with some health problems. But as our birthdays aren't until the spring, it'll be March before we need a birthday spanking. I guess we could be outrageous and do an Anniversary Spanking next month, but it's still only 7 years, so that wouldn't be much of a spanking. So I guess we'll just have to wait for the spring, and then he can "LAY IT ON ME!" as Niko says on Spankingtube videos.

Birthday Hugs & Spanks,
Muffin & Mr.Darling

abby williams said...

Happy almost Birthday!

My second grade teacher (let's see, that would have been the 1985-1986 school year) used to give birthday spankings, but I can't remember if I actually was on the receiving end of one or if I just thought about it alot. I wonder if my spanking fetish is actually because I was programmed early on to think that after a spanking, the whole class would have cupcakes?

Sadly, if all the readers and writers in the spankosphere had been hoping for the resulting cupcakes on my birthdays recently, they would have gone hungry. I always have some debaucherous dinner on my birthday, and since the cane would be the preferred implement for both myself and Mr. W, we just can't do both. If you've ever been firmly spanked on a full stomach, you'll probably understand.



I have never had a real birthday spanking :(

It is one of my biggest ambitions, to receive a real birthday spanking, from an amateur enthusiast, actually on my birthday.


Anonymous said...

As promised for your Spanko Brunch Bonnie, a story called "Time for your birthday spanking". Hope you enjoy it and have a blessed Sunday.


Loki said...

I give my now wife(as of Aug 18th!) birthday spankings as much as I can. One of the best occured while we were still living with her mother. I was inspired a Futurama spankfic and recreated the birthday spanking in it. I gave my wife a few swats with each of my spanking toys up to her age plus one!

I did the same last year and was even better because that was the first time in our new home! Now I have to come up with a grand one for this year. It's going to be a special year for her. A milestone in her age and she is so proud of herself.

As for me, well I do get them too. Hopefully I will have a few new toys for her to use on me. My birthday is not too far off. October 8th to be exact!


Tiggs said...

We usually do the birthday spanking thing, with me receiving mine, Dante's and anyone else's that we find out about, lol. That's just me, always willing to give of myself freely, lol, taking spanks for anyone, anytime.

As with anything Dante does, there is never a set routine, time, rhyme or reason, and the spankings are always memorable!

BTW, Prefectdt, I would LOVE to give you that birthday spanking!!!! Sure wish we lived closer!

ronnie said...

We definitely birthday spankings in our house. Evey year is different, depends where we are.

The best one I can remember was when P spanked me with roses.

Have a lovely birthday Bonnie.


R Humphries said...

First of course Happy B'day to Bonnie ... Funnily enough despite Britain's spanking fixation the tradition of Birthday Spankings did not exist until the early 1980's (at least not to my knowledge) ... However it was catapulted into the headlines of the British press, who like these kind of things, when a certain member of the Royal Family visited the famous London spanking restaurant, 'School Dinners', to celebrate his birthday. Prince A. was hauled on stage and publicly spanked with a slipper to the delight of the Great Unwashed.

Of course RH immediately got in on the act and has embraced the tradition ever since ... Needless to say My Beloved Jojo stands in for me on my own birthday, which suits us both fine ... so thanks to the US of A for introducing me to this glorious tradition ... enjoy your birthday Bonnie ... Bottoms Up! ... RH

Betina said...

This year I got a spanking for my 34th b-day, but I'm not that lucky every year. Actually I got it a few days after my B-day as the kids were home that day. He decided on a 34 hand warm up followed by 34+1 with a dog leg brush. Juding by the heat of my seat I must have been "just a tad" naughty this year. Still loved it though. A few times I've even been lucky enough to recieve his spanking too. Love the tradition! As it is not a custom where I comefrom I have never witnesed it.

A. Lurker said...

1st time responding to your brunch but couldn't resist. My husband and I both have our birthday on the same day. We are both over 50 & I am always the spankee. You do the math!

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