Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Spanko Testimonial

The text that follows was written by RU from LU Through the Looking Glass. It's a gentleman's heartfelt expression of love and a powerful testament to how spanking can transform an intimate relationship. I thought these words were too inspiring not to share.

There is simply no amount of money in this world that comes close to the feeling I get when LU looks at me. The spark in her eyes, the look of love on her face, the touch that is completely electric. To this day, when she walks in a room, I swear my heart skips a beat. Seriously, these are no cheesy love song lyrics. It happens! This feeling has no equal. When you find it, it is the greatest treasure you will ever know. I have found it and will not let it go. Our initial reunions are always very intense after being apart for so long and building it up with our electronic flirting. It usually is only a matter of minutes before one of us pounces on the other one. This time I got pounced! She is an agile one... That LU!

So I know, you are saying about now... get to the spanking part. Share with me RU! As LU said, we had a couple of sessions. I would like to share a little about our second session. It was the most intense to date. I spend some time thinking about how I want LU to receive her quality spank time. This time it was blindfolded on the edge of the bed with a couple of pillows helping to prop up and present my target nicely. We had the most intense experience and took this opportunity to explore each other VERY, VERY thoroughly. All the while, she was blindfolded and enjoying an ever reddening bottom. We continued until neither one of us could take it any longer and proceeding into passionate lovemaking, followed by some serious lovemaking (choose your preferred word here). Apparently, spanking is the ultimate in foreplay for us. We keep it fun. She will giggle, but note that too much giggling may result in a firm smack!

Spanking draws LU out in ways I can’t describe. It frees her, relieves her stress, and as she shared (and to me for the first time), it has helped her to understand that she does not have to be this independent island, and does not have to carry life’s burdens alone. I love the intimacy and trust this has brought into our relationship. And well, seriously? Is there anything more amazing then the sight of your lover presenting and sharing herself with you in the most intimate of ways? That’s Hot!

So, guys, if your woman asks you for a spanking, what are you going to say?


LU said...

as the subject of the post, i would like to say, thanks Bonnie for being such an inspiration for us both and for sharing ru's lovely words.....he does get to me *sigh*.

for everyone else, if you haven't asked for it and you want it, you should. Write it down if it helps, that is what i did. for all of you men and women that are afraid to take that first step, or swat in this case, at least give it a try.... u might be pleasantly surprised.

Spanky said...

She doesn't have to ask anymore, she just gives me "the look" and we know it's time!



Anonymous said...

That is SO lovely! -- Erica

Hermione said...

I hope the guys say "Yes!"

Thanks for sharing that beautiful testimony.


Anonymous said...

Wow Bonnie! I am honored with your post. It means a lot to LU and I that you liked it. We are new to blogging and to spanking and have really enjoyed them both (in fairness ... I think the spanking part is more fun). It is enjoyable to see so many other simular people out there in the world. Thanks to all for sharing.

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing Bonnie, really lovely.


Sarah Jane said...

Thanks for posting this! It's always nice to see the love growing between a spanko couple...

Also, LU, I asked in an email my first time too. I didn't want to feel like a freak if I was rejected... happily, I wasn't!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

I have been on the receiving end of many a spanking from my dear wife. There has always been great satisifaction on my part.

The only time she wanted to switch was at a time of deep personal tragedy. The result was not what we had hoped it would be. She has never again suggested the slightest desire to give it one more try.

I would love to have her experience even the gentlest spanking I could give her. Having been married a very long time, I sense that she would enjoy it and - just maybe - take the next step.

If you have a comment, or suggestion, please let me know.

Hoping you have the weekend you want, or deserve!


Handsdown said...

I get the sense that my man has a hard time believing that I actually like being spanked. I think the idea still freaks him out a little bit, but he's stepped up to the couch/chair/bed/dresser/table/kitchen counter very well. Though I sometimes have to resort to calling him a sissy spanker to get what I want out of a session. That was lovely, though, Bonnie, and thanks for posting it. Thanks also to the writer.

Sabrina said...

Such an amazing description that only the ones that understand could write. Thank you for sharing.


Bonnie said...

LU - Thank you both for sharing your success. I have no doubt that other will find your example inspiring.

Spanky - I raise my glass in tribute!

Erica - Yes, I thought this prose was simply too sweet not to give its own post.

Hermione - Oh yeah. Guys, the correct answer is YES.

RU - Like it? I love it!

Ronnie - Isn't it wonderful?

Sarah Jane - Asking by carrier pigeon is OK, so long as you ask.

Red - There is no substitute for communication. Your best hope is straight, honest talk. If you tell her that you'll make it worth her while, you'll want to ensure that she knows what you mean.

It's important to choose the right time for such a discussion. In bed after lovemaking is a personal favorite. At that time, there are no walls and your connection is strong.

Assuming she agrees to try, presumably at a later time, you should do everything you can to make the occasion special (think candles, incense, chocolates, flowers, scented oil, card, gifts of lingerie, romantic music, etc.). If she's not into pain, then you have a responsibility to not hurt her, even a little. These steps will create an atmosphere where your wife will be receptive to what you want to show her.

Handsdown - I think it helps reluctant husbands and boyfriends to read a testimonial like this written by another man. This is definitely a great one.

Sabrina - Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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