Sunday, August 30, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #189

Hi everyone and welcome back. Our topic this week was contributed by a generous MBS reader.

Do you or your partner have any special preparations or rituals that immediately precede a spanking? If so, please describe these activities and how they enhance your experience.

When you're ready to enter your answer, just add a comment below. Once everyone has taken their turn, I will post an edited summary of our conversation.


Hermione said...

I wrote about our favourite ritual on my blog here. It enhances our experience by making us laugh, and that's the best way to start a spanking.


Love4her said...

My spankings have been pretty limited but the few I have been blessed with included a few "givens." At bedtime, she will take special care to wear panties and a bra that she knows make me crave her more than usual. She will also start in an open robe and heels that frame her lovely feet.

The spankings are brief and do not approach any limit I may have though I wish she could find in herself to explore that. It is really her loving and authoritative tone I crave and long to submit to. A voiceless spanking without that would be pointless. It would be a beating in my book.

A brief "talking to" about whatever she feels brought on the need for discipline, twenty or so playful swats with the wooden spoon ....MBS-March 11,2008 Implement Story.... then I must kiss the heels.... toes.... arches..... . Things work upwards from there to ensure her complete satisfaction.

Spnk MeRed said...

It isnt a big drawn out ritual(although sometimes it feels that way)...the old man will instruct me to get into the spanking position and i have to stay there and wait while he walks around getting any tools he wishes to use...i swear he walks at half his normal pace during this time

Keagen said...

There is not a set ritual as much as a process. When I'm about to get a disciplinary spanking, I'll hear the phrase, "We've got a couple things to address." My wrist will be seized, and I'll be taken to wherever the spanking is going to be given. I'm never allowed to walk there on my own; I'm always taken. It starts to set the mind-frame, "I'm not longer in control, or in charge." Once there, he'll sit down, and pull me into his lap. He'll cradle me close, and we'll talk. His goal is always to understand why I acted as I did, and to make sure *I* understand why I'm going to be put over his knee. After this, he'll guide me in front of him. Once again, I'm not allowed to move myself. . . . I'm guided. He'll look me straight in the eyes, and require that I maintain eye contact, as he undoes my belt, and takes my pants and panties all the way down. . . . sometimes off. He'll pull me close for a hug, and then, he'll throw me over his knee. I'm permitted to keep my hands to myself, until I get them in the way, at which point I'm required to submissively fold them behind my back. . . . a process that I hate. With that, and the leg-lock that often follows, I lose all remaining vestiges of control.

sting me said...

My Sir believes n corner time. I have to put on my jammies and he leads me to the corner wher my jammies are lowered to the floor or totally removed. I have to put them back on and am taken by the elbow or if very naighty by the ear to where the spanking will happenThen we have the ritual questions and spanks mu name and whose subby are you Yor subby Master and 1 handspank have you beena naughty girk Yes Master I have beena naughty girl and 2 handspanks then finally have you been a very very naughty girl yes Master and 3 spanks. Sometimes this is over the jammiws but Master believes it doesn't count as a real spanking unless its on the bare. then my spanking vegins in earnest and I am often required to rise and fetch whatever implement he wants to use next return that one to its place and get the next one for as many as 7 implements in one spanking and we always finish me up with another good hard handspankiing.

K said...

Well, we put the kids to bed first. If we still have any energy left, we get busy. That's about the only ritual part of the activities. After that, it's whatever we feel like at the time. Some nights there are fireworks, some there are warm swats and cuddles. It's all good.

T said...

If the spanking is just because he takes the time to rub my behind every 5 swats or so and again when we are finished almost always accompanied by a light kiss on each behind cheek.

However, if the spanking is a result of discipline there is no rubbing or kissing at all. Just the feeling of hard, heart pounding, serious feeling swats and the instruction to clean myself up and reflect on my wrong doings. I must also tell him why the spanking occured.

Anonymous said...

Not always, not even very often, but every once in a while he'll sit me on the bed next to him and lovingly brush my hair back, then put it in a ponytail with a ribbon. This is to keep it out of my eyes, so he can see my face wince. He then puts me over his knee and uses that hairbrush on my other end. This ritual builds such anticipation.
Jean Marie

Daisychain said...

I get a maintenance spanking on alternate days. (It used to be daily, but I have been behaving, so he has made it alternate days for now) I am instructed to fetch the paddle, and strip. He uses a stern voice to lecture...before the spanking begins.
10 swats to each cheek....then 15, then sometimes another 20.... then 5 to 10 stings....more if I have been rude or disrespectful.

Spanky said...

At first I didn't think we did, but after thinking about it I realize that we do have separate rituals for both erotic and discipline spankings. These rituals are completely different from each other by necessity, and have evolved over time. We don't always adhere to them, but the vast majority of the time we do, because they're fun (well, at least the erotic ones are!)

I won't bore you with the details, because what works for us might not work for anyone else. I think everyone will develop the rituals that are right for them if they need to do so, especially if there is good communication.


Spank-A-Lot said...

It depends on what kind of spanking it is. For maintenance, its in the corner with her hands folded behind her and the hairbrush in her hands. For discipline, its largely the same but without the hairbrush, bared bottom, and a scolding before it starts. For good girl spankings.....a kinda informal ritual is a loving bottom rub i give. :)

Penfold said...

Hi Bonni

sory weve not been on for ages, real life has been a bit demanding at present(lol)

For play, bear and I dont really have a ritural, but we always have a good time and i remember it for the rest of the day or evning,

our DD has some riturals. If im driving up to see Bear, and we are on Bluetooth, the soon befor I reach him, the verbal disaplyn begins, and I also have to have a few minuits silence, the radio or any form of music cannot be on on the background on the jurny, and if it is then that gets more spanks. Then when I arive, Bear is ther tither at the door or waiting on the hall for me. Im either taken into the bed room or living room and the final part of the verbal disaplyn happens (he often hugs me to give me alittle love and reasurance, and then the spaning begins, usally over his knee but somtimes over the arm of the chair. and then u for hugs and love on his lap
Bear and Penfold

Anon VII said...

Our ritual is usually rather short and focuses on positioning, admonitions about holding position and penalty swats for breaking position, and a wait of half a minute or more for the first pop. During the wait I pat her bottom with the paddle and often place light strokes there and along the backs of the thighs. Sometimes I pull the paddle away and let her think the first swat is coming, then to do a few more pats, strokes, or both. She loves the adrenalin build-up from the wait that's never exactly the same twice in a row. The anticipation and uncertainty build tremendous arousal as well as tension, and the first impact provides a huge release for her.

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I think the play that Rad and I do is more of the snatch and grab type. We don't have a DD relationship, although he occasionally enforces bedtime. Funny how he delays my bedtime even further by insisting on putting me over his knee....

But rituals? Not really. The closest I can think of is when he sometimes tells me to get into the bedroom, stretch out across the bed and wait for him. Those times, I can expect a more severe punishment than normal.

Heartzlady said...

All spankings for us start the same way... I get asked "Why are you getting spanked?". The answer is "Because you love me. Because I love you. Because I'm worthy of you loving me and taking care of me".

It never lets me forget, that no matter if it's for 'consequences' or 'just because', it's always for the same reasons :)

Anonymous said...

Because my husband followed punishment spankings by rubbing skin lotion into my abused bottom, one time I just got the pump bottle and put it within his reach before crawling over his knee for my punishment. Well, apparently because (in his words) he "liked to see my little red wagon roll away" from him after punishment, this was seen as presumptuous. He rubbed a liberal amount onto my butt before he applied the hairbrush. That was the single most painful spanking I ever got, I told him tearfully afterward. To make up for it, he rubbed a liberal amount up my crack and into my anus. We made love with his finger deep up there, making my libido sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Sure enough, the very next time I earned punishment, he made me fetch the lotion bottle and I got spanked with a moisturized bottom, yelping and begging all the time the hairbrush did its damage. That has been the ritual ever since, I'm sorry to say.

I'm a long-time lurker who just had to share today.

Anonymous said...

I was due for a spanking and my fiance told me so. In response, feeling nature's call, I pushed my bared butt toward him and flatulently replied long and loud that I didn't care. My spanking was postponed, I was given a thorough enema. Secretly, for my last rinse, my fiance snuck about a half-glass-worth of wine into the water/baking soda mix. It made me quite drunk (I'm told it goes right to the bloodstream that way). He then gave me a caning instead of a spanking. I'm told that I apologized profusely, confessed that I needed the hard punishment, and thanked him for giving it to me while he laid into me with fourteen stripes. I don't remember saying any of that, but I'll never forget how sore my butt was for days. Whenever I'm due serious punishment, I get an enema and then the cane.

Red said...

I'm required to retrieve and lay out the toys, assume the position and wait for however long it takes for her to arrive. I then have to explain why I'm being spanked (even if it's just that I haven't been spanked recently enough, whether it is just been hours or a few days).

One thing - being caught away from the designated place and position earns me more. I'm pretty good at doing that - that's something I like to add to the ritual.

Best spankings to all!

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