Friday, July 17, 2009

Poll: MBS Links

As of the time of this writing, this blog has 282 links. That's a lot by any measure. In the past, MBS readers indicated that they value the links and want me me to continue finding and adding new blogs. As you see, I have done so. Now I wonder if I have gone too far.

Should MBS Have 282 Links?

Yes, I like the links as they are
Yes, but perhaps they could be organized in some way
Yes, and please find more if you can
No, that's simply too many blogs to read
No, just give us the very best
No, links aren't that important
Are there links here?


RPT (Fred Bloggs) said...

I like the links, from time to time I go down them and check out each site.

Maybe they need organising into sub sections?

No, I don't know how to do that!

Spanking is a diverse activity and the blogs listed reflect that.

Indy said...

I like the links a lot, too, but as time goes by, I use them less and less. I guess I'm just getting more set in my ways in the blogosphere. I do take note of your welcoming posts to new bloggers, too, and I check them out if they seem interesting.

It seems to me that organizing the links would be a lot of work, as would deciding which were the "best." I'd either keep it the way you have it or just list the bloggers you actually read most often.

Ashley J said...

It's nice that you have all these links and it really helps in finding some less well known blogs with interesting content. Unfortunately, it's also a lot to weed through and I would bet some blogs that are updated regularly with quality posts don't get much attention while others that hardly ever change grab more than they deserve. Keeping it organized in any meaningful way could be difficult but blogger does have a widget, I think it's called blogroll, that can be set to keep them organized by most recently updated. It not necessarily perfect and I don't know if it would work for 282 links, but if you were going to try to organize it, that's where I'd start.

Hermione said...

Bonnie, I love all your links. It's a spanking smorgasbord!

I like the idea of organizing them, and what comes to mind is perhaps putting all the "pictures only" sites together. I'll try to think of other ways to group the rest, if I can.


Hermione said...

A couple of other groups could be fiction/fantasy, and a place for the new blogs right at the top of the blog roll, so they get a bit of extra attention for a month or so before joining the general population.

Anonymous said...

Your link list is very important, when you added my rookie blog to your list it was a cherished validation of my efforts. Being included on the list is a great source of encouragement for newbie bloggers.

ronnie said...

Bonnie, I do love your links so please don't stop adding new ones for us.

I like the idea of maybe having them organised but how.
I do like Hermione's idea of having pictures sites all together. What about having countries grouped or your blog roll showing recently updated blogs, that way it wont be a disappointment when you go to a site and find they haven't posted in a while.


^Mike said...

I rather like Hermione’s categorical breakdowns, and its nice to have new blogs to explore but it seems that you’d be investing a great deal of time into duplicating what’s already being done at

There is a practical upper limit to how many blogs you can maintain but, just perhaps, you might instead focus on discovering and introducing new and interesting blogs to those of use who don’t get around as much as we’d like and, after an “appropriate” period, let people follow a link on your blog to the site above.

R Humphries said...

Personally I think that you are the valued and respected alderwoman of the blogosphere and do a fabulous job. Spanking is a deliciously diverse taste and I like that you are an equal opportunity lister. I have found many wonderful sites through your listing that I would never have found through categorization. Just being on your list and being included in one of your newbie posts helped encourage me enormously ... I like you just the way you are ... all the best RH

Dr. Ken said...

Bonnie--I think the links are fine as they are. Trying to decide which ones are "best" is very subjective--one person's "best" might be somebody else's idea of "worthless".
You could perhaps try to weed out those that haven't updated in a couple of months or longer, as that would seem to indicate that the blogs have gone "inactive"...

Dr. Ken

Dave said...

Hm...well I'd say keep the links, but do consider subsections, perhaps:
**Spanko Blogs
**Bonnie's Faves!
**Story Blogs
**Newest spanko blogs
**Photo Blogs

just a thought :-)

Thomas_III said...

I find that, on my own blogs, an extensive link list will quicly become overbearing. So, I set my blogroll up to show when the last post of each linked blog was made. If the blog goes a long time without showing a new post, I check out the blog to see if it's dormant, or simply stopped updating my blogroll feed. If a blog has gone a significant time without activity (several months to a year), then I remove it from my blogroll.

I also help my readers by arranging my blogroll according to most recent post, so the top of the list represents the most recently active blogs.

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Bonnie said...

Fred - I don't have a good system either. That's why I asked for ideas.

Indy - Organizing the links would be a lot of work. It's a task that I might undertake if it really made life easier for me and/or for readers. But I struggle to figure out how best to accomplish that.

Ashley - You're right. there are some excellent blogs that get relatively light traffic because the name they chose doesn't draw readers in.

I am familiar with the Blogger blogroll widget. I believe it will handle 282 links. However, I use a heavily modified version of an old Blogger template. There is no easy and safe way to get from where I am to where I would need to be to take advantage of those widgets.

Hermione - The links are what they are in large measure thanks to some great assistance I get!

I've considered a number of different ways to categorize blogs, but there are always a few that simply defy labels. It might also be more difficult to avoid duplicate links. I like the idea of a separate list for new blogs. That wouldn't be too difficult.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Burl - Thanks. Supporting new bloggers is very important to me.

Ronnie - Those are all interesting ideas. Thank you.

Mike - Who do you suppose maintains that list? :D

The biggest difference between my blogroll and the Wiki page is that I generally remove links from MBS after two months of inactivity. On the Wiki, the links stay around forever unless the blog disappears or goes private.

RH - Aw, thanks!

Dr. Ken - When I first started blogging, I tried being stingy with my links. I was following some rather questionable advice. What I found was that "best" too often tended to correlate with popular. I was neglecting some small, but very deserving blogs. I vowed to not make that mistake again.

I do remove links from blogs that have been inactive for more than two months.

Dave - Those are good categories. The challenge, though, is how best to handle blogs, like yours incidentally, that fit comfortably into more than one category. I need to do some more thinking. Thanks!

Thomas - I agree that your method works quite well. However, I am stuck with an ancient template that is highly customized. I don't think I can update it without trashing everything.

If you know of a service (like Blogrolling, except one that works) that would allow me to get these links under control, I would love to hear about it. We haven't found one, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Thanks for your help!

Josh - Thanks!

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie. I love your alphabetical blog list, and any expansion of it is most helpful to us 'spanking enthusiasts'.

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