Sunday, July 19, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #183

Welcome to our Midsummer Morning's spanko brunch. I'm glad you chose to spend some time with us talking about this thing we do.

This week's topic arises from a conversation I had with a regular reader. D is interested in the psychology of spanking and the many variations in spanking preferences. He developed a model to classify spanking techniques and I created a diagram that summarizes his system. D asked if I would share his ideas at brunch and solicit your reactions. So here you are...

As you see, speed and intensity are two dimensions on the diagram. The labels within each quadrant (such as Play or Discipline) should be considered as representative examples.

Does this classification make sense? Have you preferences in terms of which types of spanking best fit specific situations?

To participate in our conversation, just leave a comment below. Once everyone has had their say, I will post an edited summary here on the blog.


Anon VII said...

As far as it goes, I largely agree with it. I'd add another dimension to include implements (hand, paddle, cane, strap, etc)

Hermione said...

I must confess I find it puzzling, and would be interested in knowing D's definition of each of the four quadrants.

I wouldn't think that for play and erotic, speed would have anything to do with it, but then that depends on what the individuals choose to do.

I do agree that punishment would be harder than play and erotic, although fewer versus more surely isn't always the case. And I don't know what ritual means.

I think that what really distinguishes the type of spanking is the mindset of both participants. There's so much more involved than numbers and speed.


Dante d'Amore said...

For me, he main difference between punishment and erotic is the mental aspect. Both forms can be fast or slow and hard (though punishment would rarely be soft), but one is done for pleasure and the other for "non-pleasure."

The most important difference for me is in my own attitude and bearing. Erotic is playful and play is erotic. Punishment is neither.

As for "ritual," I have an idea what he is getting at but as I've said, a spanking is either for her pleasure or for the exact opposite.

There are many different ways to accomplish either one, but the end result I am going for is how it is defined.

A "ritual" spanking, if I am getting what he means, would be for pleasure. Therefore erotic.

If it was done to cause her mental discomfort, it would be f=or punishment.

PS: This is off topic, but too funny to let pass. My post today is about funny word verfication words and the one I have for this comment is "butrat."

sting me said...

I find the graph a bit puzzling and agree that there are other dimensions that should be included.

I too would like definitions of terms as they can be generic or very specific. strength of swats varies throughout my punishment session and depends on implement(s) used and whether he wants to build a real fire or just get my attention. He has a different rythm with each implement and always uses at least 3 besides his big hard hand.

MySir has a ritual to precede or begin a punishment of questions and answers followed by a specific # of swats tied to each ritual question before punishment begins in earnest.

Irelynn said...

As a budding psychologist, I love diagrams and I love how D. has tried to create one that reflects his idea of various types of spankings. I think it's impossible to create a diagram that is representative of the general kinky population because our likes, dislikes and opinions and ways vary so much. I think he's had a good go at it though, and I think overall it makes sense. It may not be complete but it's a good place to start.

Ashley J said...

I don't think a simple four quadrant diagram can do justice to the various modes of spanking and as someone else mentioned, a lot of this is very personal to the people involved in the spanking. I also agree that the mindset of the spankee has more to do with the type of spanking than anything else. Even discipline can be fun if you think of it that way. (I'm not admitting anything here!)

Anonymous said...

I do not have a comment to make, or an opinion to express on this topic. If I did, I would be very militant about my viewpoint, what ever that may be.

Dr. Ken said...

I'm not sure I agree with the diagram. More, less intense strokes (which could also be called "a proper warm-up") means the spankee can take more, harder strokes later on, regardless of the category. And speed--again, regardless of the category--has nothing to do with it. Just because you give someone 12 intense strokes that are well-spaced out timewise doesn't automatically mean it's an "erotic" or "ritual" spanking.
I just don't really see the correlations.

Dr. Ken

Ally said...

As someone new to spanking, on a basic level this makes sense to me. There are other variables as others have mentioned. Also, the way Brad and I do things, the way I experience things, and our preferences are always changing.

Anonymous said...

I understand the motivation to classify, but spanking goes beyond the rational and precise. My evidence is my sexual response. I become aroused whether the spanking is playful or punishing; no dividing line can be drawn.
Jean Marie

Kate said...

Why the classifications in the first place!? Everybody has their own way of doing things,and classifying at least to me is a waste of spanking time. :)
Oh and my word is luhemes.


otkrob said...

Also a newbie, spanking did not work. Tried it with one partner and it definitely did not work for either of us.

Tried with another partner later on and we both just laughed and thought it was silly for us. It obviously works for some.

Do enjoy serious funishment and to some it might seem like punishment, but with the emphasis being on make believe "transgressions".

The best part is the funishment usually ended up in even more erotic spankings as we went along.

otkrob said...

Meant to say punishment spankings did not work.

Thomas_III said...

I actually think that the graph and system oversimplifies the actual reality. Yes, discipline and punishment are almost always harder, and usually faster, but those faster swats add up pretty quick, so I don't know if there would be less swats. More than likely, there would be more swats, just packed into a smaller timeframe. Plus, I differentiate between discipline and punishment. Discipline is hard, but not as hard as punishment. Discipline is also over faster.

Perhaps he should separate the graph into three dimensions, with an x axis, y axis, and z axis. (I can't remember how to write the plural of "axis" or that would have been a shorter sentence.) One could represent the intensity of the spanking, one for the speed, and one for the duration. The combination of speed and duration will ultimately determine how many strokes are given, not the intensity. I've given several LONG punishment spankings. Plus, erotic spankings tend to be on the short side, at least for me, while sensual (not the same as erotic) go longer.

I am intrigued by his ideas, though, and think that I'll look into my own interests to see what my own graph would look like. Ultimately, I think that it's a personal thing. Different people have different tastes. For some, harder is more erotic than love pats.

RPT (Fred Bloggs) said...

Ritual and Erotic for me BUT I think you would need a three dimensional model as it's more complex that this graphic suggest.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I thought about how to reply as long as my wee brain would allow. I did not come close to figuring out how the classification system would work in my little world.

So I say what Kate said.

sara said...

We mostly have erotic spankings although we have tried punishment spanking - haven't been very successful with that yet - but I think how hard/fast/what implement/how many etc all depend on the mood and emotions of the people involved at the time not necessarily on what type of spanking it is supposed to be. An erotic spanking for me can be slow and relatively gentle one day and another time can be very intense and hard but both having the desired effect.

Sorry to have rambled on - just my opinion - very interesting topic

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