Sunday, June 14, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 14

Our topic of the week was the ritual of fetching spanking implements. Here are your thoughts.

Jean Marie: It's an oft-observed ritual in our household. More times than I'd like to recall, just after my bum has been prepared with a hand-spanking warm-up, I'll hear, "Please go bring me your hairbrush, young lady." It puts me all the deeper in that sub-space to have to fetch the implement I detest so that it can thrash my derriere. But I've learned from experience not to complain. The only thing I hate hearing more is, "Bring me the cane while you're up, that'll be act III."

Sara: I rarely touch implements at all, thus the few times I have been asked to fetch one stand out. I think it definitely heightens anticipation... and not always in a good way!

Penfold: Bear has often asked me to go and collect the hairbrush from the drawer or the cane from the wardrobe, especially for domestic discipline. It gives me the jelly wobbles. But for a good long, sexy spanking when I get to pick out my "toy of choice," I love the anticipation. I know it does add something to the fun that is about to happen.

Anon #1: To me, there is nothing sexier than giving a beautiful young woman a long and thorough hand spanking and then seeing the look on her face when I ask her to go get the wooden spoon. The little moaning sounds she makes and the sight of her naked, already reddened ass jiggling as she reluctantly leaves the room to get the spoon are just incredible.

Sadly, I've never been put in that position myself. I keep ending up with submissives. Someday, I'll hopefully find myself in the company of a dominant bedmate who will turn the tables.

Ms. Betty: This little ritual happens to be a favorite of mine. I think it adds a certain formality to the proceedings. I don't always ask him to fetch the implement, but when I do, it makes a big impact.

I sent Terry out to cut a switch the other day. I think he went to pieces instantly.

I use a couple of other variations on the same theme, such as placing several implements on the table and making the boy choose one and bring it to me. They hate that.

My very favorite, though, is using the boy's own belt, including making him take it off and place it in my outstretched waiting hand. That deliberate act of surrender tends to make them much more submissive.

There is definitely more anticipation waiting for an implement to be fetched. I find it exciting. The boys tend to dread it a bit.

Dr. Ken: The majority of the time, I spank by hand, hence there's no need for the spankee to go get it – well, unless she wants to hold hands as we walk to the chair or sofa or bed where the spanking will take place.

There have been a couple of instances where it's happened, though. I was giving a lovely lady a very thorough spanking, but she felt like she needed something more. So I told her to get off of my lap and go into the other room and open the middle drawer of the dresser. I had three implements in there, and I told her to pick one out and bring it back with her.

She surprised me by picking a very stout hairbrush! I think I may have even looked at her and said, "Really?" It's what she thought she needed, though, so she got the brush applied vigorously to her bottom – and she was right, it did the trick!

Months later, the same lady and I were together again, and the same situation arose. I sent her into the other room to pick out an implement. This time, rather than pick one, she actually brought them all back – not because she wanted them all used, just that she couldn't decide! While she was mulling it over, I remembered that weeks earlier I had promised her a good spanking with the hairbrush, so I picked it up and said, "I think I promised you this." She agreed, and once again brush met bottom for a good long time.

It definitely changes the dynamic by adding another layer to the scene. I don't know that I would want to do it every time. It might lose it's effectiveness that way. But used sparingly, it definitely adds a certain something...

Anon #2: I always like to ask her how many whacks she thinks she should get. She chooses the number and the paddle or belt. I will write down on a paper how many I think she should get. If she is too low, she gets my number plus the difference. When she is fetching the belt, she has just given me the number and hasn’t found out the results. If she gives me a higher number, that is what she gets. It is all about the risks, the thoughts, and all that is in her head when she is getting the paddle. We both love the game. We rarely spank serious numbers or too hard because it’s for sexy fun.

Daisy: Davey often expects me to go fetch the implements. It adds a quiver of apprehension to the proceedings. Once, I tried to tell him I couldn't find what he wanted, because I hated it so much. He turned the tables on me by using an even WORSE tool!

And then I got extra because he KNEW I was trying to cheat. And after THAT he ordered me to fetch the original tool whereupon he spanked me with THAT as well for my disobedience and for being disrespectful enough to think he wouldn't know what I was up to. Damn, that man reads me like a child’s comic book. I don't try to outwit him like that any more!

Hermione: Our implements are usually close at hand before we start. Ron will have chosen what he wants to use, or he may ask me what I would prefer from what's available.

His motto is "tried and true" while mine is "try something new." When I have a new implement that I think it's time to try, I get it out ahead of time and put it on Ron's bedside table. It does make me think carefully as I bring whatever I have chosen out of its hiding place, and I imagine how it will make its impact. Then I usually leave quickly, before I can change my mind, and spend the remaining time until the spanking in a mixture of excitement, anticipation and dread.

Abby: Every now and again, Mr. W has asked me to fetch an implement, but for the most part, he takes them to hand himself. My reaction when asked, though, is usually one of defiance, even if it's not expressed externally. I don't want to have to bring the implement to him. I want to have it brought to me.

I think what I don't like about it is that it adds a level of consent by obeying and bringing the correct implement. (Obviously, consent is a must, but for play purposes, one doesn't always want to say, "Go ahead, spank me!") For me, it feels like saying, "Yes, that was an excellent choice, here you go," even if I am dreading the object at hand. I prefer to at least pretend that I'm not anxiously awaiting each toy's touch, and I like the feeling of being completely surrendered to whatever he picks up.

Mike (aka Ireland): As the spankee I find it humbling to have to fetch an implement and hand it over. It certainly adds to the experience.

As the spanker, I hope it adds the same excitement for my spankee. Sometimes, I make it interesting though. Like moving an implement. Then I have the spankee find it, with the spanking proportional to the length of time it took to find it.

Meow: My two most hated orders from Lash were, "Bring the strap" and "Bring the spoon."

Jay: Nope. I’ve never had to fetch an implement for a spanking. I have been told to return a few though... from where I hid them.

I think it would be nice to try that though, and I am totally safe saying that here because Worzel doesn’t read this blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!

S: My bare bottom is upwards over the chair back, and a stingy hair brush is whacking away at it. My poor old bottom is getting very hot and sore. At last it stops. Wow, I think that was a spanking and a half, but that's that. I’m about to get up when I hear, "Now Susan, go and get the paddle." Oh no, but there’s no use arguing with David. I straighten up, waddle over to the drawer, knickers round my knees, skirt around my waist, and collect that big paddle. I hand it humbly to David before bending over again tightening the skin of my already sore bottom for his further attention. I can take quite a bit spankwise, but this pause in the middle, and having to assist with the next bit, really increases its effect!

Michelle: Once in a while, we go a step further, and my husband will have me lay out all of our implements so that just what he wants is right at hand.

Laying them out or fetching them heightens the excitement. I like the anticipation of knowing that I'll soon be bent over feeling the sting or thud or thwack of whatever I've brought/put out.

Zille: When we were first dating, my Master was bringing his very well-filled toy bag over to my place for our, um, assignations, and one time, he told me to choose three items that he would use on me. What a quandary! I didn't want to choose the ones that were obviously the "wimpiest," because that would be possibly grounds for using the worst one on me! But I didn't want to accidentally choose the worst of the lot... But I wasn't sure which the "middle ground" ones were! So I tentatively made my choices, while he looked on with an evil grin, enjoying my dilemma all too much! When I'd picked the three, he said, "Are you sure...?" and I gulped, "Um, are these *bad* choices?" "Well, I certainly wouldn't have picked them!" he replied with a wicked laugh, and set about to using them on me!

I think the worst though is that when we are going to do figging, he'll order me to go peel and prepare and prepare the ginger that will shortly be shoved up my bottom, burning and tormenting me! Let me tell you, that does put a person in a strange head-space!

The same goes with birch rods, but we've only done those once. Still, being ordered to go make the birch rods that he will then beat me with... Well, it's really just a strange sort of foreplay, isn't it?

Bonnie: Randy is fond of this ritual because it adds an emotional edge to the proceedings. He knows that for me, having to retrieve an implement crosses the line between compliance and complicity. As Abby suggests, the spanking is no longer something he does to me, but rather an act in which I am an active and approving participant.

The spanko mind being what it is, this request for explicit endorsement is a tremendous turn-on for me. I can’t just lie there passively and take my swats. I must invite them. The tension created by that moment of indecision and its inevitable resolution lie at the very core of my submission. Each time I choose to place my body in Randy’s loving hands, I reaffirm our bond. Each time he rewards my commitment, our relationship grows stronger.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this week!


Hermione said...

I wonder if D will be giving us her response to the question she posed.


Anonymous said...

I often send R off to fetch the implement I am going to use. The time spent doing this and the sensation of having to handle it before receiving it always heightens his anticipation, which makes him so much more receptive when I eventually start smacking.

I do however have to agree with Miss Betty, having him hand over his own belt before being leathered with it does work an absolute treat!



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