Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 24

Our topic of the week was good spanking blogs and Web sites for couples interested in erotic and sensual spanking. Here are your suggestions.

Tiggs: Gee, the only hard part about this assignment is limiting it to five, so I'll just list the first five that came to mind:

          Ronnie at Heart and Soul

          Daisy and Dave

          Bear and Penfold

          Todd and Suzy at American Spanking Society

Jean Marie: I read these:

          Kelly is simply the best!

          Amber has the most adorable bum.

          Brambleberry Blush offers a refreshing perspective.

          Dante delivers sexy stuff!

          Chloe is a girl next door who is so cute.

PK: I think five of the best in this category would be:

          A Day in the Life

          Heart and Soul

          Hermione’s Heart

          Brambleberry Blush

          Todd and Suzy

Daisy: OK, websites for couples to read or websites where both parties participate in the blog? Hmmm... Lets do couples for couples!

          Ronnie and P

          Tiggs and Dante

          Todd and Suzy

          Bear n Penfold

          Meow and Lash

Prefectdt: My top spot has to go to All Things Spanking not so much for the blog, but for the resource lists that Mitch has on his blog for face-to-face groups, advice sites, resource sites, etc.

The next three I include because they explore the trials, tribulations, and joys of having a spanking relationship, whilst not ignoring how this has to fit into real life and all the other things that are going on around them.




And last, but not least, I recommend Chross' blog, mostly for the Spankings of the Week posts that give a fun guide to photos, videos, and articles from other blogs, but also for his resource lists.

Ronnie: Can I first please say thank you to all who have mentioned my blog?

There are so many excellent bloggers out there, but the ones involving couples I regularly read are:

          Hermione’s Heart

          Brambleberry Blush

          Todd and Suzy

          Daisy and Dave

          Dante and Tiggs

          PK is another favourite of mine.

Also, I agree with Prefectdt that Chross’ Spanking of the Week posts are fun. Thanks to Hermione for introducing it to me.

Hermione: There are lots of wonderful blogs out there, so it's difficult to limit myself to five. Given that the couple is interested in erotic spanking - not DD - and assuming that this is an M/f couple, my suggestions (since I am too modest to suggest my own blog, which also fits the requirements) are these:

          The Spanking Writers - A husband and wife post alternately. The topic is sometimes real, sometimes imaginary, but always about spanking.

          Devlin O'Neill's Weblog - A good mixture of pictures, stories and playful banter, provided by a group of male and female contributors.

          A Taste of the Birch - A good place to go for fiction, it offers a combination of individual short stories plus a longer ongoing serial.

          Heart and Soul - A woman talks about real-life erotic spanking as part of her everyday life, and is very entertaining.

          Brambleberry Blush - Truly lovely and sensitive pictures.

Bear and Penfold: I would also like to say on behalf of Bear and myself, thank you for picking us too.

Our five favorites that we bounce from are:


          Daisy and Davey

          Tiggs and Dante



Starq: I think that going back to the beginning on some blogs will give you the very best stories and post. If you go back to the beginning, that’s when they posted the most and all the posts are very interesting.

Bonnie, your blog is one of the best for this.

Another one I really like is Tiggs at A Spanking Good Time. Her early stuff is really hot!

I think another really good one is PK over at New Beginnings. Hers is good now, but it’s another good one to go back and read since she tells all about how they got started spanking in the first place.

Just for a fun read, I like Cassie’s Space. It’s fiction, but it is the most fun read you will find. This is the only one I have read all the way from the beginning and I laugh out loud every time I go there.

My last pick is Ronnie at Heart and Soul. She and her husband seem to really like each other and they have a really good time.

Frank Spanko: For a real life couple, I would offer the following suggestions:

          The Spanking Writers

          Life In Motion

          Freshly Spanked

          Cu-Cu - This is not actually a spanking blog, but the photographic subjects perfectly fit the theme.

          Finally, I'd recommend My Bottom Smarts, of course.

Kate: Most of the blogs I follow are already listed, so here are a couple of sites I really like:

          Spanking Classics


          Bottom Lines

I have been to a spanking get-together with some of the Classics bunch and had a blast! I have only recently joined Bottom Lines, but so far a really fun site. FetLife is great. There are many like-minded people there and you can choose which fetish you want to follow and which friends you want! My name is Scunge.

Todd and Suzy: It really depends upon what you like and what you're looking for.

Justine at Dirty Spanking Blog posts lots of erotic photos. They arev ery sexual. She is a lovely young lady, and not at all shy.

Devlin O'Neill has lots of hot spanking-related spanking pictures too. He just did a video for Shadow Lane. Wow.

We think our AboutSpanking blog has a nice mix of pictures and short (very short) stories. PK's 'Fantasy Friday' is a great place to find stories from different writers. The Spanking Den is another place to find stories (thousands of them).

I guess that's five right there. But there are so many more though. Dante... Kelly, Amber, Zed and Ginger... Bonnie right here... It really depends upon what you're looking for.

Dr. Ken: Many of the ones I was going to suggest have already been mentioned, so I won't repeat them. But one I would add to the list is Radha Sutra. It’s thoughtful and well-written.

Cowgirl: Lots of good ones have been mentioned and here's one more...

          SarAdora's Spanking Erotica

Bonnie: I think all of the suggestions are excellent. To illustrate the richness of our community, my list contains five more quality blogs (or pairs of blogs) that are relevant to the question and have not been mentioned.

          Rad at Radspace and Sandy at This Cat’s Crazy

          Abby at The Little Red Schoolhouse

          Spankboss at The Spanking Blog and Bethie at Spanking Bethie

          Elaine at New to Spanking

          Dave and Cindy at His to Spank, His to Love

Finally, I think it’s worthwhile to note that many domestic discipline bloggers discuss erotic and sensual spankings as well.

Well, there you have it. I hope I got all of these links right!

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