Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Evolution of MBS

It is my privilege to announce that effective today, the My Bottom Smarts name, logo, blog, and all marketing rights have been transferred to Fox Worldwide Properties. This is an offer that I've been mulling since the beginning of the year. As important as this blog is to me, the opportunity to achieve financial independence for our family was in the end the deciding factor.

I have been assured that the new publisher has every intention of preserving the friendly community environment while focusing their considerable resources on educating interested adults about recreational spanking.

Some readers, I imagine, will be upset by the abruptness of this transition. I cannot in good conscience promise you that nothing will change. But change is ultimately part of life, and so it is here at MBS. All I ask is that you give the new publisher a fair chance. From what I have seen, they have some rather innovative ideas.

I've made many wonderful friends over the past three and a half years. For you, I am most grateful. I'm pleased to have had this opportunity to enlighten, enrich, and inspire. I sincerely hope you don't feel as though I am walking out on you. I have agreed not to start or operate an adult-oriented blog or Web site for one year, but I won't be dead by any means. In fact, you might see more of me than you did before.

Thank you again for your moral support, technical assistance, and clever suggestions. As I've said numerous times, I couldn't have done this without you.

Fare thee well, fellow travelers.

April Fool!


Anonymous said...

A little too obvious. Better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

Given I was aware of the day, the left fieldness of this stood out way too much

Anonymous said...

I have to admit... You got me!

Very funny. (But I still feel shocked.)

Anna warmuth said...

You should be spanked for that.

Anna said...

You should be spanked for that.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've gotten my chin off the floor I must say I agree with Anna - a spanking is in order!!

Paolo In Dublin said...

Got me going…..yes I think multiple spankings in order!!

Sara said...

OMG Bonnie...and before my morning coffee too. Bad girl!

Indy said...


Hermione said...


That was very naughty of you. I didn't think for one minute that Fox would allow unadulterated spanking content to continue!

Happy April!


P.S. Rabbit!

Love4her said...

"the opportunity to achieve financial independence for our family was IN THE END the deciding factor."

I'm betin' your gettin' it "in the end." No Foolin'!

Anonymous said...

You got me...seriously, I must not be fully awake yet today. Funny.

Jflame said...

Nice try. Oh well, theres always next year.
Hugs, Jay

ronnie said...

Got me as well Bonnie, very good.

Anonymous said...

I am always astonished at my willingness to believe

Impish1 said...

Might have got me, but you've been tricky before! Happy day!

Anonymous said...

You got me, I was getting so upset. The first blog I ever read, the blog that helped me get things going. I still read every Sunday, I don't feel so weird anymore and now your leaving! I was actually starting to cry! Not Nice! Definitely a spanking is in order! RANDY! LOL!


I'm still totally suckered in, how much did you get from Fox? :-)


bluquill said...

Ah, you got me, too! I felt a stab of such sadness... now smiling for you for the "punishment" sure to come...

A. Lurker said...

OMG! My jaw dropped to the floor before I realized what was up. Don't ever quit coz we would miss you too much! I think you deserve a week of NO spanking or a spanking with the MOAP for this ;)!

Anonymous said...

I've only been reading for about a month now and I would be devastated if you left. You are my spanko hero. I would never had the guts to ask my husband for the spanking I've needed for the last 30 years until I read your blog and all your bloggers. I still feel sick. I think I need a minute to recover...I was so glad to see the little april fool on the bottom. I was totally buying the whole thing....I'll be more prepared next year...

Anonymous said...

Good one! Totally forgot it was April 1st!

Bonnie said...

Anon #1 - It was worth the effort, I think.

Rogue - You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but either way, the spanking is still the same.

Anon #2 - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed this little prank.

Anna - I'm told that's already on schedule for tonight.

Diesel Diva - Yeah, my mail seems to be running that way too. C'est la vie...

Paolo - Multiple spankings? I wonder if I can arrange an easy payment plan?

Sara - OK, call it a weakness, but once every year I feel I must unleash my inner fool.

Indy - Thanks.

Hermione - Yes, that's precisely the point. We figured that Fox would ruin it in no time flat.

Love4her - Yes, and it won't be long now.

Marie - I'm glad you enjoyed this little fable.

Jay - Oh well.

Ronnie - I couldn't leave you like that!

Mr. Nod - Hopefully that means I spun a good story.

Imp - Yeah, I have done this before. Last time, I had a lot of people convinced that Randy and I had gone F/M.

Lil - I'm sorry. I wasn't looking for that reaction. Let me assure you that justice will be served.

Prefectdt - The secret to understanding these contracts is to always read the fine print.

Bluquill - Yeah, Randy has promised me a little celebration.

A. - I can't promise that I'll never quit, but I can assure you that when I do, it won't look like this!

Anon #3 - Aw, I'm sorry. It was really just supposed to be a little bit of fun.

Janeen - Thanks. It's always great to hear from you. I hope you're feeling better these days.

Anonymous said...

My heart sunk for a moment but now I'm still laughing about it. Thanks for making it all so much fun.

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