Wednesday, April 01, 2009

OK, I was Kidding!

It's not true. I promise. No one has offered a dime for this blog and I'd put it up for adoption to a fine home, close it, or just walk away before I would ever sell it. I was just trying to share a little fun for April Fool's Day.

If my mailbag is any indication, some of you didn't exactly appreciate the humor. I'm sorry if I upset anyone. Hopefully, the shock was short-lived.

As for those who think I should be spanked for this caper, you'll be pleased to know that Randy got your message loud and clear. I hear that he has a message for me. For the record, the part about selling out to Fox was his idea. We decided they would be more likely to ruin it and do so in less time than anyone else (Do you remember MySpace?).

I actually composed that post as satire. I hate it when an innovator sells off their creation (be it a magazine, web site, store, product, or restaurant) to a faceless corporate behemoth and then tries to convince their loyal patrons that this transaction is somehow a good thing. Sure, they get rich, but their intellectual offspring inevitably suffers a long, slow, decline into ignoble oblivion. It's a sad story that seems to be repeated regularly.

Anyhow, everything is really just fine. We're safe from these stunts for another 365 days.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie - OK Randy was in on this too. LOL! No hard feelings, I'm just thankful this was all a joke. I guess just the thought of you closing threw me that I did not pick up on the hints. Your blog, tutorials, and brunches are very helpful and have gotten us through some of the rocky parts. I have to say who knew marriage could be so good. Thanks for all you do for this community. Lil

Impish1 said...

Let's see: selling out to Fox was Randy's idea and he thinks you should be spanked for it? He IS a spanko, isn't he? Sounds like a match made in heaven. ;-)

Caroline Grey said...

Hahahahaaaa. That's the best spanko April Fools I've ever seen. I love it! :)

I think April Fools capers should be spanking exempt.

Anonymous said...

Just seen the April Fool, and that one deserves a spanking which will have unable to sit for ages! D & S

Hermione said...


I recognized it as an April Fool's prank right away, but then, I'm familiar with your sense of humour (and Randy's too). But you obviously fooled a lot of readers.

I'm very glad you posted this explanation. The thought of you actually selling your blog into slavery is just too chilling to contemplate.

Let's hope we'll all be a bit better prepared for whatever you come up with next year.


Anonymous said...

I lost a friend from the spanko blogging world when Annie quit. She had her hands full for a long time and so I should have known that she was going to quit, but I do miss her. She had a good blog. So, when I thought that you were quitting, I really wondered whether I should quickly try to download everything so I would have it all. Thank goodness I don't have to do all of that I am so relieved that I don't want Randy to spank you unless you both want to have him do it.

SPANKOZ said...

Damn , just when the Spankoz Spanking Blog M&A Dept was ready to pounce !

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